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All News Running Facebook Flash Sales

San Diego, CA - April 25, 2012 -, the web's biggest source for power sport parts and accessories, is happy to announce that they have started running "falsh sales" on their Facebook fan page. Each flash sale is posted on the Facebook timeline for a short period of time, such as for two hours, while revealing a secret Facebook only sale code. The sale code offers fans the chance to receive a... Read More

Villopoto Out for Motocross

Villopoto may have the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross title in the bag, it may have come with a pretty steep price. During the main Supercross race in Seattle last weekend, Villopoto went down early in the first lap and fans watched as the rider struggle to limp off of the track (for more info read "Monster Energy Supercross - Race 15, Seattle"). While the rider later tweeted to his followers saying, "I'm ok just tweaked my leg. So we will see how... Read More

Out with Stewart and in with Faith

This season was a bit of a shutout for Ryan Villopoto and it may be partly due to his main competitors, such as James Stewart, sitting out for a good portion of the 2012 Monster Energy Supercross. Stewart, once sitting in third place in the overall point standings, just 15 points behind Ryan Dungey in second, has dropped out of the top three down to 5th place after sitting out of the last few races since injuring his hand in a crash at Indianapolis... Read More Giving Away $1000 in Motorcycle Gear, the largest online source for ATV and motorcycle parts, is pleased to announce they are giving away $1000 worth of motorcycle gear, plus $100 in Bandit Bucks each week for the length of the competition. The grand prize winner will receive $1000 worth of gear that they get to pick from brands such as Cortech, Spidi, Arai, Speed & Strength, Shoei, BikeMaster, MSR and Alpinestars. If the winner was referred to the contest by one of their... Read More

Michigan Repeals the Helmet Law

Whether you choose to protect the most vital part of your body or not should be a choice. At least, that's what a lot of people have always said about helmets and motorcyclists. But nineteen states have always disagreed by strictly enforcing some serious helmet laws requiring even the most daring of riders to don a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet at all times. Still, the debate has raged on and one state, Michigan, has finally... Read More

Audi and Ducati: The Final Negotiations

Ever since Ducati announced that it was going up for sale to a company with the means to take their production to the new level, people have wondered who would end up snatching them up. In early March, Audi struck a deal with the Italian motorcycle company to have first dibs and has been trying to make up its mind over whether it's a good acquisition or not. Earlier this week, however, it was reported that Audi had finished combing through the Italian... Read More

Algae Fueled Motorcycle Breaks Speed Record

Sitting on my desk at work is a tiny little orb of glass filled with water, a piece of coral, some algae and a handful of tiny shrimp like creatures. It was an impulse buy that I got off one of those discount coupon sites randomly one day. You see, I can't keep a plant alive because, unless it screams at me to water it, I let it die and, even if I could remember to consistently give it hydration, nothing could survive in the dismal florescent lighting of the... Read More

Pedrosa Arrested for Cheating

While Dani Pedrosa may be a star MotoGP racer, manning a yacht is apparently not his forte. On Saturday, March 31, the Spanish rider was arrested for allegedly cheating during an examination to obtain a captain's recreational yachting license. Along with Pedrosa's arrest, another 20 test takers were surprised to find themselves arrested during the exam at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia while wearing electronic earpieces that fed them the answers to the... Read More Continues to Support the Ride for Kids® Program

San Diego, CA - March 27, 2012 - has always strived to bring customers the best products for the best price. Now, is continuing to do so while also helping contribute to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) by teaming up with the Ride for Kids® program. The Ride for Kids® program has been proud to raise funds for the battle against childhood brain tumors for years. Last year, they contributed $4.5 million directly to PBTF... Read More

Stephane Peterhansel Takes on the Moroccan Dunes on a Yamaha R1

Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel may have won the 2012 Dakar race in one of the Monster Energy X-Raid Team cars, but it will always be hard to forget his six wins in eight years aboard a Yamaha. So it was no surprise when the French motorcycling magazine "Integral" asked Peterhansel to take on the Moroccan dunes on a 50th Anniversary Yamaha R1 for an editorial like no other. It looks as thought the Yamaha R1 is sporting some serious rain tires to make it a... Read More

The Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet

Motorcycle riders everywhere have struggled with the challenges of making themselves visible to cagers at night without having to look like a clown. And while high-vis helmets are aplenty and are eye catching enough to bump up your visibility factor, they're also an eyesore, especially in the day. Find yourself constantly plagued with this dilemma? Well it's finally about time that someone used all that great technology we've acquired over the centuries to... Read More

Icon 1000

One thousand. According to Icon it's the "empirical number that forms the boundary between boy and man. The displacement threshold between novice and expert." While we may not exactly know what the heck that means, we can certainly appreciate the motorcycle gear line that Icon has paired with it. Made with the best of what Icon has to offer, the new Icon One Thousand line is some of the best new gear we've seen in what feels like ages. Inspired by the post... Read More

Audi to Buy Ducati

Audi has struck an exclusive deal with Ducati to have the first buying rights of the company. Earlier last month Ducati's chairman made the shocking announcement that Investindustrial SpA, the Milan-based private-equity firm which currently owns Ducati, was reportedly looking to hand off the company to a new partner. One that could be considered a "world-class industrial partner" with enough manufacturing resources to expand the yearly output of the beautiful... Read More

Dungey to Miss Daytona Supercross

This just in! (I've always wanted to say that.) KTM has just announced that their star rider, Ryan Dungey, will be sitting out of this weelend's Daytona Supercross race. Why? Last weekend Dungey went down in one of his practice laps at his training facility in Florida leading up to the St. Louis Monster Energy AMA Supercross race. Though it didn't show during the main event in St. Louis as Dungey easily pulled in a second place win, the crash left him with a broken... Read More Announces New Podium™ Membership Program

San Diego, CA - February 29, 2011 -, the largest online source for ATV and motorcycle parts, is launching a brand new program designed to offer quality perks and top-of-the-line protection to members. With the Podium™ program members receive a number of premium benefits, including: FREE ground shipping to valid shipping addresses within the 48 contiguous United States (and $10 discount on Express shipping). FREE one-year subscription... Read More

Ten Things to Take on Every Trip

Spring is almost here, which means sitting down and planning those long summer trips that you'll be dreaming about at work to keep yourself sane. But your dream trip can easily go from a story you'll tell your friends about to make them jealous to a trip that airs on When Vacations Attack in 2.5 seconds. To keep things on the right track, always pack a few necessary things: An A Plan: Whether you like to schedule every little thing down to what undies you want... Read More

How To Maintain Your Motorcycle/ATV For Optimum Performance

Motorcycle/ATV maintenance is not only an essential part of owning a bike, it can make the difference between safe riding and getting in a dangerous situation or accident. While modern bikes require less maintenance than they did in the past, they still need a lot more attention than a car. Read on to learn how to maintain your motorcycle or ATV for optimum performance. There are many different things you should check on your bike on a regular basis... Read More

7 Simple Ways to Save Fuel

It's usually summer that brings the pain of rising gas prices. As soon as the weather warms up, so do the numbers on the pricing signs usually raising our tempers as well. So why the heck are gas prices squeezing every last cent out of us at the pump in February? While we'd like to give you an answer for that, we'll stick to what we do best: helping you get the most of what little gas you can afford. Whether you live in a place where you can ride all year round or you're... Read More

Chad Reed Crashes Out

One of the highlights of Chad Reed's racing career will always be his epic crash during the 2011 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship and his superhuman ability to get back on his bike and finish the race. This last weekend, however, will not be one of those highlights. In fact, Reed's crash at the seventh race of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series in Dallas, TX will be one of the low points. After winning the third race of the season in Los Angeles... Read More Debuts Completely Revamped Community Home Page

San Diego, CA - February 16, 2011 -, the largest online source for motorcycle and ATV parts, is pleased to announce they have completely revamped the community section on their website, adding all new community features including news, guides, product reviews and blogs, as well as a new reviews leader board. "Our new community page is now easier than ever to navigate," said a representative. "With all of the useful resources... Read More

For Sale: Ducati

Ducati is for sale. No, there's no "a" in the sentence. We don't mean to say that a Ducati is for sale, we mean that Ducati is for sale... Like Ducati Ducati. You know, that entire company. Just a few days ago the chairman of one of the most successful motorcycle companies announced that the iconic Ducati empire is on the market for a "world-class industrial partner." But that begs the question: why? After having one of the best sales years with the reveal of the 1199 Panigale... Read More

