Manufacturer Spotlight - SIDI
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Manufacturer Spotlight - SIDI

When it comes to pasta, wine and shoes, Italians really know their stuff. So when we look for some high-end, well-built motorcycle boots, who do we turn to? The Italians of course! And tucked into the tiny village of Maser in Southern Italy are the roots of an Italian shoe company that fits the bill.

SIDI is a shoe manufacturer that really knows their motorcycle boots. Worn by competitors and everyday riders both off and on the road, there's a reason why is happy to present these great products to our customers.

But it all had to start somewhere. At the extremely youthful age of fifteen-years-old, Dino Signori founded a company in the name of his initials and started a small craftsman's workshop that primarily made mountaineering footwear. But it didn't take long for Signori's passion for two wheels to spill over into the company. Before long, SIDI was producing cycling shoes that incorporated innovations beyond any other cycling shoe. Then Signori took the company one more step further to start making some of the world's greatest motorcycle boots.

Motorcycle racers across the world such as Stefan Everts have relied on the quality of SIDI boots for nearly 60 years.
Motorcycle racers across the world have relied on the quality of SIDI boots for nearly 60 years.

In 1969, Signori paired up with the Italian motorcycle hero Giacomo Agnostini. Together, the two were able to refine the technology of street motorcycle boots. But Signori didn't stop there. In order to further advance his company's boot design and quality, he also instilled the help of Joel Roberto, a five time world champion, to create the Full Bore boot, which would be sold with great success in the United States.

Today, six decades later, SIDI still produces some of the best motorcycle boots. And while Signori is still the main man in charge, he now has a family and amazing staff to help him make SIDI one of the top boot manufacturers. His son Daniele and daughter Rosella play a large party in the day to day activities of the company and work with designers and craftspeople to continue to research and develop the best and most advanced in boot technology in order to give the riders who wear their products the best of quality, fit and protection. has all of the top SIDI boot collections at great prices as well as replacement parts such as soles, pads and straps. Plus also has an amazing selection of motorcycle gear such as helmets and jackets

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