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Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmet & Scott Hustle WORKS Graphic Goggles Review

>> Jake Smith

December 6, 2012 - San Diego, CA

Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmet Review:

I had the opportunity to test Arai's top the line helmet, the VX-Pro 3, in a two day stretch for over 170 miles of extreme Baja terrain during my 2012 MSR Ride with Malcolm Smith.

What I liked:
  • I didn't think about it at all. This is a good thing as there was nothing distracting me from riding.
  • Does very well at high speed and windy conditions. The visor didn't tear my head backwards.
  • It's a feather light motorcycle helmet.
  • Nice paint by artist Grotesk, I like the orange paint scheme best.
  • Emergency release cheek pads, in case the worst happens.
  • Great venting. I used to take my motorcycle helmet off when I would stop on a hot day, however this helmet seems to wick away the sweat and I can leave it on during stops.
  • What could use some improvement:
  • The rubber nose guard interfered with goggles, however it is easily removable.
  • Rear vent piece popped off when removing goggles but it did pop right back on.
  • I only really like two of the paint schemes: Warfare and Motion Orange.
  • I heard somebody say once that, while shopping for a motorcycle helmet, you need to first decide how much your head is worth. A lot of riders will spend all of their hard earned money on their bike and have nothing left when it comes to safety gear. Before you splurge all of your savings on a new bike I suggest starting by investing in a high quality helmet to keep you safe. $500-$600 is not cheap, but if you think of it as a long term investment the fit and finish will keep you comfortable and safe for years to come.

    Scott Hustle WORKS Graphic Goggles 2013 Review:

    So you've decided to drop 500+ on a helmet, but are you really going to grab your old $20 goggles and stuff them into your new crown? The answer is no. In order to complement the top of the line Arai VX Pro 3 Helmet Review, I decided to test Scott's latest Goggle technology in The Hustle Works Graphic Goggles. You read it right, I said Technology. Scott may be one the originals, but they are still innovating and designing while other motorcycle goggle manufacturers are putting all of their R&D money into flashy marketing campaigns.

    The Scott fit system is what initially attracted me to these goggles. Everybody has a different face shape, so it is logical that it would be impossible to make a one size fits all goggle. Scott makes this possible. Using two cams the goggles flex into different shapes, giving you the ability to customize the fit to your cheekbones and nose.

    What I liked:
  • The Scott Hustle WORKS Graphic Goggle comes in multiple designs, the majority of which I liked.
  • Scott Fit System: A couple twists = Perfect fit.
  • Triple layered foam vented well, didn't fog, and kept dust out.
  • Solid strap with easy adjustment.
  • Lenses come with tear off posts and Scott makes multiple tents/mirrored lens replacements.
  • What could use some improvement:
  • The adjusters are difficult to turn and, if you push in too hard, the screw can push through the frame, which is difficult to pop back in. The adjusters could also use some measuring marks to assist in dialing in each side to the same position. The good news is once the Goggles are setup, you won't have to mess with the adjusters again.

  • I walked away very impressed by the look, fit and performance of these Goggles. Yes, they are on the high end in terms of price, but the technology incorporated these goggles make them top of the line.

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