The Monster Energy Cup Track is Released

October 6, 2011

What's better than a shot at winning a solid mil? Oh that's right, getting that shot on one of the craziest, longest, fastest and most fun tracks to ever be conceived. Not to mention that it's all happening in none other than Sin City. With just over a week between us and the Monster Energy Cup on October 15th, Monster released the layout for the track that is going to be built inside Sam Boyd Stadium for world renowned riders such as James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed, Brett Metcalfe and many, many others to compete on.

Monster called in none other than Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael to dream up this insanity. With Monster Energy striving to get the best of both motocross and supercross to compete, they knew they would need the very best of both worlds to make the perfect track for both styles. With 72 supercross wins and seven championships, the King of Supercross obviously knows his way around a supercross track. But it has been harder to design a track than to ride on it for even McGrath. "Getting the basic layout is the hard part, and now I realize it's a lot more work to design a track than race one," The King told Monster Energy.

Paired up along side the supercross champ was Ricky Carmichael; known to his fans as "The Goat" aka "Greatest of All Time" in motocross. While Carmichael now sits behind the wheel in NASCAR, there's no doubt that he's a genius on the motocross track. And with two wins inside Sam Boyd Stadium himself, Carmichael is more than excited to see what the riders will do on the track.

Mock ups of the Monster Energy Cup track show the riders shooting up into the stands as they did in the unforgettable Pontiac Silverdome as well as out of the stadium and into the pit section for the first time ever. And since one third of the track is outside, spectators are encouraged to meander from the stadium to the pit area to see all aspects of the race. With some serious whoops and fast straights, the track looks to be a perfect combination of supercross and motocross and will level the playing field for all of the riders no matter their engine size or riding style.

The guys over at Motorcycle Energy have explained that the goal was to make the track perfect for all types of riders from all over the world. By pairing up Carmichael and McGrath, we're going to say they succeeded in that goal. If we weren't excited about the race before, we certainly are now.

Photos courtesy of Monster Energy.

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