Finding The Best Motorcycle GPS System

It's just as easy to get lost while driving a motorcycle as it is while driving a car�but most GPS systems are not made for motorcycle riding. If you're tired of driving in circles, check out these tips on finding the best motorcycle GPS system. First and foremost, if you ride hard, your motorcycle GPS system has to ride hard too. You need a unit that is tougher than one for automobiles. While some companies are now making GPS systems specifically for motorcycle riding, it's important... Read More

The 2012 Harley-Davidson Seventy-Two and Slim

Pictures have been leaked and rumors have been flying about the newest additions to the 2012 Harley-Davidson line up. Normally, Harley showcases one new model around this time of year, but this year there's two new bikes donning the Davidson name. Yesterday, Harley-Davidson finally revealed the new bikes, the Seventy-Two and the Softail Slim. So what's new? The Slim features a more retro 1950's feel with a narrow build, cut down fenders and a definite cut back on the usual Harley chrome leaving the motor to be... Read More

It's Not a Free Ride

2012 Dakar winner and KTM rider Cyril Despres teamed up with his fellow KTM-mate Cedric Gracia to shoot a promo for the newest KTM Freeride 350. But rumor has it that the ride wasn't so free after all. The shoot was partially shot in Andorra, a small little landlocked country in southwestern Europe next to Spain and France, and KTM forgot to give the city officials a mandatory heads-up. Though the vid came out pretty cool, each of the riders and crew could be looking at fines up to $650... we're going to have to say... Read More

Snowmobile 101 - Maintaining and Preparing your Snowmobile

Wintertime is primetime for snowmobiling, but unless you have a brand new snowmobile, you can't just go out immediately after the first snow. Maintaining your snowmobile during the off-season and preparing it for the winter season is essential to ensure you stay safe while zipping around in the snow. Read on for important tips on maintaining and preparing your snowmobile for the winter. Once the last snow of the year has melted and you can no longer take your snowmobile out for some fun, it's time to immediately... Read More

2013 Victory Judge

You be the judge, is it a victory for Victory? Just today, Polaris released the newest addition to their Victory line, the 2013 Victory Judge. Speculation over the build ran rampant over the last few months as the date grew nearer and it turns out that Victory was creating a sleek new cruiser. Whether or not you love the styling, it's hard to argue with the 106 cubic-inch Freedom V-Twin that'll give you 113 ft-lbs of torque. With all the chrome blacked out, this new cruiser comes in a sexy all black, Sunset... Read More

Dakar 2012 - El Fin

We last left our riders traipsing through the desert of Chile during stage 9 of the 14 stage race of Dakar 2012, one of the longest yet most rewarding stretches of the race. Ending at the beautiful Pacific coastline, it takes over 500 km of dusty, dirty road in which Marc Coma started out in the lead. Following him, was Cyril Despres who had previously been in the lead until a mud bog brought him down for nearly ten full minutes. But it only took him one-third of the 9th stage to get ahead of Coma once again... Read More

Dakar 2012 - Heading into the final stretch

One of the most intense races of the year, the fourteen stage battle across three countries of rugged terrain and seemingly insurmountable obstacles has been raging on since the first of the year and is now heading into the final stretch. Our update at the end of stage two left us with Marc Coma taking the lead for the motorcycle class with Cyril Despres not far behind. With Jonah Street withdrawing on the first day due to technical difficulties, our eyes were on Quinn Cody for the American riders... Read More

Red Bull: New Year. No Limits: The Jump

San Diego was a whole different world on New Year's Eve. But it wasn't the decorations, exquisite attire or the beer goggles that many people slapped on for the evening that changed everything. It was the fog. As the sun went down for the last time in 2011, an eerie mist rolled in from the bay covering everything in a silver glow. And while the celebrations rang on, two people sat at the water front waiting for the fog to clear enough to take on breaking some of the biggest world records side by side... Read More

Dakar 2012: Starting off the New Year right

For some people bringing in the New Year consists of popping a bottle of Dom Perignon and watching the ball drop. For others it means raging at a downtown night club and not remembering a thing about it the next day. Others hit the sack early and watch the recaps in the morning. But no matter how you spend it, there is nothing more thrilling and riveting about hoping on your bike on the first day of the new year to start a race across the deserts of Argentina, Chile and Peru along side some... Read More

Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.

