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Google Glass and Motorcycles

>> Ashley Benson

google glass and motorcycles

March 6, 2013 - San Diego, CA

The tech community has been all abuzz about release of Google's newest gadget, Google Glass. Available to the public sometime next year, or at least the public who is willing to shell out a grand or so, the Google Glass is a wearable display that does a whole slew of things. From allowing you to search the web, get turn by turn navigation, record video and make social posts all with simple voice command, the Google Glass is definitely a cool little piece of technology.

But how will this affect the motorcycle community? Surely someone with a motorcycle and some extra disposable income will get the idea to throw a pair on before a ride. Sure, the ability to take a photo and share it instantly with just voice commands will be a great feature. Not to mention the nav. But there are plenty of things that will be cause for distraction as well with Google Glass and motorcycles.

While most motorcycle riders won't be throwing on a pair of Google Glass, it'll be interesting to see what comes from those who do as well as what helmet or goggle manufacturers might take from it for future motorcycle gear. For instance, can some of the technology be put into a heads up display on a visor? Check out the promo video from Google and tell us in the comments what you think the Google Glass could do for motorcycle riders. Or is it all just another distraction?

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