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Whether it's for yourself or someone you love, we hope you got to take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that had thousands of people clambering for a computer mouse. If you did, we'll be doing our best to make sure that the next few weeks will be full of packages on your doorstep and wrapping boxes in the dead of night. However, as with any present shopping, you may find that the pants you bought for your son are the size he would have fit in last year or that exhaust system your dad has been dropping hints about all month long won't exactly fit his machine. So what do you do? Send them back! Sure, returning items to online stores may seem like a hassle, but it's really quite simple once you have the facts.

First things first... Is it an OEM part or an Aftermarket item? OEM parts can be a little trickier because all returns get sent back to the manufacturer that received it from after you purchased it. This means that OEM parts will have a 15-day return period from the date it was delivered to you and, because the manufacturer will require a restocking fee, there will be a 20% fee for returning any OEM parts to

On the other hand, Aftermarket items (including parts, accessories, apparel, tools etc.) can be returned up to 30 days after the delivery date for a full refund (yes, a 100% refund). Also, there are absolutely no restocking fees for any aftermarket items.

All returns (regardless if they're OEM or Aftermarket) must be returned with their original packaging and in good condition. Any items returned without the original packaging or with scratches, blemishes, tears, dent and markings (including any form of writing) will not be returnable. This also means that BikeBandit requires all items to be unused or not yet installed.

If you purchased an item that was on closeout, we will not be able to accept its return for a refund, however, some closeout items are able to be returned for Bandit Bucks that can be used towards another purchase. In order to find out if the closeout item is available for a Bandit Buck return, contact our friendly Customer Service team.

Unfortunately we do not offer exchanges at this moment in time. If you buy an item and it is the wrong size, color etc. you will have to process it for a refund and purchase the correct product separately.

In order to properly return an item, we ship every one of our items with the proper packing material for a return. If you decide to return an item, please re-pack it in the materials it was delivered in to ensure that it makes it back to us safely. After all, we all know that shipping companies aren't always the nicest and we would hate to receive an item that is unable to be refunded due to damages. Also, be sure not to write on the manufacturer's packaging that the item comes in. Markings and writing may also make the item un-returnable.

For more information on any returns or refunds, head over to the Return Policy page or hit up our helpful customer service staff via the live chat link located at the top of any page or call 1-888-339-3888.

Don't let fear of not being able to return gifts keep you from getting what your friends and family really want. And worst comes to worst, get them a gift card! Slip a standard gift card in their stocking and you can't go wrong. If they live too far away to send anything, try our new electronic gift cards. The second you purchase it they'll get an email to redeem it and there's not a single postage fee.

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