As the clock ticks down the final minutes of 2011, Red Bull will be hosting the New Year's tradition of braking records and stretching limits. But this year will be bigger than ever as two riders take on the challenge even after a complete disaster last year. Starting in 2007 with Robbie Maddison jumping over a 322 ft football field in Las Vegas, the series will now be welcoming Maddison back. But Maddison won't be alone. For the first time the Red Bull New Year. No Limits event will feature two riders... Read More

BMW Hits a New Milestone

We all knew it was going to happen eventually. At least we did since they announced that it was going to happen at the EICMA fail in Milan, Italy a little over a year ago. But BMW finally pushed out their first ever production scooters from the assembly line. Starting out as the BMW Concept C scooter that was shown in 2010, BMW unveiled the two production models, the C600 Sport and the C650T. Come Thursday, December 1, 2011, BMW was hitting a whole new milestone at the Berlin Spandau... Read More's Refund Policy

Whether it's for yourself or someone you love, we hope you got to take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that had thousands of people clambering for a computer mouse. If you did, we'll be doing our best to make sure that the next few weeks will be full of packages on your doorstep and wrapping boxes in the dead of night. However, as with any present shopping, you may find that the pants you bought for your son are the size he would have fit in last year or that... Read More

Winter Wisdom and Snow Safety

It's a fact... not only can freezing weather be extremely uncomfortable, it can be dangerous. Denying that can not only lead to some serious discomfort, it may even lead to death. Sorry to be all doom and gloom about your winter wonderland, but with snow falling all in most of the U.S. and our northern neighbors, it's important to know how to deal with it the right way to make sure that you get to see the light of spring. After all, if the Eskimo's can live in impossibly cold temperatures... Read More

Don't Doubt the Chad

Whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that Chad Reed had one of the worst and yet most spectacular moments of the series during the 2011 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship. Fans and riders will never forget the moment that Reed just barely hit the top of a jump wrong and flew up into the air, off of his bike and off of the track. Last of all to forget will surely be Reed himself. It's no doubt that if Reed hadn't hit on a downward grassy... Read More

Las Vegas 2011 Lucas Oil EnduroCross Finale

Only one night stands between Taddy Blazusiak and the ever elusive perfect EnduroCross season. Though the rider has remained almost unbeatable for the last few seasons, there's always been one race that has kept him from perfection. Last year his slip came at round 5 in Denver. But with only the two races this weekend in Las Vegas left and no sign of Blazusiak slowing, he's the favorite to win. Still, one rider has kept on Blazusiak's tail and is the sole reason... Read More

Dancing with the Devil - Costa Rica Ride Report

When we're not working, we're riding. After all, how can you have a motorcycle company that doesn't eat, sleep and breathe motorcycles? But it's our ever devoted leader Ken Wahlster that can... Read More

Troy Lee Designs Goes Boutique

Motorcycles and art have been happily married for decades (more than we can say for about 60% of marriages in California). And with the two fitting together so perfectly, we doubt that... Read More

Valencia MotoGP Preview

Looking back on the 2011 MotoGP season, the series has certainly had its up's and down's. Phillip Island saw Casey Stoner celebrating his second MotoGP title while Sepang suffered the... Read More

Bye, Bye Buell

Earlier this year I took the Riders Edge course at my local Harley-Davidson dealer with the hopes of learning to ride, getting my license and buying my very first motorcycle. Of course, I... Read More

Sepang Circuit Preview

Last year, Jorge Lorenzo stepped off of the track after an emotional win that secured him the 2010 MotoGP World Championship. With Mario and Luigi by his side and a "game over" sign in hand... Read More

EnduroCross Round 6 Preview

Only one question remains on everyone's mind as the 2011 Lucas Oil EnduroCross Championship draws closer and closer to the finale... Can anyone beat Blazusiak? Since the start of the season at... Read More

And the Monster Energy Cup Million Goes to...

