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Menganno: A Real Life Crime Fighter on a Motorcycle

>> Ashley Benson

February 7, 2013 - San Diego, CA

motorcycle superhero

Hundreds of movies have been made featuring superheroes and vigilantes saving the world from one bad guy at a time on the back of a motorcycle. And that image is far from fading as guys kill zombies from a bobber in The Walking Dead while the Robocop reboot that is coming out next year features a beefed up Kawasaki Z1000. But, despite our apparent obsession with the concept, very few people actually slap on the spandex and hop on their motorcycle to fight crime. In fact, no one does. Except, perhaps, “Menganno.”

motorcycle superhero

According to, on the streets of Argentina, a man has taken the law into his own hands with the help of his trusty steed, a Bajaj Pulsar 200. And yes, he even totes a superhero costume to boot. Keeping the city safe since 2010, Menganno doesn't appear to have any sort of superhuman powers but instead carries a flashlight, pepper spray and a very Captain America-esk blue and white shield while donning all black and a mask. He even has an official Facebook page:

But being a vigilante never comes without its price (just ask Spiderman). While driving home with his wife one evening, Menganno found his home to be the victim of three robbers who were still in the process of breaking and entering. And while pepper spray may be his weapon of choice while in costume, he allegedly fired a Glock on the intruders, leading the police to investigate and unveil that Menganno is also a 43-year-old man by the name of Oscar Lefosse.

Though his origin story is still a mystery, it turns out that Lefosse may have been bitten by the justice bug while he was a police officer, keeping the streets safe with the help of a badge from 1986 to 1996.

Now, Lefosse faces charges for operating a firearm under an expired gun license. While speaking with the Argentine news source La Capital, Lefosse broke into tears and said that he was ashamed to have used a gun and that it is fortunate that no one was hurt. So much for the superhero Menganno. Luckily, there's still hope for these guys, despite their lack of motorcycles:

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