Dynatek Dynatune Kit

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The Dynatek Dynatune kit helps monitor your fuel/air mixture and allow for on the fly adjustments. The Dynatek Dynatune kit also gives you total control of the fueling in every gear and throttle RPM if required. This unit is fully adjustable for advanced users that want to change the air/fuel ratios from Dynatek's baseline. Each throttle opening/rpm combination is individually adjustable, so that you can maintain both peak output at larger throttle openings and fuel economy during cruising. The Dynatune kit can be configured to run and make adjustments at all times or by using the "Map switch port" on the Dynatek Control Module you can set it up so that you can switch between tuning modes and the base map settings. The Dynatune kit can also be set up so that it will not start making adjustments until the bike hits a certain operating temp.
      -Kit helps send fuel/air mixture information to the Dynatek Control Module and automatically corrects as you ride so you can feel the changes as they happen.
      -Each map Dynatek offers has preset air/fuel ratio target values included that have been found to be the best overall settings. This simply lets you plug in the unit and let it do the work.

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Brand Dynatek
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