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bikebandit ama vintage motorcycle days AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

>> Jake Smith

July 25, 2013 - San Diego, CA

If you ride a motorcycle, put the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days down on your to do list. had the opportunity to sponsor this one of a kind gathering this year and I went to represent. Though I wasn't sure what to expect, the AMA Vintage Days was a surprisingly great time. Imagine 10 thousand+ vintage motorcycles buzzing a around a small town in Mid Ohio with no motorcycle helmet laws. Growing up in San Diego, where helmet laws are mandatory and the only place you can ride motocross is on an Indian reservation, this freedom was refreshing. While I am a firm believer of wearing appropriate riding gear, it was cool to see riders young and old responsibly riding around the event without seeing any accidents all weekend.

On the other hand, the Ohio weather was a whole different world for me. We saw 98 degree weather with intermittent thunderstorms. Despite some muddy offroad venues, the show went on.

bikebandit ama vintage motorcycle days

A few of the more memorable experiences included flat track racing, the wall of death, and a muddy motocross race. Flat track racing is exciting. Imagine taking a 750cc motorcycle up to 100+ mph and then pitching it sideways and drifting it around a pea gravel horse racing track. It is impressive. I am told that flat track is one of the only forms of racing that began in the USA, no doubt by some cowboy.

bikebandit ama vintage motorcycle days

Another daring show performed is the wall of death. This carnival style show put on by a few daredevils riding 1940 Indians consists of riding horizontally around a cylinder with straight up and down walls. These nutcases don't wear any safety gear and gladly ride by sitting side saddle with no hands on the handle bars.

bikebandit ama vintage motorcycle days

The vintage motocross race that took place out in the muddy fields of the Mid Ohio Raceway and was incredibly entertaining. Because of all the rain, the racing turned into more about who could stay out front and fill the remaining rider's motorcycle goggles with mud roost. While it was exciting to spectate, I do not envy the cleanup that followed the racing.

bikebandit ama vintage motorcycle days

Other exciting events taking place at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days included vintage road racing, trials riding, motorcycle shows, a vintage swap meet, as well as riding demos by KTM and Kawasaki. If you have been riding for years and want reminisce about the days of old when Men were men with open face helmets and drum brakes, or rather you are new to the sport and curious about the sports earlier days, do yourself a favor and check out the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days next year. We know we'll be back.

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