Scott Grips

By MotoInsider

Grips are a multifunctional and pretty necessary piece of equipment. Despite their simple and inert role, imagine trying to hold on to a metal bar or plastic throttle as you mash through the whoops! Definitely a taken for granted tool of the trade.

But when your bike does decide to take a side-slide or careen into a tree, being that they’re situated on the outermost point of your bike, grip-rippage is fairly inevitable. From desert riding to trail riding and specifically for those MX and supermoto racers, grip replacement may be more than a semi-annual requirement.

To spare this multiplying cost, partnered with Scott USA to offer a pair of grips along with a tube of anti-spin adhesive called Scott Grip Stick for under $5. And to boot, a dollar of the sale goes to the Ride for Kids’ Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Now, onto the "handling" details.

The Scott Grips are the classic full-length “waffle” style design known for their sturdy, tacky hold. They’re made using a slightly firmer compound than the gel or super-soft diamond grips, and as a result they provide security for those who prefer ever-present tactile acknowledgment.

Along with the Scott Grip Stick, that requires just a thin dab along the bar to provide a long-lasting fixed hold, the Scott Grips also have safety wire grooves. The grips are made for the standard 7/8” bars and are available in black only.

The overall bonus, aside from the price that allows for spares, is the donation that will be made to Ride for Kids for each pair sold. Not only are the Scott Grips one of the most affordable pair of quality grips available, but they’re just about the only ones that support a good cause … other than riding!

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