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Muff Pot

>> Ashley Benson

July 3, 2014 - San Diego, CA

There are few things that are more synonymous with the Fourth of July than hot dogs and fireworks. Unfortunately, that usually requires a ton of extra planning around ending up near a BBQ and making sure to bring all of the necessary things to make it work, for example, grilling utensils and coal. Forgetting any of those could lead to severe disappoint that nears the level of a burnt turkey on Thanksgiving.

This year, leave behind the propane tank shackles and forge forward toward your Fourth of July celebratory brat with a Muffpot Food Warmer. This handy muff pot simply straps onto your exhaust pipe to utilize your engine's heat and cook your food. As long as your hot dogs can fit in the muff pot's 6 3/4" long by 5" wide and 2" tall stainless steel container, you'll have hot dogs ready to be thrown in a bun and eaten right after your ride without having to fire up the grill.

muff pot

Sound too good to be true? It's not. Snowmobile riders have used the MuffPot Food Warmer and other such muffler related food warming contraptions for years. There are even tons of blogs that cook up recipes for easy muff pot brownies or sandwiches.

muff pot

Here are our top selling muff pot and food warming motorcycle accessories:

*Note: Primarily used with snowmobiles. Clamps that are included may not fit various motorcycle types, especially when attaching to smaller exhaust pipes.

Muffpot Food Warmer

muff pot
The Muffpot Food Warmer is the most popular sold by by far. At 6 3/4" long by 5" wide and 2" tall, this motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile food warmer is big enough to hold all of your frank and beans without being too big to fit onto your muffler or under your hood. But the thing that really makes it the best? The stainless steel keeps it from turning black over time while the clamp that secures it to your exhaust pipe is easy to remove and secure.

muff pot

Hot Pot Food Warmer

muff pot

The Hot Pot Food Warmer is roughly the same size at 6 3/4" long by 5 1/4" wide and 1 3/4" deep. Plus it is also stainless steel. This food warmer, however, has a bit of a different clasp system that is just as easy to install but seems to be a little harder to get to after riding. On the other hand, it includes some menus and recipes.

Hotdogger Food Warmer

muff pot

Per its name, the Hotdogger Food Warmer is made with hot dogs in mind. The perfect size for a few franks, this food warmer is easy to install and has two tabs that allow it to sap in and out of place without having to mess with latches.

Snacker Packer Bags

muff pot

Of course, just throwing your prized Fourth of July hot dogs in a muff pot all willy-nillie is unacceptable for some. And the possibility of any leakage or dog juice on polished chrome is downright terrifying for others. Solution? The Snacker Packer Bags keep your pipes and muff pot clean with the use of FDA approved polyamide material that can withstand up to 329 F. And since a pack of 10 is under $9 at, it's way cheaper than the therapist bills will cost you if any sizzling juice tarnishes your pipes.

This Fourth of July, use a muff pot to make your celebratory dinner. You'll probably find it so easy that you'll start finding excuses just to make it your turn to cook. After all, riding your motorcycle to warm up dinner is the best way to kill two birds with one stone!

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