No one really thought it could be done. Sure, racers and spectators alike were excited that Monster Energy was shelling up a prize of a cool million bucks to anyone who could win all three events... Read More

This Weekend We Ride for the Kids

Kids just want to ride. They don't want to battle cancer or brain tumors. They don't want to be stuck in hospitals or getting surgery. And every biker knows that every kid should have the chance to... Read More

Joka Hey? The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Controversy

"Even though the 11 riders who finished within the allotted time frame have accomplished something that no other rider on earth has done, they could not be awarded prize money." It was a revelation... Read More

Iveco Australian Grand Prix Preview

There's no doubt that Casey Stoner is the favorite to win the 2011 MotoGP series. With a solid 40 point gap ahead of the 2010 defending Champion Jorge Lorenzo, Stoner has been nearly unbeatable... Read More

2012 KTM Review

If you would have told me fifteen years ago that in 2012 Apple and KTM would be manufacturing industry leading products I may have laughed in your face, and then told your friends and family... Read More

The Monster Energy Cup Track Design is Released

What's better than a shot at winning a solid mil? Oh that's right, getting that shot on one of the craziest, longest, fastest and most fun tracks to ever be conceived. Not to mention... Read More

Truth or Myth: Motorcycles are Greener than Cars

It's become people's new favorite excuse for why they're buying a motorcycle. Right along with, "It will save gas," is the reasoning, "It will pollute less." And in a day and age... Read More

Grand Prix of Japan Preview

As the 2011 MotoGP season looks toward the final four races, the riders head to Motegi for the Grand Prix of Japan this weekend. But the upcoming race has been a hot topic this season as... Read More

2011 Monster Motocross of Nations

Every year, motocross riders from all over the world come together in one spot for a battle of epic proportions. With the top three riders from over 30 nations, there's never a doubt... Read More

Can't Wait to Hit the Road on Your New Bike?

Whoever coined the phrase, "it's just like riding a bike," probably never switched motorcycles. That's because even experienced riders can be pretty wobbly when they hop on an unfamiliar... Read More

Gran Premio de Aragon Preview

With five races left in the 2011 MotoGP series, the championship is on the line. Thus far this season, Casey Stoner has pulled away from the pack with seven first-place finishes and a... Read More

American Motocross Finale Preview

All eyes will be on Pala Raceway this weekend as the Motocross riders head to San Diego, CA to finally finish the twelfth round of the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship... Read More

AMA Legends and Champions Weekend 2011

The AMA Legends & Champions Weekend features history's motorcycling legends, today's amateur champions and collectible motorcycles of every genre. For 2011, the gala event returns to... Read More

MotoGP Misano Preview

The MotoGP riders are heading to the Gran Premio Aperol di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini at Misano, Italy after the race in Indianapolis for round 13 of the series. And while bringing... Read More Scott Grips

Grips are a multifunctional and pretty necessary piece of equipment. Despite their simple and inert role, imagine trying to hold on to a metal bar or plastic throttle as you mash... Read More

MotoGP Takes the Riders Back to the States

The MotoGP riders will be continuing their battle stateside at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP this weekend for round twelve. But this race promises to be an interesting... Read More

EnduroCross Joins MotoGP in Indianapolis

Work has already begun at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis to set up for this weekend's race. Round 2 is set to take place for the first time on a Friday just... Read More

Kids Can Ride Again

On August 12, President Obama signed H.R. 2715, which exempts children's off- highway vehicles (OHVs) from a law that previously banned them due to their lead content... Read More

EnduroCross Kicks off 2011 in Everett, WA

And they're off! The X Games in Los Angeles two weeks ago gave fans a taste of what this season of EnduroCross has to offer. But the season is just getting started this weekend in Everett... Read More

MotoGP Returns at Brno

The wait is finally over. The MotoGP season is back on this weekend after the two week break following the recent and extremely intense US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. And all of the riders... Read More

Manufacturer Spotlight - SIDI

When it comes to pasta, wine and shoes, Italians really know their stuff. So when we look for some high-end, well-built motorcycle boots, who do we turn to? The Italians of course! And tucked... Read More

Machine Close-Up - The 2005 Honda CRF450R

As fun as it is to ride, it's no surprise that the 2005 Honda CRF450R is still one of the most popular off-road bikes to date. This bike made a huge splash when it was first unveiled six years ago... Read More

