EBC XC-Series Contour Rotors

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EBC XC-Series Contour Rotors. The steel used in the EBC X and XC rotor blades is a special stainless steel blend that boasts up to a 10% improvement in friction effect, over that of normal heat-treated stainless steel found in stock rotors. They also boast up to a 5-10% reduction in total weight, by using a 6 only button drive system on a lightweight alloy center hub. The SD-System™ uses square sided buttons and rivets so that the rotor can expand inwards and outwards, unrestrained and so that rotor functionality is retained at any speed or load; this extends the lifetime of the rotor and prevents distortion failures. Keeping the rotor blade true and flat throughout its life cycle, allows a 5-10 times longer life, compared to a conventional rotor built with circular buttons. Technically, the only reason for replacement would be impact damage, wear over a very extended number of miles and rotor wear

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