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The Best Motorcycle Roads Around The Globe

January 17, 2013 - San Diego, CA

best motorcycle roads

There's nothing like the wind hitting your motorcycle goggles as you speed down a new road. What could be better? How about zipping down one of the world's best roads for motorcycles? Grab your motorcycle GPS and get ready for some fun as we detail the best motorcycle roads around the globe.

The Western Alps

best motorcycle roads

The first on our list is the Western Alps starting in Zurich, Switzerland. Motorcycle riders with a love of extreme mountain roads, thin air and great food will enjoy the Southern Alpine pass of Col du Galibier, which provides outstanding views and follows the same route as one of the Tour de France's most challenging legs.

The Dolomites in Italy

best motorcycle roads

Speaking of the Alps, bikers starting in a different part - Munich, Germany - can tour the Alps in Austria as well as the Dolomites mountains in Italy. What makes this tour so wonderful is all of the crazy hairpin turns, challenging mountain passes, and a plethora of back roads, all of which will make for some momentous adventures.

Southern Norway

best motorcycle roads

Although Norway might not be the first place you think of when it comes to motorcycles, the country is home to some excellent motorcycle routes. The most popular route is to start in Kristiansand in the south and head north to the towns of Olden and Dombas before looping back down the west coast to the starting point. The route is not only challenging, with hairpin turns, tunnels, and fjord-filled terrain, but it's gorgeous as well.

Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

best motorcycle roads

The next in our list of the best motorcycle roads around the world is a route from Sao Paulo through the Serra Da Mantiqueira Mountains and down to Rio de Janeiro. This incredible 940-mile winding route gives bikers a tour of some of Brazil's best features, including winding country roads, small rural towns and coffee plantations.

Rome to Istanbul

best motorcycle roads

Starting in Rome and heading to Istanbul by way of Greece is a challenging motorcycle ride through unfinished forest roads and the adventurous Boz mountains, with a lot of historical views along the way.

Australia's East Coast

best motorcycle roads

Last but not least is Australia's east coast. Riders can start in Melbourne and head down the twisting roads to New South Wales and Queensland, keeping an eye on the Pacific Ocean the entire way (with some amazing views of the Great Barrier Reef too). To complete the trip, bikers generally finish in Brisbane and loop back southwest through more challenging interior roads.

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