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2014 icon motorcycle gear review

2014 Icon Motorcycle Gear Review

>> Ashley Benson

September 5, 2013 - San Diego, CA

One of our favorite motorcycle gear companies is Icon. With a perfect balance of high end technology and insanely great graphics, Icon motorcycle gear is always at the top of our list, which is another reason to be thankful that most of the gear also comes with a price tag that won't knock your socks off.

This fall's Icon motorcycle gear release was no different. We caught up with some of our favorite reps from Icon at the Parts Unlimited Showcase and got the lowdown from Joe, Icon's Brand Manager, on all of their new gear as well as Eric Bostrom and stunt rider Jason Britton about their new signature Icon motorcycle helmets. Check out some of the videos:

Icon Ghost Carbon 2014 Helmet Review

Featuring translucent super vents, high endurance and tinted pro Variant shields, the Icon Ghost Carbon 2014 Helmet it a light-weight helmet that is made for the true Icon fan. It comes with the yellow tint shield that is great for both day and night riding as well as looks great with the Rubatone matte black finish.

Icon Airmada Jason Britton Helmet Review

Jason Britton is one of our favorite motorcycle stunt riders and we're happy to see that he's now got his own Icon motorcycle helmet. Featuring his wicked looking graphics as well as all of the features of the Icon Armada Motorcycle Helmet, the Icon Airmada Jason Britton Helmet 2014 is awesome in both form and function.

Icon Airmada Bostrom Signature Helmet Review

Designed with the help of pro racer Eric Bostrom, the 2014 Icon Airmada Bostrom Signature Helmet is one of the top Icon Helmets for this season. With sleek graphics that match Bostrom's own racing helmet on the track as well as all of the perks of the Icon Airmada Helmet, it's one of our favorites for this season.

Icon D30 Armor

One of the coolest parts about Icon motorcycle gear is its unique and advanced armor technology. Pairing with D30, Icon's gear is made to not only look awesome, but to keep you safe when you're tearing up the streets. And, depending on the type of protection you need, D30 has a wide variety of materials that can either absorb or reflect impact. Do you know what kind of armor is in your motorcycle gear? Be confident in yours with Icon motorcycle gear and D30 armor.

Top 2014 Icon Motorcycle Gear

With tons of new pieces of Icon motorcycle gear out for this fall, here's a quick look at our favorites, including the 2014 Icon Airmada Motorcycle Helmets, 2014 Icon Citadel Mesh Jacket for both men and women and the 2014 Icon Citadel Waterproof Gloves. Check them all out and get them at

Shop New Icon Gear! Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet 2014 Icon Airmada Jason Britton Helmet 2014
Icon Airmada Colossal Helmet 2014 Icon Airmada Volare Helmet 2014 Icon Airmada Future Suture Helmet 2014 Icon Alliance Dark Helmet 2014
Icon Citadel Mesh Jacket 2014 Icon Women's Citadel Mesh Jacket 2014 Icon Citadel Waterproof Gloves 2014 Icon Women's Citadel Waterproof Gloves 2014

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