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White Elephant Motorcycle Gift Guide

>> Ashley Benson

Decmber 11, 2012 - San Diego, CA

Over the next few weeks, holiday parties and get togethers are aplenty. Our favorite part? All of the gift exchanges. There's nothing like getting the whole crew together around the three and a bunch of wrapped presents only to engage in an intense game of plotting and stealing.

This year, instead of bringing the usual bottle of Kettle One or that snowman candle that you somehow ended up with last year, bring something you know will cause a stir. Here's a list of our favorite white elephant gifts. Worst comes to worst, you end up with the gift you brought and get a new motorcycle battery charger.

Battery Tender 12V Super Smart Battery Tender Junior

- Fully charges a battery, then maintain the charge at the correct level.

- LED lights indicate charging mode.

Motion Pro Hydraulic Brake Bleeder

- Aids in the bleeding and servicing of hydraulic brakes and makes bleeding brakes a 1-person job.

- Includes instructions and hose.

Bikemaster 32-Blade Dual Reading Combination Feeler Gauge Set

- Dual marked 0.03mm/0.001” to 1mm/0.040”.

- 4” long taper blades, hardened and polished.

BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers with 25' Stainless Wire

- These forged steel pliers have shot peened and ground clamping surfaces.

- They have a heavy duty spring and chromed retainer slide, and their superior clamping force ensures you have a one-time set up and no wire slippage.

Simple Solutions The Grunge Brush

- Enables you to clean your chain with ease.

- 3-sided bristles allow you to clean all 4 sides of your chain and the long bristle side lets you clean other parts of your bike like sprockets and wheels.

Motion Pro Bead Buddy II Aluminum Tire Tool

- Use the Bead Buddy to push the tire bead down into the drop center.

- The Bead Buddy hooks over the spoke and pushes the bead down on the opposite side so you don't have to fight to keep the bead down while you install you new motorcycle tires.

Motion Pro Cable Luber

- Used to inject lubricant into cable housing.

- Clamps over housing and wire allowing an aerosol can to be connected.

BikeMaster T-Handles

- Made from the highest quality chrome vanadium tool steel, these T-Handle tools are 360° mig welded shaft to handle, and have a shot peened, ground, and plated finish, for strength and longevity.

- The sockets are formed to the shaft.

Cruz Tools Tire Pro Tire Gauge

- This tire pressure gauge has a 12” flexible hose so it's easy to access hard-to-reach valves and has a built-in valve so you can bleed down air to the desired pressure.

- Readings are in psi and Kpa (up to 60 psi). 6" Magnetic Bowl

- The 6" Magnetic Bowl is ideal for keeping track of loose fasteners and other small parts.

- The 6" Magnetic Bowl attaches magnetically to any steel surface such as a tool box or a bike lift.

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