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>> Ashley Benson

August 26, 2013 - San Diego, CA ultra mega tool You work hard, whether it's at work or at home and working on your motorcycle is surely a huge part of that. This Labor Day, let make getting the job done a little easier with the brand new tool that has everything you ever need for every motorcycle job you ever wanted (or needed) to get done!

The brand new Ultra-Mega Tool is the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycle hand tools, featuring motorcycle tools like the Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool and the Fasst Company Adjustable Spoke Torque Wrench all included in its slender fold-up body. It's an all-in-one that's sure to be loved by one-and-all!

Never again will you get halfway through fixing your bike only to find that you're missing the right tools to get it done! Change your motorcycle oil with ease by using the BikeMaster Funnel with Flexible Fill Hose. Or, simply take it to the track to keep on hand in case you need the MSR Rider Wrench for tune ups between laps. It also fits perfectly in saddle bags for long rides where you might need a fold-out tire iron!

Whether you're a dirt rider or have a chromed out cruiser, the Ultra-Mega Tool has tons of essential motorcycle tools all in one place without any mess or clutter. And when your motorcycle is running perfectly, you can even use the Simple Solutions Grunge Brush just to keep it looking like-new! Plus, never lose a small bolt or have trouble seeing what you're working on with the BikeMaster Tele Mag Flash Light Attachment. ultra mega tool

Get your Ultra-Mega Tool* today; available in Black, Chrome, Red, or Blue. Optional velvet-lined belt-pouch available, if only there were one big enough.

*All motorcycle tools featured in the Ultra-Mega Tool are actually sold separately as the Ultra-Mega Tool does not exist (although, we're hoping there's a patent pending for something equally as handy.) Check out to view all available motorcycle hand tools and more to help you get your next D.I.Y. motorcycle repair done right.

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