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September 18, 2012 - San Diego, CA, the largest online source for motorcycle and ATV parts, has released new tips on picking the best motocross, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle helmets.

"Whether you're planning to hit the road, trail or track on a motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, one of the most important pieces of gear you can get is a good helmet," said a representative. "The choices have never been greater at, with options that allow you to pick a helmet that works for what you ride and the way you ride it. From understated retro-styled half motorcycle helmets to radical ultra-light full-face competition motorcycle helmets with extreme graphics, our wide range of headgear meets just about any need."

There are some important helmet safety standards to know a little about. Helmets that meet the various standards display a designation on the back or inside the helmet lining. Helmets that don't display a designation probably have not been submitted for compliance testing and probably aren't worth buying - no matter how cheap they may be. Helmets by reputable manufacturers also generally display the manufacturer's name, date of manufacture, size, model, and material information.

Depending on the manufacturer, model and design, there may be a range of options to consider when choosing a helmet, such as various tinted shields, including some that are photochromatic, which change tint in response to light levels. When using a dark tint shield for a day-long ride, riders should consider getting clear lens high impact riding glasses to wear in the helmet, so if the ride goes into the hours of darkness, they'll be able to see and protect their eyes with the shield up.

Color is a safety feature, as well. Some research shows that the likelihood of accidents with other vehicles is reduced when the rider wears bright colors, including the helmet. Some models have LED lights for increased visibility to vehicles approaching from the rear and an LED map light in the front.

After sorting through all the options and settling on the type, look and options, then size it up so it fits snugly, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. In general, if the helmet can move when your head doesn't, when the chin strap is adjusted and secured, it's too loose. If you can barely get the thing on, or the top of your head doesn't fit all the way to the top of the helmet's interior, it's too small. Like clothing, sizes can vary from one manufacturer to another; one brand's small may fit like another brand's medium, and so on. Models with removable lining components can be more precisely sized. Trying some motocross or motorcycle helmets on and noting the size can help assure you'll get a good fit if you order a helmet, but sizing charts put out by each manufacturer can work as well. has an extensive range of colors and graphic designs currently available for sale, as well as a large variety of styles, designs and accessories.

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