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2014 Study on Lane Splitting: It's Safer Than You Think

A new study by the CHP and UC Berkeley shows some interesting findings about lane-splitting; not only is it NOT more dangerous when done at reasonable speeds, but riders who do it wear better gear and have less severe injuries. Read on for full details! >> Read More

Revealed at INTERMOT: 4 All-New Models for 2015

The bi-annual INTERMOT motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany is where manufacturers often reveal new models for the upcoming year. This year's big reveals didn't disappoint - check out the new bikes that will be hitting showroom floors for 2015! >> Read More

Is 300cc The New 600cc? The Rise of Small-Bore Sport Bikes

Today's small-bore sport bikes are sexy, inexpensive and can give you an adrenaline rush whether you've been riding for 2 months or twenty years. This revolution in small sport bikes leaves us wondering - is 300cc the new 600cc? >> Read More

Six Hot New Bikes for 2015

Fall is upon us, and you know what that means - the upcoming year's motorcycles are being released! From a truly retro kickstarted thumper, to a factory supercharged sport bike, here are a few 2015 models that we're especially excited about. >> Read More

Video: 2014 Pikes Peak Winning Motorcycle Run

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb has been a huge automotive event for decades, but its starting to become bigger in the motorcycle world now that the entire course is paved. Check out this year's winning run by Jeremy Toye on a Kawasaki ZX-10R from the cockpit - at high altitudes, it gets pretty nerve-wracking! >> Read More

Incredible One-Armed, One Legged Road Racer Alan Kempster

I've seen some incredible and inspiring stories about people with disabilities overcoming huge challenges to live out their dreams - but I've never seen anything quite like one-armed and one-legged Australian road racer, Alan Kempster. He doesn't just ride with no right arm and leg, he wins races! A must see story. >> Read More

The New Motorcycle? Polaris' Slingshot

This week, Polaris released this unusual yet exciting three-wheeled vehicle, the Slingshot. They call it a motorcycle, but with bucket seats, a steering wheel, and a powertrain from GM, it really stretches the definition - but they have their reasons for doing it! >> Read More

An Electric Hog? Harley-Davidson Jumps into the Electric Motorcycle Market

This week, Harley-Davidson unveiled Project Livewire, a unique prototype electric motorcycle they're taking on a tour of the world to see what riders think of it. What does this surprising move by the mega-brand mean for the motorcycle industry? A lot, we think. >> Read More

Skully AR-1 Helmet: Expensive Toy, or Game Changer?

Technology like integrated HUD, rear-facing cameras, and on-board diagnostics are more within reach than ever with the cool new Skully helmet, the AR-1. But the question is, will people pay for it...and will it deliver? >> Read More

Isle of Man TT: The Greatest Motorcycle Race in the World

The world’s deadliest and most unusual motorcycle race, the Isle of Man TT, just took place last week. This fascinating – and unbelievably dangerous – race has been held annually for over 100 years, and in 2014 claimed its 242nd life. As insane as it is, it represents the pinnacle of motorcycle racing for many - read on to see why! >> Read More

Ducati D-Air and Motorcycle Airbag Systems

Ducati made news recently by announcing the first ever production motorcycle with an integrated, wireless airbag jacket system. But motorcycle airbags have actually been around a long time, and are in use all over the world. Check out how the technology developed, and what makes it so cool! >> Read More

Polaris Releases Revolutionary Sportsman ACE

Last week, powersports manufacturing giant Polaris introduced a truly game-changing vehicle to the off-road segment in its new Polaris Sportsman ACE. This unique vehicle sports an architecture unlike anything else on the market today, and opens up a potentially whole new market in the world of personal off-road vehicles. >> Read More

HUD Motorcycle Helmets

You've seen the movies Terminator, Robocop and Predator. Besides blurring the line between living creature and machine, what all these movies had in common was that they showed early visions of what is now being termed "augmented reality." Now, the technology to recreate that first-person, computer-aided view of the world is here, and motorcycle riders are among the first to have it commercially available. >> Read More

Insane 500HP V12 Quads! The Wazuma, by Lazareth

If you follow the custom bike building scene, you may have heard of French custom bike builder, Lazareth. What you may not have heard is that the company also builds a line of radically styled and insanely high-powered quads as well. They go by by the name Wazuma, and they are available in models ranging from an R1-powered version to an absolutely insane model stuffed with a supercharged BMW V12 powerplant! >> Read More

Without Lane Splitting Guidelines...Must Riders Fend For Themselves?

With nearly half of California drivers thinking lane-splitting is illegal, the CHP tried to clear up confusion and make riding safer by publishing a guide about it on their website. Last month, it was removed completely - and it was all due to a single citizens complaint. Why did this happen, and how does it affect riders? >> Read More

The New Illinois Motorcycle Wheelie Law

How much do you love popping wheelies on the freeway as you come home from a long day at work? Do you love it enough to risk a $100 fine? How about loving it enough to risk jail time? If you live in the lovely state of Illinois, January 1st saw a new law go into effect that specifically targets motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles from riding on one wheel, taking both hands off of the handlebars... Read More