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Motorcycle History - The Honda CB750

October 18, 2012 - San Diego, CA

There are certain motorcycles that are just known for being classics. One of the most popular standard motorcycles has always been the Honda CB750.

The Honda CB750 is a motorcycle that has been built by Honda of Japan in several models between 1969 and 2003, then once again in 2007. This bike was recognized as a milestone for Honda as they successfully introduced the new transverse, overhead camshaft inline four-cylinder engine into the U.S. market in June of 1968; making it a hit in future sport bike designs. The bike was announced to be the first modern four-cylinder machine from a mainstream manufacturer to the U.S. market after Honda of Japan realized the huge opportunity of selling a larger sport/standard bike in the U.S.

The often called "super bike" was full of exciting features at an affordable price, making it available to almost anyone with a desire to own a Honda CB750. Introduced into the market at a price of US$1,495 which translates to US$9,475 in current money, the bike had a lot to offer for its price. As most will agree, the bike wasn't popular because of its updated functions; it was popular because of the unique and almost perfect combination of features from the very start. With top speed capability reaching 120 mph, and a 67 horsepower engine running at about 8000 rpm, the bike weighs around 491 lb and is equipped with maintenance-free hydraulic valves, five-speed gearbox, kill switch, dual mirrors, electric starter, flashing turn signals, and most important, smoothness and inexistence of vibration, both riding and when standing still.

So are you bummed that you didn't get a chance to buy one 40 years ago? You still have a chance! Classic bikes can be a joy for loyal riders to ride. The Honda CB 750 is one of the easiest and least expensive options to look at when thinking about entering the classic bike pursuit. Even though there are not many left for sale, it's still possible to find one in good condition for a reasonable price. The Honda CB 750 line up was very special and a huge hit for Honda of Japan. Visit for manuals on Honda CB750 bikes and more information on restoration and parts. sells a wide variety of OEM parts and Aftermarket motorcycle parts including motorcycle accessories for the Honda CB750.

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