Chad Reed Crashes Out

One of the highlights of Chad Reed's racing career will always be his epic crash during the 2011 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship and his superhuman ability to get back on his bike and finish the race. This last weekend, however, will not be one of those highlights. In fact, Reed's crash at the seventh race of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series in Dallas, TX will be one of the low points.

After winning the third race of the season in Los Angeles, CA and getting on the podium five out of six of the other races, Reed was a strong contender for the title and almost a shoe in for one of the podium spots in the overall point standings. But that all came crashing down in Dallas when, during the seventh lap, Reed hit the sand nose first and was sent spiraling off of his bike, out of the race and evidently out of the 2012 Supercross series.

Throughout the entire race, Villopoto had the lead but Reed was relentlessly on his heals. With Reed holding second in the point standings at that time and only a six point gap between him and Villopoto, a win would have helped close the gap possibly pushing him to race a little too hard.

After his crash, the audience watched as he was unable to get back on his bike, a surprise to many Reed fans who loved him for his relentless ability to pull himself up by his boot straps and at least cross the finish line. Instead, Reed was seen being carried off to the Asterisk Medical Mule.

Reed was immediately taken to a nearby hospital where scans revealed that the rider suffered from a torn anterior crutiate ligament, a broken tibia and fibula, two broken ribs and a broken T6 vertebrae. You don't have to be a doctor (or even have watched a marathon of Grey's Anatomy) to know that those injuries aren't the kind that are easily fixed. In fact, doctors are forced to wait until the swelling in Reed's knee subsides enough to even attempt to put him through surgery.

Long story short? Reed is being forced to step away from the 2012 Monster Enegery AMA Supercross series while he nurses his wounds. TwoTwo motorsports will be reevaluating their options for this series but Reed has expressed his hopes to be back for the outdoor season.

"I can honestly say I'm blown away with the support. To each and everyone of you THANK YOU. #twotwolove FYI this old dog will be BACK," Reed said on Twitter yesterday. wishes him and his family the best while he recovers and we look forward to seeing him back in the game soon.

Current Supercross Class Season Standings

Standing Rider City, State Points
1 Ryan Villopoto Seattle, Washington 158
2 Ryan Dungey Belle Plaine, Minnesota 145
3 Chad Reed Dade City, Florida 128
4 James Stewart Haines City, Florida 116
5 Jake Weimer Wildomar, Idaho 92
6 Kevin Windham Centreville, Mississippi 92
7 Brett Metcalfe Lake Elsinore, California 88
8 Mike Alessi Hilliard, California 81
9 Justin Brayton Murrieta, California 80
10 Josh Hansen Elbert, Colorado 80

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