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Alpinestars 2014 Fall Collection

Alpinestars just came to our facility in San Diego with a van full of new products from their Fall collection for us to try out. They've rolled out some awesome new products in adventure touring, textile jackets, and neat casual-looking riding gear from their Rideout collection, so we put together this guide to show you their latest releases. They also gave us the inside scoop on what... Read More

Action Cam Buyers Guide

Anywhere you look on TV or on the Web, it is apparent that GoPro is king in the action camera market. But they're certainly not the only game in town, and as you will see, a GoPro may not be the right choice for you at all depending on your specific needs. The action cam has grown from being a niche gadget to a permanent segment of the camera market, and some heavyweight competitors have... Read More

2014 Icon Airmada "Seance" Helmet Review

It's not often that we go to the BikeBandit studio to shoot a review video, and end up talking about the product for about fifteen minutes. But that's exactly what happened when we reviewed the new 2014 Icon Airmada Seance Helmet. Based on artist Lukas Ketner's twisted, surreal artistic rendition of legendary poem "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, there is a lot going on with this graphic... Read More

EBC Brakes

Whether you ride sport bikes, cruisers, dual-sports, or anything else on two wheels, every type of rider can usually agree on one thing: being able to stop predictably is absolutely critical. EBC Brakes, the world leader in motorcycle braking components, knows this and has a huge range of quality aftermarket parts to bring you exactly what you need. EBC designs and manufactures brake components at their own... Read More

Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket Review

For a long time now, I've been looking for the "perfect leather jacket." I think it's one of those essentials that every grown man who values his wardrobe has to have. Not necessarily a motorcycle jacket mind you; I've already had high quality riding gear that I trust my skin to when I ride. I've just been wanting a quality piece that would epitomize what the leather jacket stands for; old-school, rugged style... Read More

Shoei RF-1200 Review

When it comes to premium motorcycle helmets, the Shoei brand is consistently known for exceptional quality, meticulous engineering, and stunning good looks - a reputation that is well-deserved. Shoei has been on a roll this year releasing exciting and innovative new models, but this week, Shoei rolled out the long-awaited newest generation of their ubiquitous RF line-up, the Shoei RF-1200! We recently... Read More

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

It's finally starting to cool down a little here in SoCal, and I know what a lot of you from across the country are thinking: "Starting to cool down? It's flat out cold here!" Well one of the best things about the fall months, aside from the return of pumpkin spice lattes, is picking up a new hoody to layer under your riding jacket or just look sharp around town. We just received a bunch of new... Read More

Lithium Motorcycle Batteries

Have you ever wondered why the cell phone in your pocket or the laptop or tablet you own use small, light, modern lithium power cells, while your bike still carries around a big, heavy, antiquated lead-acid battery? It's odd that, with all the thought motorcycle engineers put into designing high-performance bikes, utilizing cutting-edge technology and lightweight materials, they still all use a... Read More

2014 One Industries MX Gear Review

With the weather cooling off in the southwest it is prime time for Motocross and desert season, which also means it's time to freshen up your gear bag. Tons of new gear from off road motorcycle gear brands like One Industries are being released. This year, One Industries has something for every type of rider. From the pros in Motocross to the first time riders, their new 2014 MX Gear Line... Read More

2014 Motorcycle Helmet Designs

Your motorcycle helmet says a lot about you. Whether you buy yours because you like the colors, the design or just the price point that it comes with, helmets are the one piece of gear that really scream, "this is me!" So what does your helmet say about you? With a whole slew of new motorcycle helmets just released for 2014, we're going to take a look at the top picks for new motorcycle helmets and see what... Read More

Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Lever Review

Do you crash a lot? Is there a pile of broken clutch and break levers in you tool box? Have you become a pro at changing them out after a day of riding? Pro Taper may not be able to keep you from doing down in the woops, but they can keep you from cursing every time a new clutch lever has been claimed. Meet the brand new Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Perch & Lever Assembly. Made to be practically indestructible... Read More

2014 EKS Beer Optics Goggles Review

We love beer. We love goggles. But beer goggles? Not something we usually are excited about. Case and point, the definition of the term "beer goggles." Phenomenon in which one's consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful; summed up by the phrase, "there are no ugly women at closing time." When I took her to bed, she looked like Halle Berry. When I woke up, she looked like... Read More

2014 Icon Motorcycle Gear Review

One of our favorite motorcycle gear companies is Icon. With a perfect balance of high end technology and insanely great graphics, Icon motorcycle gear is always at the top of our list, which is another reason to be thankful that most of the gear also comes with a price tag that won't knock your socks off. This fall's Icon motorcycle gear release was no different. We caught up with some of our favorite... Read More

The Ultra-Mega Tool

You work hard, whether it's at work or at home and working on your motorcycle is surely a huge part of that. This Labor Day, let make getting the job done a little easier with the brand new tool that has everything you ever need for every motorcycle job you ever wanted (or needed) to get done! The brand new Ultra-Mega Tool is the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycle hand tools... Read More

2014 MSR Gear

With riders such as Kevin Windham and Nick Wey sporting the MSR motorcycle gear, you know its gear that's made to win. We caught up with Randy, MSR's product manager, while we were checking out the new 2014 motorcycle gear lines at the 2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase and got the highlights of what to expect from MSR's newest gear. Check out the video. Our favorite piece of new 2014 MSR gear is the... Read More

Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Motorcycle Tire Review

There hasn't been a tire as widely as anticipated as the Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Motorcycle Tire has been. And the excitement didn't stop as it finally started hitting the streets, which left everyone wondering what makes this motorcycle tire truly better. At the 2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase in Texas, we pulled aside Phil, Dunlop Tires' Product Manager, to get the down and dirty on what sets this tire... Read More

2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase

Motorcycle gear and accessory showcases are, by far, some of my favorite events. With booth after booth of brand new stuff from motorcycle helmets to chrome motorcycle accessories, every motorcycle enthusiast is like a kid in a candy store. Last week, was able to go to the 2014 Tucker Rocky Texas Showcase to check out all of the brand spanking new 2014 motorcycle gear... Read More

Riding in Hot Weather

It's officially hot. A few weeks ago, I'd make a comment about the warm weather and would get told that it "wasn't that bad" or that other parts of the country were still getting snow flurries and rain storms. But finally the weather man and my coworkers alike are joining in on warm weather woes. Of course, complaints about the broken AC aren't the only thing to start populating our sunny state. The freeways... Read More

Cooking With A MuffPot

There are few things that are more synonymous with the Fourth of July than hot dogs and fireworks. Unfortunately, that usually requires a ton of extra planning around ending up near a BBQ and making sure to bring all of the necessary things to make it work, for example, grilling utensils and coal. Forgetting any of those could lead to severe disappoint that nears the level of a burnt turkey on Thanksgiving... Read More

2013 Speed and Strength Helmet Review

There's a reason that Speed and Strength has such a strong following. With great graphics and extreme protection, Speed and Strength pairs street style with exclusive safety features to allow riders to ride confidently. So it has been no surprise that their newest additions to the Speed and Strength motorcycle helmet line have been extremely popular. If you haven't checked them out yet, here... Read More