Don't Doubt the Chad

November 21, 2011

Whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that Chad Reed had one of the worst and yet most spectacular moments of the series during the 2011 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship. Fans and riders will never forget the moment that Reed just barely hit the top of a jump wrong and flew up into the air, off of his bike and off of the track. Last of all to forget will surely be Reed himself. It's no doubt that if Reed hadn't hit on a downward grassy downgrade on the side of the track, his racing career could have ended then and there.

But even after one of the most epic wipe outs in Motocross history, Reed check for missing limbs, got right back on his bike and (after slamming the clutch back into place) took off to finish the race. Any other person would have not only walked away from that track after that, but would probably require a change of jockeys afterward.

Still, Reed didn't go unaffected by the crash. Despite having been a top runner against the battling Ryan's, Reed's finishes got worse and worse. Soon, he was no longer in the running for either of the top two championship spots and was even fighting for third. While Reed had gained so many fans for his resilience and bravery, everyone began to wonder if Reed would ever be able to get back to the rider he was.

Since then, the Motocross Championship wrapped up with Reed hanging in at third place and his mediocre riding has continued through events such as the 2011 Monster Motocross of the Nations. And for the last ten weeks, Reed has fallen off of the radar. At least he had until this weekend.

In Genoa, Italy, Reed made his first racing appearance after a whopping ten week break and did not disappoint, though viewers were skeptical after Reed went down in the first lap of the first main event. But Reed proved that he was back in full form and worked his way through the pack to finish second. In the next main event, Reed didn't give anyone any room to doubt. The Australian took first in the second main event and scored himself the overall win just ahead of Justin Barcia.

Afterward, a pleased Reed said, "I had a great time out there. It was good to get a couple of races under my belt and see where I am at with my preparations for 2012." And with the 2012 AMA Supercross season rearing up and getting ready to start on January 7th at the Angel's Stadium in Anaheim, CA the Ryan's better watch their backs cause it looks like the winning Reed is back.

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