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>> Aaron Cortez

July 1, 2014

Mesh Motorcycle Jackets for Summer 2014

Summer's officially here, and the mercury is rising across the country as the hot months kick off. You'll find out that blazing heat and sweltering humidity make riding in leather get old real quick - so what do you ride in? Here are five great options we think will mesh well with you.

New Mesh Jackets for 2014

To kick off our list, here are a couple of our favorite new products for 2014 that really impressed us. We think you'll love them as much as we do.

Cortech GX Sport Air 3

Cortech GX Sport Air 3 jacket

My top pick for a mesh motorcycle jacket in 2014 is, hands down, the new Cortech GX Sport Air 3. I was lucky enough to have been given a bunch of new Cortech gear for long-term testing this year, and this jacket blew me away with its features and value.

Being the "Air" version, it's built with a combination of breathable mesh panels that flow air beautifully, and sturdy 1680 denier ballistic polyester for toughness in the impact areas. It's also fully armored, with CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows, and a foam back protector. It also has extensive reflective piping, and two separate liners - one for insulation and another for waterproofing.

Now that's a lot of features, but that's just where the GX Sport Air 3 starts off. Where this jacket really shines is in the details; you can tell Cortech put a lot of thought into the little things about this jacket. Things like soft microfiber trim around the cuffs and collar for comfort, a neoprene stretch panel in the cuff to accommodate thicker gloves, and adjustable take-up straps in the sleeves to ensure a snug fit, with or without the liners in.

And my favorite feature was one that isn't even advertised; the jacket has little knobby rubberized panels in the shoulders that prevent backpack straps from sliding around. These people thought of everything! And in a jacket that's only $225, this thing is really an unbelievable value. Comes in seven colors too!

Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket

Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket

If your gear and riding style is more Adventure oriented, but you'd like a breathable jacket for riding in the hotter months, you've got to check out the innovative Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket, brand new for 2014.

The nice thing about the Firstgear Adventure Mesh Jacket is that it's a legitimate touring jacket, with all the features you find in their higher-end 3/4-length adventure jackets, but built out of a light and breathable 250 denier mesh instead of the typical water resistant outer shell. They still have weather resistance covered, however, with an included waterproof liner that can be zipped in when needed, and stowed in its own pocket when it’s not.

Style-wise, the Adventure Mesh Jacket looks a lot like the top-selling Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket, and has similar needed features, like multiple zippered pockets, adjustable waist and wrist closures, and CE-approved armor. It also comes in a hi-vis colorway for added visibility.

So if you've been wanting all the functionality of Adventure gear, but with the free-flowing breathablilty of mesh construction, Firstgear finally has the best of both worlds in one affordable jacket!

Most Popular & Highest Reviewed Mesh Jackets

These three models are the tried and true products, with proven designs that continue to be our top sellers. If you want a mesh jacket that's guaranteed to perform, check out these customer favorites.

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket

Last year, the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket was our best selling mesh motorcycle jacket, hands down – and so far, this year is shaping up the same way! That’s right, for the third year in a row now, our bestselling mesh jacket is the Joe Rocket Phoenix series jacket, and with good reason.

We’re not sure if the Phoenix 5.0 Jacket was named after one of the hottest cities in the country on purpose, but it sure fits the warm-weather riding bill! The jacket has huge panels of polyester mesh for maximum air flow, but with tough RockTex ballistic nylon in the impact areas for abrasion resistance. The Phoenix 5.0 also comes with a removable waterproof liner for those unexpected summer showers, and CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows.

The Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Motorcycle Jacket also has tons of storage for keys, glasses and other necessities while the 6-point SureFit custom adjustment system assures that it will be comfortable and keep that armor where it belongs. With a price point under $200, and coming in 8 colors including all-black or high-vis yellow, it’s easy to see why this is our best-selling mesh jacket for the third year running!

Tour Master Sonora Air Motorcycle Jacket

Tour Master Sonora Air Motorcycle Jacket

The Tour Master Sonora Air Motorcycle Jacket is another one of our best selling and most highly-reviewed mesh motorcycle jackets, with a ton of features at a price of just a little over $200!

Made of Armor-Link mesh and 600 denier Carbolex, this motorcycle jacket has great ventilation without being flimsy. Plus, it also includes an incredible 1680 denier ballistic polyester in high impact areas such as the elbow and shoulders, along with CE-rated armor and a triple-density back protector.

This jacket also has a lot of those nice little quality touches, like a micro-fiber lined collar and cuffs, Phoslite reflective piping, and adjustable-diameter sleeves to get a secure fit around the arms whether you’re wearing the liners or not. The Sonora Air also has an adjustable waist band, and attachment points to mate it to Tour Master riding pants so you can make it a full suit.

Alpinestars Viper Air Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars Viper Air Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars is one of the most desirable brands we sell among sport riders, and they haven’t overlooked the need for an affordable, high-quality mesh jacket in their line-up. Enter the Alpinestars Viper Air Jacket, our best-selling and highest-reviewed mesh sport jacket.

One of the most performance-oriented mesh jackets we carry, Viper Air is pure aggression, with a bold design made of double-layered mesh construction in a sleek pre-curved sport cut. It comes with CE-rated armor throughout, with pockets for Alpinestars upgraded armor in both the chest and back.

While Alpinestars motorcycle gear usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag, the Alpinestars Viper Air Textile Motorcycle Jacket is very reasonably priced at just under $200. If you’re a sport rider and you’re looking to get into top-of-the-line Alpinestars gear with a low entry cost, or just want a cool mesh jacket to replace you’re A-stars leather gear in the summer months, the Viper Air is the perfect way to do it without breaking the bank!

Check out our full line-up of cool, breathable mesh jackets here, and find the one that's perfect for you!

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