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2014 motorcycle helmets

2014 Motorcycle Helmet Designs

>> Ashley Benson

September 20, 2013 - San Diego, CA

Your motorcycle helmet says a lot about you. Whether you buy yours because you like the colors, the design or just the price point that it comes with, helmets are the one piece of gear that really scream, "this is me!" So what does your helmet say about you?

With a whole slew of new motorcycle helmets just released for 2014, we're going to take a look at the top picks for new motorcycle helmets and see what they really say about the riders who sport them. From environmentally-friendly to lover-of-the-ladies and even child-at-heart, let's dissect some of our favorites from brands such as Icon, Speed and Strength and Scorpion. Have a different take on the designs of these helmets? Tell us below in the comments.

icon jason britton helmet 2014

Icon's new motorcycle helmet line is probably the most interesting and unique when it comes to color schemes. The one that I find most layered in its meaning is the Icon Airmada Jason Britton Helmet. Made in honor of the famous Icon sponsored stunt rider Jason Britton, this motorcycle helmet truly says, "I am a badass." But that's not all there is to it. With a deeper look, we can see that the artist used a modern Van Gogh Starry Night technique, giving it a very intricate and complex feel. And, while the skull and hand are intimidating and hardcore, they're done with a wood looking effect. Pair that with the green accents and swirls and this helmet can almost be interpreted to say, "I'm tough, but I also love trees." Almost.

Check out the Icon Airmada Jason Britton Helmet 2014 at

icon future suture helmet 2014

Want to show that you're still young at heart? Check out the Icon Airmada Future Suture Helmet. Instead of trying to be something you're not by sporting skulls, wear a dinosaur on your head when you ride to show your youthful soul. Not only is it a prehistoric creature that is often favorite by boys between the ages of three and twelve, the stitched look gives it an stuffed animal like feel. The Icon Airmada Future Suture Helmet is very much a blast to the past in the sense that it's not only a throwback to the prehistoric era, it takes you back you your childhood as well. But don't worry; the pointed teeth keep it from being too sentimental to be attractive.

Pick up your Icon Airmada Future Suture Helmet:

scorpion exo r-410 departed helmet 2014

Stepping away from Icon and over to Scorpion, another motorcycle helmet company with a knack for deep and creative motorcycle helmet designs, let's check out the Scorpion EXO R-410 Departed Helmet. At first glance, this motorcycle helmet has a whole heck of a lot going on. With its red, blacks and obvious zombie looking female, this helmet says, "I like horror movies and women." It's just screaming for dinner and a date to go check out the newest zombie film. Although the subtle undertones of Matrix robotic aliens say you'd totally be okay with switching it up for a Sci Fi movie.

Shop the Scorpion EXO R-410 Departed Helmet at

speed and strength ss1300 rage with the machine helmet 2014

Sticking with the horror movie theme, the Speed and Strength SS1300 Rage With the Machine Helmet shows that you definitely aren't afraid of the coming apocalypse. You're, in fact, completely prepared for the day that the machines rise up to take over the earth and you're ready to "give them hell." If anything, the Speed and Strength SS1300 Rage With the Machine Helmet tells your friends to keep you around for when that day comes, because you will definitely be an asset, even if you are a bit intense. Until then, you're probably also riding to a theater to catch the Saw XVVIIXV.

Check out all of the details on the Speed and Strength SS1300 Rage With The Machine Helmet 2014:

icon airmada bostrom signature helmet 2014

Personally, one of my favorites of the new 2014 motorcycle helmets is the Icon Airmada Bostrom Signature Helmet. Though 98% of people who buy this helmet will have no idea who Eric Bostrom is, this motorcycle helmet screams of a security in your sexuality with its zebra print and neon accents as well as daring and need for speed. Either that or you definitely watch too much discovery channel, but with a race number that low, you are guaranteed to out run any lions that may spring out from the bush. While Bostrom's signature 32 not only shows that you are a loyal fan as well as care incredibly for motorcycle racing, nothing says, "I like to go fast," more than donning a number on your gear. In fact, the neon is necessary so that people can actually see you as you race past them. Unless you're stuck at a light. That can't be helped.

Shop for the Icon Airmada Bostrom Signature Helmet 2014 at :

icon variant ghost carbon helmet 2014

But the best motorcycle helmet design to come out of the 2014 motorcycle helmet line-up that will really say something about who you are as a person is the Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet. This helmet has a lot to say but doesn't implore flashy colors and scantily clad ladies to do it. Instead, it subtly says, I've played a ton of Halo and can still ride a motorcycle like a badass. With a slight bubble face shield and yet futuristic visor and jaw lines, the Icon Varient Ghost says you're both a lover of the past and the future. And with its hints of an open faced dirt motorcycle helmet, this street helmet says that you can sure tear up concrete, but you're still willing to go where there may not be roads. In fact, the Icon Varient Ghost Carbon Helmet manages to say so much, without having to really say anything at all. Now I'll leave you to wonder what that even really means. If you figure it out, please feel free to let us know.

Get the Icon Variant Ghost Carbon Helmet now:

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