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Destination Guide: Awesome Trails for ATVing!

November 20, 2012 - San Diego, CA

Owning a car or motorcycle makes it easy to drive whenever, and wherever you would like. But those of you who own, and love driving an ATV, have a small disadvantage. Unless you have a ton of land, you need to look for specially designed places to legally test the ability of your ATV. Since the best trails are rugged, bumpy, and steep, specially designed trails that can challenge all levels of riders can be found throughout the United States. Continue reading to find the next destination of your ATV riding experience!

Before we get into some of the top ATV Trails in the United States, we want to remind you that an ATV Training Course must be complete before riding, and laws may vary depending on the trails, and the states they are located in. Are you ready? Grab your motorcycle GPS and plan to visit some of these exciting trails!

1. The Paiute Trail System

Located in Utah, this trail may leave many speechless! It consists of a 2000 mile network that connects 10 major towns. A lot of the trail is marked, and it is easy to fuel up because the trail provides easy access into the towns. This trail offers terrain for beginners, intermediates, and experts! There are a few places on the trail that have not been marked, so make sure to bring your motorcycle GPS, or any other GPS device to stay on route.

2. South Pedlar ATV Trail System

Located in Virginia, this trail is a large arrangement of four two-way motorized trails that extend to be over 19 miles long. The trail offers a beautiful view of the Appalachian Mountains, woods, streams, flowers, and unique paths. Riders have the option of taking a challenge on the thin twisty roads, or enjoying a relaxed wider trail ride.

3. Beasley Knob Trail

This trail is located in Southeastern Georgia, and mainly rated for expert drivers. With steep cliffs, big boulders, and rough terrain, it's sure to satisfy any riders urge for adrenaline! The trail is closed in the winter seasons from January through March.

4. Pole Hill Trail

Known as one of the best kept secrets of northern Colorado, this trails connects loops after loops with a variety of terrain options. It is 7 miles long and has many side roads to explore, and spots to set up camp!

5. White Wash Sand Dunes

This is another great trail located in Utah. It offers 48 miles of red rock scenery and unmarked roads leading to popular destinations such as the Crystal Geyser and Green River. Riders are advised to carry a GPS device because the trails are complex and it is fairly easy to get lost. No children under the age of 8 are allowed on the trails, and non residents must obtain a non resident permit.

6. Chain of Lakes Trail

This trail is great for nature lovers! Located in Montana it leads you through mountain ranges, plant life, hills, and breathtaking scenes. The trail is very short at 6.8 miles, but it is most defiantly worth it!

There you have it! Some of the most popular ATV trails in the United States. The variety of the trails is great, and allows room for all levels of riders to have an unforgettable experience. Before you set out to plan your trip make sure that you have your ATV license and your vehicle is ready and safe to be driven on rough terrain. If your ATV is in need of quick maintenance aftermarket ATV parts, and ATV brakes are offered at great prices on a variety of power sport websites. Now you're ready to plan your trip and have some fun!

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