2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

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2013 fall hoody preview

>> Aaron Cortez

October 21, 2013 - San Diego, CA

Hoody season is upon us!

It’s finally starting to cool down a little here in SoCal, and I know what a lot of you from across the country are thinking: “Starting to cool down? It’s flat out cold here!” Well one of the best things about the fall months, aside from the return of pumpkin spice lattes, is picking up a new hoody to layer under your riding jacket or just look sharp around town.

We just received a bunch of new merchandise for the fall season here at BikeBandit.com, so we put together a list of the ones that stand out the most to us. These aren’t your high school gym teacher’s sweatshirts either; the latest hoodies feature Sherpa and fur lining, gradient prints, and eye-popping graphics that are sure to get you noticed!

Alpinestars Capitol Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

With a reputation for building top-quality gear for every kind of motorsport, Alpinestars delivers the same attention to detail in their casual wear. The Alpinestars Capitol Zip Hoody is made of a thick cotton/poly blend, incorporates warm faux fur lining into the hood, and has graphics and color schemes that demand to be noticed. My favorite thing about this premium hoody is that it really sports the look of a lot of their higher end race gear. Perfect for you sport riders during the off season!

Alpinestars Gateway Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

Also from Alpinestars is one of the most eye-catching hoodies to come through BikeBandit.com this season, and one my personal favorites, the Alpinestars Gateway Zip Hoody. Woven from 100% polyester, this hoody has the look and feel of synthetic active wear instead of traditional fleece. But what really set the Gateway apart are the stunning gradient graphics and bright accents in three different color schemes. If you’re looking for a hoody to get you noticed, this is the one!

Fox Racer Sasquatch Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

Fox is always a leader in stylish casual wear for when you’re off the bike, but they really step their game up this season with the Fox Racer Sasquatch Zip Hoody. The Racer Sasquatch combines all the top-end features you want into one ultra-premium, heavyweight hoody, including thick, warm faux fur lining throughout, applique, screen-printed and embroidered artwork, and detailed metal hardware. Really more of a jacket, this hoody is the king of Fox’s line-up this season and is sure to be the envy of your friends and riding buddies.

Fox Relayer Fleece Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

If you want the distinctive Fox styling but can’t stomach the thought of spending triple-digits on a hoody, check out the Fox Relayer Fleece Zip Hoody. This more traditional fleece zip-up sports eye-catching screen-printed graphics that match the contrast jersey hood liner, and includes Fox logo zipper pulls, aglets and eyelets. This hoody has all the Fox quality and style, but is a great value at under $50!

Fox Women’s Validate Sherpa Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

Most powersport brands feature a line of women’s casual wear, but Fox really stands out at creating eye-catching, stylish, highly featured women’s merchandise. A perfect example of this is the Fox Women's Validate Sherpa Zip Hoody, which combines stylish embroidered artwork with form-fitting construction, thanks to the body-slimming seams and shaped waistband. My favorite feature of this hoody is the Sherpa lining throughout the body and hood, to keep you extra toasty without looking bulky! When it comes to women’s wear, Fox knows what they’re doing.

Fox Cyclone Sasquatch Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

Another great example of how Fox makes some of the hottest women’s casual wear is the Fox Cyclone Sasquatch Zip Hoody. More understated than many of Fox’s racing inspired looks, this hoody will get you noticed with a form-fitting cut and high-quality features rather than loud graphics. It features distinctive logo metal hardware, a wide front storm flap, and my favorite feature, Fox’s thick, warm Sasquatch faux fur. And even with all these high-end features, this hoody is still a great value at well under $100.

Yoshimura Vintage Zip Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

One of the best things about vintage looks is that they can be dressed up or down and still look stylish; the Yoshimura Vintage Zip Hoody would look just as good with track pants and sneakers as it would with dark jeans and boots, layered under a leather riding jacket. Interesting and understated, this hoody pays tribute to Hideo Yoshimura’s Japanese racing roots with the classic “rising sun” logo. And at under $45, the price is a throwback too!

Icon 1000 Shangri-La Hoody

2013 Fall Hoodies Preview

While the Icon 1000 Shangri-La Hoody isn’t exactly new for this season, it’s still one of my favorites. Like the rest of Icon’s 1000 line, its unique and unlike anything else from Icon (or any of the major riding brands for that matter.) This hoody has a fitted cut and is made from a soft, textured jersey fabric, and the contrast stitching and vintage-inspired logos make for a very old-school moto look. This hoody is somewhat thin, and leaves a little to be desired for warmth. It’s really more of a designer hoody, with its bulk-free tailored cut and high-quality details, but it’s really something different, and I like it.

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