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Dancing with the Devil - Costa Rica Ride Report

When we're not working, we're riding. After all, how can you have a motorcycle company that doesn't eat, sleep and breathe motorcycles? But it's our ever devoted leader Ken Wahlster that can... Read More

Troy Lee Designs Goes Boutique

Motorcycles and art have been happily married for decades (more than we can say for about 60% of marriages in California). And with the two fitting together so perfectly, we doubt that... Read More

Valencia MotoGP Preview

Looking back on the 2011 MotoGP season, the series has certainly had its up's and down's. Phillip Island saw Casey Stoner celebrating his second MotoGP title while Sepang suffered the... Read More

Bye, Bye Buell

Earlier this year I took the Riders Edge course at my local Harley-Davidson dealer with the hopes of learning to ride, getting my license and buying my very first motorcycle. Of course, I... Read More

Sepang Circuit Preview

Last year, Jorge Lorenzo stepped off of the track after an emotional win that secured him the 2010 MotoGP World Championship. With Mario and Luigi by his side and a "game over" sign in hand... Read More

EnduroCross Round 6 Preview

Only one question remains on everyone's mind as the 2011 Lucas Oil EnduroCross Championship draws closer and closer to the finale... Can anyone beat Blazusiak? Since the start of the season at... Read More

And the Monster Energy Cup Million Goes to...

No one really thought it could be done. Sure, racers and spectators alike were excited that Monster Energy was shelling up a prize of a cool million bucks to anyone who could win all three events... Read More

This Weekend We Ride for the Kids

Kids just want to ride. They don't want to battle cancer or brain tumors. They don't want to be stuck in hospitals or getting surgery. And every biker knows that every kid should have the chance to... Read More

Joka Hey? The Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge Controversy

"Even though the 11 riders who finished within the allotted time frame have accomplished something that no other rider on earth has done, they could not be awarded prize money." It was a revelation... Read More

Iveco Australian Grand Prix Preview

There's no doubt that Casey Stoner is the favorite to win the 2011 MotoGP series. With a solid 40 point gap ahead of the 2010 defending Champion Jorge Lorenzo, Stoner has been nearly unbeatable... Read More

2012 KTM Review

If you would have told me fifteen years ago that in 2012 Apple and KTM would be manufacturing industry leading products I may have laughed in your face, and then told your friends and family... Read More

The Monster Energy Cup Track Design is Released

What's better than a shot at winning a solid mil? Oh that's right, getting that shot on one of the craziest, longest, fastest and most fun tracks to ever be conceived. Not to mention... Read More

Truth or Myth: Motorcycles are Greener than Cars

It's become people's new favorite excuse for why they're buying a motorcycle. Right along with, "It will save gas," is the reasoning, "It will pollute less." And in a day and age... Read More

Grand Prix of Japan Preview

As the 2011 MotoGP season looks toward the final four races, the riders head to Motegi for the Grand Prix of Japan this weekend. But the upcoming race has been a hot topic this season as... Read More

2011 Monster Motocross of Nations

Every year, motocross riders from all over the world come together in one spot for a battle of epic proportions. With the top three riders from over 30 nations, there's never a doubt... Read More

Can't Wait to Hit the Road on Your New Bike?

Whoever coined the phrase, "it's just like riding a bike," probably never switched motorcycles. That's because even experienced riders can be pretty wobbly when they hop on an unfamiliar... Read More

Gran Premio de Aragon Preview

With five races left in the 2011 MotoGP series, the championship is on the line. Thus far this season, Casey Stoner has pulled away from the pack with seven first-place finishes and a... Read More

American Motocross Finale Preview

All eyes will be on Pala Raceway this weekend as the Motocross riders head to San Diego, CA to finally finish the twelfth round of the 2011 Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship... Read More

AMA Legends and Champions Weekend 2011

The AMA Legends & Champions Weekend features history's motorcycling legends, today's amateur champions and collectible motorcycles of every genre. For 2011, the gala event returns to... Read More

MotoGP Misano Preview

The MotoGP riders are heading to the Gran Premio Aperol di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini at Misano, Italy after the race in Indianapolis for round 13 of the series. And while bringing... Read More Scott Grips

Grips are a multifunctional and pretty necessary piece of equipment. Despite their simple and inert role, imagine trying to hold on to a metal bar or plastic throttle as you mash... Read More

MotoGP Takes the Riders Back to the States

The MotoGP riders will be continuing their battle stateside at the Red Bull Indianapolis GP this weekend for round twelve. But this race promises to be an interesting... Read More

EnduroCross Joins MotoGP in Indianapolis

Work has already begun at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis to set up for this weekend's race. Round 2 is set to take place for the first time on a Friday just... Read More

Kids Can Ride Again

On August 12, President Obama signed H.R. 2715, which exempts children's off- highway vehicles (OHVs) from a law that previously banned them due to their lead content... Read More

EnduroCross Kicks off 2011 in Everett, WA

And they're off! The X Games in Los Angeles two weeks ago gave fans a taste of what this season of EnduroCross has to offer. But the season is just getting started this weekend in Everett... Read More

MotoGP Returns at Brno

The wait is finally over. The MotoGP season is back on this weekend after the two week break following the recent and extremely intense US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca. And all of the riders... Read More

Manufacturer Spotlight - SIDI

When it comes to pasta, wine and shoes, Italians really know their stuff. So when we look for some high-end, well-built motorcycle boots, who do we turn to? The Italians of course! And tucked... Read More

Machine Close-Up - The 2005 Honda CRF450R

As fun as it is to ride, it's no surprise that the 2005 Honda CRF450R is still one of the most popular off-road bikes to date. This bike made a huge splash when it was first unveiled six years ago... Read More

Machine Close-Up - The 2006 and 2007 Suzuki GSX R600

The Suzuki GSX R600 has been in production since 1992 and has been both a reliable and popular motorcycle ever since. But something about the 2006 and 2007 models have made them some of the most popular... Read More

MotoGP Comes to the West Coast

With the MotoGP race wrapping up last week in Germany, the riders descend on Monterey Peninsula for the United State's biggest motorcycle event all year round. Opened back up to the MotoGP races in... Read More

Polaris' RZR is Taking Over

Yeah, we see you RZR. We see you everywhere. Not just raging through the trails, plowing through the sand and scaling the rocks, but we even see you lined up in herds out front of every motorcycle dealership... Read More and Cycle World Project Re-Cycle: Honda Shadow ACE 750 (Project 3)

Over the last few months, Cycle World and have teamed up on three projects intended to get the most bang for your buck in motorcycling. The first was a budget adventure tourer... Read More and Cycle World Project Re-Cycle: Yamaha FZ6 (Project 2)

Over the last few months, Cycle World and have teamed up on three projects intended to get the most bang for your buck in motorcycling. The first was a budget adventure tourer... Read More and Cycle World Project Re-Cycle: Kawasaki KLR650 (Project 1)

Over the last few months, Cycle World and have teamed up on three projects intended to get the most bang for your buck in motorcycling. The first was a budget adventure tourer... Read More

Bandit's Tour Rider Essentials - Everything you'll need to take on a trip

Going touring can be an amazingly good time but packing for a touring trip can be pretty nerve wracking. You never know if you're packing enough stuff, if you've packed too much or if you've left... Read More