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ebc brakes

>> Aaron Cortez

October 28, 2013 - San Diego, CA

EBC Brakes
Whether you ride sport bikes, cruisers, dual-sports, or anything else on two wheels, every type of rider can usually agree on one thing: being able to stop predictably is absolutely critical. EBC Brakes, the world leader in motorcycle braking components, knows this and has a huge range of quality aftermarket parts to bring you exactly what you need. EBC designs and manufactures brake components at their own facilities in the UK and the USA, and they have been trusted by every type of rider for over 35 years.

To help you navigate through all the options available for your bike and riding style, we’ve put together this product guide to help you choose the application that’s best for you. In addition, EBC proudly announced an exciting new product for 2013, the EBC Semi-Sintered V Pad, and we’ll give you the full rundown here!

Brake Pad Options

EBC offers several different brake pad options, but the main categories of pads are sintered and organic. Sintered pads are made of metallic particles (primarily copper) fused together under heat and pressure. They are long lasting and perform well under hard use. Most brake pads, OEM and aftermarket, are sintered.

Organic pads are a newer technology, and have gained a huge following across different segments due to their unique “feel”, which is more progressive. Instead of metallic particles, organic pads use materials like aramid, carbon or Kevlar, bonded with a resin. EBC is the world leader in the organic pad segment (as of 2013, EBC has sold over 35 million sets!)

Organic and sintered pads both have their benefits and drawbacks. Because organic pads are softer, they have a smoother feel and are not abrasive to expensive rotors, but they wear faster. Sintered pads are more abrasive, wear rotors faster, and have more initial bite. However, for the vast majority of riders of all riding styles, organic and sintered pads will perform on par with each other (except for track/racing use, where sintered pads dominate), and it will mainly come down to the rider’s preference of braking feel.


EBC Brakes
All EBC Organic Brake Pads are made in their UK facilities. They have long been popular with the cruiser and American “Big Twin” crowd due to their progressive feel and extremely low brake dusting, but they’ve gained more popularity among sport-bike riders in recent years due to their great stopping power with low initial bite. They are gentler on rotors, so whether you have custom billet rotors on a big cruiser, or expensive performance rotors on a sport bike, organic pads will extend rotor life dramatically. They are also exceptionally quiet in operation.

Semi-Sintered (New for 2013!)

EBC brakes
For those riders who want the life of a sintered pad with the feel of an organic, EBC combined the best features of both into the EBC Semi-Sintered V Brake Pads. By including a 30% copper content into their proprietary organic compound, they created the Semi-Sintered pad, also made in their UK facility. This created significant improvement in pad life while retaining the more progressive feel, lower abrasion, and reduced heat transfer of an organic. They are available for most street and sport bikes, but they are ideal for big cruisers and classic bikes, and highly recommended for bikes with softer billet steel rotors (which sintered pads will shred quickly.)

EBC “HH” Sintered Superbike Pads

ebc brakes
EBC Sintered Double-H Pads set the benchmark for performance sintered pads. They are the perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality improvement over OEM sport bike pads, and are capable of handling very aggressive street and track use. They use an ultra-high friction copper alloy that will provide maximum power and long life in all riding conditions. HH actually denotes the friction rating: H is the highest friction level, and this pad tests at H in both cold and hot conditions, which means consistent, powerful braking without warm-up, and no brake fade under extreme heat. Made in the USA, EBC HH pads are the ideal choice for sport bikes that are run hard, and may see some track duty.

EBC Extreme Pro Sintered

ebc brakes

EBC Extreme Pro Sintered Pads (also known as EPFA pads) provide the longest life out of any sintered material. They are the most expensive of the line-up due to their use of expensive metals in the sintering process to maximize life and performance. This makes these pads the most consistent and most impervious to heat cycling that EBC Brakes offers. They are designed for race bikes, but EBC also states that they’re the ideal pads for riders of big, heavy cruisers and touring bikes where the ultimate in stopping power and longevity is desired.

Note from EBC Brakes: most sintered metal pads are designed for use specifically on stainless steel rotors, which is harder than cast iron. If you run cast iron rotors it is VERY important to get a manufacturer recommendation on pads for them. Using sintered pads made for stainless steel on a cast iron rotor will abrade them very rapidly and can destroy them!

ebc brakes

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