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The Baja Ride Tool Review

>> Jake Smith

November 15, 2012 - San Diego, CA

Recently I rode the 2012 MSR Baja Ride with Malcolm Smith and, when riding 180 miles over 2 days in the mountains of Baja, anything can go wrong. In preparation for the trip I put together an emergency ration of trail tools. Here is what I took with me:

BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece Set

This motorcycle tool set is a great starter pack that includes all of the basics including open ended wrenches in tons of sizes, a 10mm combination wrench, a 6" adjustable wrench, a 3/8" drive ratchet wrench and locking pliers as well as a pen type tire guage, cable ties, electrical wire and tape, a 10 piece metric hex key set, a flashlight and much more.

It all comes in a nice, black canvas wrap that makes it easy to pack up, organize and take anywhere while riding.

I tend to find the emergency wire, zip ties, and electrical tape to be very important since they can be particularly helpful in an emergency.

While this tool kit can be bulky, it is easy to pull out what you don’t need and replace with additional tools that are specific to your bike.
BikeMaster Bright Aluminum / Rubber Handle Multi Tool

While the BikeMaster Tool Kit 17-Piece set has a lot of the essential motorcycle tools, this BikeMaster Bright Aluminum, Rubber Handle Multi Tool is the final touch. With a can opener, straight and cross head screwdrivers, a 4mm square driver, saw, file and ruler combo, bottle opener, sharp and smooth awls and a 3" blade, this multi tool can come in handy for a lot.

Even with everything it includes, this tool is small and easy to pack.

As expected, the knife is very sharp, which makes it great for cutting tape and wire or anything other tasks needed when in the midst of a mid-ride fix.

Tool is assembled well, folds out smoothly without being too loose, which tends to be an issue with many other swiss army knife-type tools.

Plus it came in handy when I hit a rock and bent my external oil line. I was able to unbolt it, straighten it out with the pliers and remount it.
BikeMaster 8-inch Tire Irons 2 Pack

These tire irons are light weight so they pack well, a plus when you have limited space on a ride like Baja.

And while they’re not my first choice when it comes to changing tires, if you are in a pinch they will get the job done.

Luckily, I didn’t have any flats on this trip but I’ll be packing them on future rides.
MSR Motorcycle Fender Tube Pak

The best part was that I was able to fit the 4 tools mentioned above all into this pack.

Even though it’s mainly designed to carry a tube and trail tire irons on the front fender, I packed mine to the brim and opted to screw it to the top of the rear fender where it worked perfectly the entire trip.

Any weight you can take off of your person and put on the bike is worth its weight in Gold.

All in all, I was very impressed with the quality of BikeMaster and MSR products, They are very reasonably priced and have held up to my expectations. If you are looking for a set of motorcycle tools to throw in your truck and/or mount on your bike take a look at BikeMaster and MSR products.

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