Bandit the Dog

What's the story of Bandit the dog?

Bandit the dog is not just part of an ad campaign. He’s a real dog who is an official employee. BikeBandit.com founder Ken Wahlster picked Bandit out the same day he founded the company back in 1999.

From the early days in the garage, to the now 107,000 square foot facility Bandit’s real home has always been at the company. Now he's a symbol of what BikeBandit.com stands for. Bandit loves the attention but stardom hasn’t gone to his head. Bandit still comes to work everyday and holds the “teeth on” title, Director of Rapid Retrieval.

Why does Bandit represent BikeBandit.com so well?

Bandit’s more than just everyone’s favorite employee, he’s become an inspiration and symbol of BikeBandit.com's success.
Here why…

Easy: Bandit is easy to work with and always eager to help. Unlike other dogs he keeps a level head, even when the unexpected happens. Just like the customer service team at BikeBandit.com

Fast: When Bandit is set on fetching you something he’s a blur of black fur. Just like the shipping team in the warehouse at BikeBandit.com.

Trusted: You can always count on Bandit. He’s a friendly and loyal dog you can trust with anyone. Just like BikeBandit.com. Other powersports websites come and go but BikeBandit.com has consistently served the powersports community since 1999.

Service: Bandit is a working dog who was born to fetch and can do it flawlessly for hours. Just like BikeBandit.com’s fulfillment team that finds the parts you need and sends them to you quick.