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2014 msr gear

2014 MSR Gear

>> Ashley Benson

August 20, 2013 - San Diego, CA

With riders such as Kevin Windham and Nick Wey sporting the MSR motorcycle gear, you know its gear that's made to win. We caught up with Randy, MSR's product manager, while we were checking out the new 2014 motorcycle gear lines at the 2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase and got the highlights of what to expect from MSR's newest gear. Check out the video:

2014 MSR Mav 1 Motorcycle Helmet

2014 msr gear

Our favorite piece of new 2014 MSR gear is the MSR Mav 1 Motorcycle Helmet. In a few different color ways, not only does it look rad, it's been designed with the help of Nick Wey, one of motocross' top racers, so it's definitely podium worthy. Not only DOT certified, the 2014 MSR Mav 1 Motorcycle Helmet is also Snell approved and comes with a removable liner to keep it fresh. It's a perfect mid-level helmet for riders who are looking for a great helmet without having to drop a ton of money.

2014 MSR Motorcycle Gear

We also got a close look at the three new lines of MSR riding gear including the 2014 MSR NXT gear line, 2014 MSR Renegade line and the 2014 MSR Axxis line. All available in a few different color ways, these motorcycle gear lines vary depending on riding level.

2014 msr gear 2014 msr gear

The 2014 MSR NXT motorcycle gear is truly top of the line with tons of features including a re-designed Lycra micro collar and cuff inserts while the 2014 MSR Renegade motorcycle gear has slightly less features and a lighter price tag but is still a great set of motorcycle riding gear, often sported by the pros.

2014 msr gear 2014 msr gear

On the other hand, the 2014 MSR Axxis motorcycle gear is perfect for entry level riders who may not need a ton of features and instead want to save on the price. All in all, each line is great depending on what your level of skill and necessity is, from the pros to the weekend warriors. Check it all out at

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