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One thousand. According to Icon it's the "empirical number that forms the boundary between boy and man. The displacement threshold between novice and expert." While we may not exactly know what the heck that means, we can certainly appreciate the motorcycle gear line that Icon has paired with it. Made with the best of what Icon has to offer, the new Icon One Thousand line is some of the best new gear we've seen in what feels like ages. Inspired by the post apocalyptic feel of the Mad Max movies and the style of survival bikes, Icon's new line is sexy without losing protection and without heavy logos.

The whole line isn't available until April, but we've got all the deets on what you can expect. If you like what you see, feel free to visit the product pages (Icon 1000) and punch in your email adress so that we can give you a heads up the second it's all available to purchase.

The Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket is one like no other. Perfect for everyday wear, this sleek and sexy piece is made of the best of the best Brazilian cowhide and finished in two beautiful ways. To get the natural look of the Cutter Brown Chapter Jacket, Icon made it with an aniline-dyed natural grain treated with a hand-applied waxed leather finish. The Interceptor Grey and Pursuit Black Chapter Jackets, on the other hand, are made of drum- dyed antiqueleather with a refined matte finish. Not only does it look damn good, these jackets will give you the protection that a real rider would need. All three jackets are fully equipped with D30 armor in the shoulder, elbow and back so you're ready for anything. Plus with custom produced YKK zippers that are perfectly oversized, you won't waste any time fumbling to zip up of worrying about whether you'll come unzipped at an inopportune time (like when fighting zombies). The removable quilted-satin vest liner is perfect for those particularly harsh nights without adding any extra bulk that could weigh you down. No matter whether you rock the Pursuit Black, Cutter Brown or Interceptor Grey, the Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket is perfect for the ride, so much so that you probably won't even take it off when you've arrived at your destination. Get a notification when it becomes available: Icon 1000 Chapter Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

Of course, Icon 1000 didn't leave out the ladies. In fact, their Icon 1000 Federal Women's Jacket is one of the sexiest and well made lady's riding jackets that we've possibly ever laid our eyes on. Hand cut from that same Brazilian cowhide, the Federal Jacket comes in a Harmonic Red that has been aniline-dyed natural grain that is treated with a hand-applied wax leather finish as well as a Pursuit Black that is drum-dyed antique leather finish with a refined matte finish. And since we'll take either color, we're glad to know that they don't skimp on protecting the ladies as both jackets are fully set up with that bone-saving D30 armor in the shoulders, elbows and back. Plus both of the Icon 1000 Federal jackets come with the oversized YKK zippers for easy on and off, if you know what we mean, but will remain secure while riding. These jackets are also equip with a removable vest liner to keep the lady's core warm without bunching up around her goods. Even if we didn't ride motorcycles, we'd want one of each color to sport around town. This jacket is every father's nightmare.

Whether you like it or not, the Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket is one of the most unique pieces of gear to hit the market. The love child of your favorite jacket and your favorite vest, the Shorty Jacket has an attitude all of its own. Made of top-grain drum-dyed Brazilian leather, the fit of this jacket is strategic to give a rider the most freedom while still being equip with a D30 Viper CE certified back armor. No matter what kind grips your reaching for, this jacket features strategically placed stretch panels to keep you moving like you're wearing nothing at all. And since it doesn't need a label to get it noticed, the Icon 1000 Shorty Jacket comes in two styles, branded and unbranded. Sign up to get an email when it's available: Icon 1000 Shorty Leather Motorcycle Jacket.

The Icon 1000 Rimfire Glove is the glove that you've been waiting for your entire life. Old school laced with all the technology you would never leave home without, the Rimfire is constructed of French cowhide in a Gunn cut pattern that breathes of the classics. These gloves feature pre-tensioned elastic that help reduce bunching while you're twisting hard on the throttle. But you can leave the brass knuckles at home as these are fully equipped with Icon D30 knuckle armor and, our favorite feature, a whole slew of metal palm rivets that would not only make slapping manly but also up the abrasion resistance by plenty. The Icon 1000 Rimfire Glove is the perfect gentleman's riding glove. Get the notification that they're available: Icon 1000 Rimfire Motorcycle Gloves.

Ever wish you could rock the MX boot style even whilst roaring through the city streets? Wish granted. The Icon 1000 Elsinore boot is a throwback to the vintage moto-x style with its featured five-strap, alloy-buckle chassis, stamped metal heel plate and internal steel shank. Whether in Oiled Brown or Johnny Black, these boots are a perfect alternative to the Doc Martins and Harley-Davidson boots of today's riding footwear. Got the notification that they're available: Icon 1000 Elsinore Motorcycle Boots.

The Icon 1000 line features a helmet ready to take on anything. The Variant Battlescar Helmet's name embodies its look perfectly. Featuring a Dark Smoke Shield to deflect any roost your prey may throw up as well as a raw composite shall, tinted with variegated shades of tan or green to make the Dark Earth and Covert Green options, it's made to look tough. Want a little less rugged and a little bit more sexy? The Icon 1000 Variant Construct Helmet oozes appeal. Stripped away are the graphics and colors to leave a sleek white shell. The only things left to stand out are the Dark Smoke Shield and smoky grey mouth-guard. But both helmets have the top of the line technology that you'll need to roam the streets in such tough garb. Meeting the World Safety Standard including the DOT requirement of the United States and the ECE requirement of Europe, if you go down your best asset will be protected. Not to mention the Precision Optics distortion free face shield will keep things in clear perspective along with the Fog Free performance coating for when things get steamy. And there's no waiting for these... The helmets are up for grabs. Get yours: Icon 1000 Variant Construct Motorcycle Helmet and Icon 1000 Variant Battlescar Motorcycle Helmet

There's a pretty good reason why "Gentlemen prefer Icon One Thousand." Classically rugged with all of the most advanced in riding technology that Icon has to offer, the Icon One Thousand line is just as affordable as you would want it to be. Affordable to gentleman and high enough quality to be pricier than the bargain bin threads, this gear is sure to be worth the price tag. Put your info in on the product pages (Icon 1000) to get an email the second that all of this wonderfullness is ready to be bought.

Haven't gotten enough of the Icon 1000 style? Somehow Icon knew you'd want more of the end of the world styling and they threw down to put together three of the most drool- worthy survival bikes. The Magnificent Bastard, a 1986 Honda VF100R, The Operator, a 1999 Ducati 900SS, and The Roach, a 1986 Harley-Davidson Sportster all reek of futistic doomsday theatrics.

The Magnificent Bastard can only be described as big-boned, perfection for the end of days and fitted with a knobbed mixture of Conti and Bridgestone tires to get through the decaying roads as time passes. Built from a 1986, this motorcycle is a tank meant to stand the test of time. But in an age where police forces will surely have disappeared along with the governments ability to enforce taxes, the Magnificent Bastard embodies an air of police bike all the way down to its public channel radio to search out those calling in need.

A stripped down 1999 Ducati SS900, The Operator (Redux) makes the apocolyps look flat out sexy. Beat up by its many encounters with the harsh reality of the end op the world, its ammo can saddle bags and geometric loving face can handle anything. Ride that puppy anywhere while sporting the Icon 1000 line and you'll be voted governor of the survival camp in no time.

The Roach, on the other hand, isn't looking to make friends. The once pretty, now savage street king has taken to the dirt on its Maxxis DTR1s and will be taking no prisoners. It's a loner that can handle its own with its oversized forged pistons, clearances cases, back- cut tranny and front mounted wench. Never before has the world seen a Harley-Davidson sportster so ready to take on the end of the world, all while donning the Icon One Thousand name.

Icon 1000 Gear:

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