Machine Close-Up - The 2006 and 2007 Suzuki GSX R600

The Suzuki GSX R600 has been in production since 1992 and has been both a reliable and popular motorcycle ever since. But something about the 2006 and 2007 models have made them some of the most popular... Read More

MotoGP Comes to the West Coast

With the MotoGP race wrapping up last week in Germany, the riders descend on Monterey Peninsula for the United State's biggest motorcycle event all year round. Opened back up to the MotoGP races in... Read More

Polaris' RZR is Taking Over

Yeah, we see you RZR. We see you everywhere. Not just raging through the trails, plowing through the sand and scaling the rocks, but we even see you lined up in herds out front of every motorcycle dealership... Read More and Cycle World Project Re-Cycle: Honda Shadow ACE 750 (Project 3)

Over the last few months, Cycle World and have teamed up on three projects intended to get the most bang for your buck in motorcycling. The first was a budget adventure tourer... Read More and Cycle World Project Re-Cycle: Yamaha FZ6 (Project 2)

Over the last few months, Cycle World and have teamed up on three projects intended to get the most bang for your buck in motorcycling. The first was a budget adventure tourer... Read More and Cycle World Project Re-Cycle: Kawasaki KLR650 (Project 1)

Over the last few months, Cycle World and have teamed up on three projects intended to get the most bang for your buck in motorcycling. The first was a budget adventure tourer... Read More

Bandit's Tour Rider Essentials - Everything you'll need to take on a trip

Going touring can be an amazingly good time but packing for a touring trip can be pretty nerve wracking. You never know if you're packing enough stuff, if you've packed too much or if you've left... Read More

Motorcycle Helmet Labeling Rules Changed

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has changed motorcycle helmet labeling rules to help consumers and law enforcement better distinguish between Department... Read More

Kids Just Want to Ride Act Update

On Jan. 25, Representative Denny Rehberg (MT) introduced H.R. 412, the Kids Just Want to Ride Act of 2011, which would exempt kids' off-highway vehicles (OHVs) from... Read More

Massachusetts Set to Enact Youth ATV Riding Prohibition

Last week, under suspended rules, the Massachusetts House hastily pushed through a number of changes to the state's off-highway vehicle laws. In one day, a bill that had not... Read More Raises Over $16,500 for Annual Ride for Kids Event

This past year has raised over $16,500 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's Ride For Kids event. Added to their donations from 2008 and 2009, has donated a total of... Read More

California has adopted a new law regarding motorcycle sound emissions

On Sept. 28, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law Senate Bill 435, sponsored by Sen. Fran Pavley (D-Agoura Hills). While motorcycle manufacturers have been complying with... Read More

2010 North Nevada Rally Report

After an absence of two years the North Nevada Rally returned to the dirt roads of our area. Unlike an oval track race, the cars and motorcycles race against the clock over several stages... Read More

High Desert Trails Congratulates the 2010 Winners!

With top times all day, the Mitsubishi Evo #89 driven by Wolfgang Hoeck & Piers O'Hanlon set a fantastic pace for the entire rally and took 1st overall. Piers remarked later, "I do... Read More Launches a Social Media Campaign

Today, the largest online source for motorcycle parts and accessories, launched a new social media initiative that features Facebook and Twitter. "We hope that our new social networking presence... Read More Launches Auction To Benefit Victims of Japan Earthquakes and Tsunami, like so many motorcycle communities around the world owe a huge debt of gratitude to Japan and its people for all of the amazing motorcycles that they have brought the world over the... Read More

Flowers Introduces Prohibition on Youth Riding

On March 15, 2010, HB 5029 was referred to the Rules Committee. Chairperson Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago) of the Rules Committee has discretion to assign the bill to a committee. To date... Read More Launches New Motorcycle Parts iPhone App, the largest online source for motorcycle accessories and parts, today launched their new iPhone app which allows users one-touch access to over 8 million motorcycle... Read More Named Top Motorcycle Business Fundraiser for San Diego Ride for Kids® Event, the largest online source for motorcycle parts and accessories, helped set a fundraising record at the fifth annual Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride... Read More Gives Customers a Steal of a Deal with New Bandit Bucks Program, the web's largest powersports store, today announced its new Bandit Bucks program which automatically rewards customers on every purchase they make on Read More

