EnduroCross Joins MotoGP in Indianapolis

August 11, 2011

Work has already begun at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis to set up for this weekend's race. Round 2 is set to take place for the first time on a Friday just before MotoGP kicks off their twelfth round of the series. And, while all of the riders are more than excited to race at the world's largest sporting venue, nothing will over shadow the battle that has begun.

Once again, Taddy Blazusiak is dominating and shows no signs of giving up his championship title. Grabbing the gold at the X Games and taking first place in Everett, Blazusiak continues to stack up the points. But the Champion has quickly found that he is going to need to work for his points this season as his competition shows no signs of just laying down and taking it. In Everett, the Pole may have ended the race in first, but it didn't prove to be easy to shake the other riders at the beginning of the race. This weekend, his competition will be back again to challenge the rider for first.

Just behind the series leader stands veteran Mike Brown and trials prodigy Geoff Aaron. Mike Brown showed some great promise for this season after taking the silver in Los Angeles at the X Games but slipped down to take forth in Everett. Though he is still second in points, the rider will need to pick back up his momentum to stay on top. Geoff Aaron, on the other hand, failed to medal by only taking fifth at the X Games but made a decent come back in Everett by taking home second allowing him to jump up in points just below Mike Brown. This weekend, Aaron will surely be pumped with confidence and out for blood.

Forth in the standings sits Cody Webb, the student of Geoff Aaron. Though the young rider only took ninth at the X Games, Webb did fantastically in Everett and landed himself in third place which helped him soar up to fourth in the point standings. Webb has never truly been a power player previously in the series but has shown some great potential. This year, Webb is surely hoping to finally stay at the top of the standings and give his mentor and the title champ some trouble.

This weekend will surely be an interesting one as the standings continue to stack up. And with the racers sharing the venue with the MotoGP riders this weekend, all eyes will be on Indianapolis. No pressure guys.

Polish up on the EnduroCross Rider Profiles and check out the MotorGP Rider Profiles before the race and stay tuned for the results.

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