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ebc rotors

>> Aaron Cortez

October 28, 2013 - San Diego, CA

EBC rotors
With all the different types of bikes and riding styles there are out there, there are plenty of differing opinions on every aspect of motorcycle riding. But one thing we can all agree on is that properly functioning brakes is, without a doubt, one of the most crucial parts of any bike. On the highway, the trail, or the track, your brake system is used constantly and takes a tremendous amount of abuse, so keeping your components in good shape is of critical importance.

EBC Brakes, the world leader in motorcycle brake components for over 35 years, has a huge range of quality aftermarket brake parts made exclusively in the US and the UK to give the performance you need. While EBC brake pads are the best selling brake pads in the world, they also manufacturer high quality rotors that can be combined with their pads to create the ultimate braking system for your bike.

To help you understand all the different rotor options available for your bike and riding style, we've put together this EBC rotors buyer's guide to help you choose the application that will help you achieve your goals. In addition, we also have an EBC Brake Pad Buyer's Guide to help you choose the perfect pad for you and your bike!

EBC Rotors - Floating vs. Solid

ebc rotors cruiser rotors

Because braking is achieved by the friction between two surfaces – your pads and your rotors – you can experience huge gains in performance and safety by upgrading both components as a set. From direct stock replacements to high-performance, full-floating race rotors, EBC makes the right rotors for your application.

Before digging into the process of choosing a rotor, it’s important to know the advantages of a floating rotor over a standard solid one. Brake rotors are subject to tremendous friction and heat, which often causes them to warp. The reason rotors on older bikes are so thick and heavy is to prevent that warping; a single rotor on an older cruiser can weigh 5-7 pounds!

The name “floating rotor” suggests that the rotor is somehow hovering around the carrier, which sounds anything but sturdy. But all this means is that the rotor and hub are two separate pieces joined by buttons, which gives the rotor some room to expand and contract under heat cycling, preventing warping and improving consistency.

It also creates some side-to-side “give” in the rotor to accommodate any slight variations in its circular motion, without causing pulsation in the brake (but this give cannot be felt by hand, and the rotor will not wobble in the carrier.) This give is important; on a sport bike, you’ll notice that the front calipers are firmly bolted into place, but are mated to floating rotors to allow for it. However on the rear brake, which usually uses a solid rotor, the caliper itself allows for the give, as it is held into a slot where it has some free play rather than bolted into place.

EBC Rotors - Standard

EBC Standard Brake Rotors are designed to fit as a direct-fit replacement for OEM rotors, while performing better. EBC uses heat-treated carbon steel that results in 18% higher friction than a typical stainless steel disc, and their rotors are also zinc-plated to protect them from the elements. If you want something better than another OEM rotor with the least amount of hassle, an EBC Standard Rotor is the way to go.

ebc rotors standard brake rotor

EBC Rotors - "Custom" Rotors for American Bikes

With some exceptions, most big twin cruisers still use solid rotors, which is a pretty old-school technology these days. Sure, they’ll do the job for most mild cruiser riding. But if you’re looking at an upgrade, or even just a replacement, there’s really no reason anymore to not go with a modern, floating rotor.

For the EBC Custom rotor line, EBC uses high-luster steel rotors mated to a polished stainless steel hub (also available in a black chrome version.) You can choose between a full circle or contoured profile blade design, with either 5 or 9 button designs for front rotors, and up to 12-buttons on rear rotors for sturdy looks and robust operation. In addition, EBC’s rotors are made with their new SD-system, EBC’s square sided rotor button housings, a new development that completely eliminates rotor warping, extending life and improving consistency.

ebc rotors custom brake rotor

EBC Rotors - Pro-Lite Street/Race Rotors

EBC Pro-Lite Rotors for sport bikes are amomg the lightest and best-performing on the market, and have quickly become some of the best-selling since their introduction. Like other performance rotors, EBC combined their hardened high friction stainless steel with a precision, lightweight aluminum carrier. But what really sets the apart is EBC’s patented new square-drive system that features square-sided rivets mounted in square pockets to allow the blade to expand and contract freely under use, without the rivets locking up.

A direct-fit replacement for OEM sport bike rotors, this true full floating design offers more side to side float tolerance than any other rotor on the market. (Note: The float here refers to ability to accommodate heat expansion; these rotor blades are not loose on the carrier and cannot be moved side-to-side, and will not shift during braking.)

ebc rotors pro-lite brake rotor

EBC Rotors - Vee Rotors (New for 2013!)

New for 2013, EBC combines all the technology of their Pro-lites with a unique V-profile rotor blade and 5 colored hub carrier options to create the EBC Vee Rotors. Manufactured in the UK from heat-treated German mill-rolled steel, these light-weight full floating rotors include EBC’s new SD rivets for maximum float tolerance without any free play. If you want the dramatic change in braking performance you’ll get from EBC’s rotors without sacrificing the ability to choose your own appearance options, this is the product for you. Available with black, red, blue, green, or gold hubs.

ebc rotors vee rotor

No matter what your application, from a simple stock replacement to a full race-ready upgrade of your braking components, EBC hs you covered. Browse all the EBC products here, and don't forget to check out our EBC Brake Pad Buyer's Guide where we answer all your questions about brake pads too!

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