Tips for Buying Motorcycle Gear Online

Decisions about shopping for motorcycle gear--or anything else--online should be based on trust, and the manner in which that trust is earned, says Read More Sponsors the 2009 Adventure Rider's Challenge, the web's largest Powersports parts supplier is thrilled to be sponsoring this year's Adventure Rider's Challenge in Castaic, Ca. The intense four-day competition begins... Read More Announces Warehouse and Inventory Expansion is excited to announce the expansion of their San Diego fulfillment center as a result of the exceptional growth that was experienced in 2008 and in the first quarter of 2009... Read More and AMA Announce their Category Exclusive Partnership

A new year brings a new dedication to the American Motorcyclist Association and it's members, as and The AMA officially announce a new category exclusive partnership... Read More

Bandit's Ultimate Experience

With the popularity of the inaugural sweepstakes with RawHyde Adventures Dual-Sport Training Camp and with glowing responses from our winners, we've decided to GO BIG... Read More sponsers the Mount Hood RallyMoto

As many of you know, the Paris Dakar Rally was canceled this year because of safety concerns in the African republic of Mauritania. Known to draw the bravest Enduro... Read More

Icon Hella Jacket Review

I'm an online shopper. There's really no use denying it. But when it comes to buying new motorcycle gear, I'm typically left stumped and frustrated, especially with women's motorcycle jackets. I refuse to wear a men's motorcycle jacket. It's just cut all wrong for ladies. But the chick stuff can be a bit... one dimensional. Most women's motorcycle jackets often overcompensate for the lack... Read More

Mophie Accessories Review

I read an article this morning that said more Americans were willing to ditch alcohol than electronic devices while on vacation. While I was surprised at first, I realized that a good portion of those digitally leashed vacationers are probably power sport enthusiasts. Why? Taking photos and videos of our shenanigans with a camera or a motorcycle phone mount in order to share with our friends... Read More

2013 Abus Motorcycle Locks

You put a lot of time and money into your motorcycle, so having it get stolen can be world shattering. The only real way to keep your motorcycle safe is a simple motorcycle lock. And ranging from $20 to $200, motorcycle security companies such as Abus give you a plethora of options to make sure that you never walk out to find that someone has made off with your pride and joy. But not all... Read More

Speed and Strength SS2500 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Ever sat at work, gazed out the window and day dreamed of hopping on your bike, riding to the nearest trails and going off grid for a while? Of course you have, you're a motorcycle rider. But don't let your motorcycle helmet be the thing that stops you. For instance, we got in a Speed and Strength SS2500 Motorcycle Helmet Review and found it to be a great balance of off-road and street features... Read More

2013 Memphis Shades Fairing Review

There's a reason why Memphis Shades are some of the most popular aftermarket motorcycle windshields and fairings. With a guarantee of great quality along with a broad selection of styles, cruisers and street bikes have been equipped with Memphis Shades without question. This spring, Memphis Shades took it one step further after releasing their brand new styles, the Memphis Shades Gauntlet... Read More

Thor Verge MX Helmet Review

When we head to showcases like the Parts Unlimited West Regional Showcase, there are just some new motorcycle gear and apparel items that steal the show. The new Thor Verge MX Helmet was definitely that item in Anaheim among the new 2013 motorcycle gear a few weeks ago. While checking out the 2013 Thor MX Gear, it was hard to miss and we definitely wanted to get a Thor Verge MX Helmet review... Read More

Roland Sands Design Seats Review

A few weeks ago we stopped in at the Parts Unlimited West Regional Showcase to check out the new 2013 motorcycle gear. But one of my personal favorite booths was the one from Roland Sands Design. Showcasing one of Roland Sand's gorgeous custom motorcycles along with his newest motorcycle gear and aftermarket parts along with Roland Sands himself to give a quick Roland Sands Design Seats Review... Read More

Icon Hooligan Jersey Jacket Review

I went to the Parts Unlimited 2013 West Regional Showcase last week to view the newest motorcycle gear and parts and was not disappointed, especially when it came to what Icon has for their new motorcycle gear. They showed off the new Icon Hooligan Jersey Jacket. Check out the video of it at the showcase when we first got our hands on it as well as our Icon Hooligan Jersey Jacket Review below... Read More

