National Cycle Vstream Windscreen

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National Cycle
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Product Details

The National Cycle Vstream Windscreen gets it name from its dimensional contours and unique shape that helps push turbulant wind out and away from the riders head. This will result in a quieter and more comfortable ride. When riding 2-up the passenger is not left out as this unique shape will also reduce wind noise and helmet buffeting keeping them comfortable as well.
      -All VStream windscreens are manufactured in the USA and are covered by National Cycle's 3-year warranty against breakage.
      -Constructed from thick, durable hardcoated Polycarbonate material.
      -Coated with National Cycle's exclusive scratch-resistant Quantum hard coating, or FMR hard coating depending on the size and        shape of the windscreen.
      -Replaces stock windscreen on most models. For models without fairings, a mounting bracket system is included with the        windscreen.
   Note #1: Measured from fairing edge to top of windscreen.
   Note #2: Measured from bottom center of screen to top of screen.
   Note #3: Measured from top of stock headlight shroud to top of screen.
   Note #4:Measured from top of fuel tank straight up to a point level with the top of the screen.

Specifications and Options

Brand National Cycle
Windshield Type No Vent Cut out, W/ Vent cut out
Windshield Color Clear; FMR Coated, Clear; Quantum Coated, Dark Tint; FMR Coated, Dark Tint; Quantum Coated, Light Tint; FMR Coated, Light Tint; Quantum Coated, Vent Cut out insert for 01-12 GL 1800
Windshield Size 10.00'' Tall (25.4cm), 10.75" H, 12" H, 12.34" Tall (31.4cm), 14" H, 14.10" Tall (35.8cm), 14.75'' Tall (37.4cm), 15.00" (38.1cm), 15.25'' Tall (38.7cm), 15.25" H, 16.00'' Tall (40.6cm), 16.70" (42.4cm), 17" H, 17.25" (43.8cm), 17.50'' Tall (44.5cm), 18" H, 18.00'' Tall (45.7cm), 18.5" Tall (47.0cm), 18.50" (47cm), 18.90" (48.0cm), 19.00'' Tall (48.2cm), 19.00'' Tall (48.2cm), 19.25'' Tall (48.9cm), 19.30'' Tall (49.0cm), 19.50'' Tall (49.5cm), 19.50" (49.5cm), 20.00'' Tall (50.8cm), 20.25" (51.4cm), 20.40" (51.8cm), 20.50'' Tall (52.0cm), 21.25" Tall (54.0cm), 22.00'' Tall (55.9cm), 22.00" (55.9cm), 22.20'' Tall (54.6cm), 22.20" (49.5cm), 22.30" (56.6cm), 22.38'' Tall (56.8cm), 22.50'' Tall (57.1cm), 22.80'' Tall (57.9cm), 23.25" (59.0cm), 24.00" (60.9cm), 24.10'' Tall (61.3cm), 24.25" Tall (61.5cm), 25.00'' Tall (63.5cm), 25.75'' Tall (65.4cm), 25.80" (65.5cm), 7.00'' Tall (17.8cm), 7.25" H, 9.25" H, Vent insert
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