2013 Motorcycle Gear

I'm not going to lie, one of my favorite parts of this job is going to showcases and vender product reveals to check out new motorcycle gear. So I wasn't complaining much when I went to the 2013 Parts Unlimited West Regional Showcase up in Anaheim, CA over the weekend to check out all of the new 2013 motorcycle gear. And leave it to Cristina,'s resident video person, to put... Read More

2013 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Spring just officially hit. And whether you're enjoying sunny Southern California riding weather already or still buried beneath inches of snow, summer riding season is right around the corner. Your motorcycle might be ready, but is your gear? Check out our review of this year's top picks for a mesh motorcycle jacket and pick yours up now so that you don't find yourself underprepared when warmer... Read More

2013 Sidi Touring Boots Review

Sidi Motorcycle Boots are known as some of the best on the market. Designed for comfort and protection, they have everything you would expect from the top of the line motorcycle boots. We popped by Sidi to check out the 2013 Sidi line up and were not disappointed. Here's the over view of this year's Sidi Touring Boots: By far the most popular of the Sidi Touring Boots line up, the Sidi Adventure... Read More

2013 Sidi Adventure Motorcycle Boots Review

When it comes to wine, art and leather, Italians know a thing or two. And while wine may not have a whole lot to do with motorcycle boots, leather and art do, especially for Italian motorcycle boot company Sidi. From off-road motorcycle boots to motorcycle touring, the Sidi Adventure Boots lineup is stacked this season. This year's Sidi Adventure Boots not only bring back the best of the best, but it also feature... Read More

Disposable VS Mechanic's Motorcycle Work Gloves

Sure, the whole idea of really getting your hands dirty when you're working on your motorcycle is extremely romantic. But it really only takes one or two hours of scrubbing in the garage sink after a quick oil change to clear up any doubts that motorcycle workshop gloves are completely underrated. When it comes to picking up a pair of workshop gloves, a few options are available. The biggest difference... Read More

Motorcycle Emergency Kit

Ever find yourself cruising on your motorcycle, enjoying the sunlight shining down on you, the open road sprawled out in front of you and nothing holding you back until your tire blows unexpectedly or a deer jumps out in front of you and you're suddenly laying on your back next to your bike dreading the moment when you lift your head up to survey the damage? No? Well it could happen. And the... Read More

Arai VX-Pro 3 Helmet & Scott Hustle WORKS Graphic Goggles Review

I had the opportunity to test Arai's top the line helmet, the VX-Pro 3, in a two day stretch for over 170 miles of extreme Baja terrain during my 2012 MSR Ride with Malcolm Smith. What I liked: I didn't think about it at all. This is a good thing as it didn't distract from my riding. Does very well at high speed and windy conditions. The visor didn't tear my head backwards. It's a feather light motorcycle... Read More

The Baja Ride Tool Review

Recently I rode the 2012 MSR Baja Ride with Malcolm Smith and, when riding in 180 miles over 2 days in the mountains of Baja, anything can go wrong. In preparation for the trip I put together an emergency ration of trail tools. Here is what I took with me: This motorcycle tool set is a great starter pack that includes all of the basics including open ended wrenches in tons of sizes, a 10mm combination wrench... Read More

The Best Motorcycle Gear for Cold or Rainy Weather

In the past, the only thing to keep you warm on a cold day's ride was heated clothing. But now, innovations have been made in motorcycle accessories and gear that can make it possible to ride for an hour or two without having to "plug in." Read on to learn more about the best motorcycle gear for cold and/or rainy weather. First and foremost, what you wear directly next to your skin will play an important part... Read More

2012 Fox 360 MXoN Motorcycle Gear

The test of a true fan is one who still roots for their team, even after a loss. If you watched this year's Monster Energy Motocross of Nations, you know that USA is currently in that boat. Despite all the promise of another win, the USA Motocross of Nations team walked away with the bronze. So are you a real fan? If the answer is still yes, check out the Fox 360 Flight MXoN Motorcycle... Read More

New Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Fall Line

In case you live under a rock, let me inform you that over the weekend fall officially hit. Soon, the leaves will be turning, my addiction to Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be rejuvenated and grocery stores will be displaying grossly large bags of candy. But one of my favorite parts of fall? My email inbox filling up with the 2013 motorcycle gear lines. Sure, items come and goes all year long, but not to the... Read More