Polaris' Ranger RZR is taking over

Yeah, we see you RZR. We see you everywhere. Not just raging through the trails, plowing through the sand and scaling the rocks, but we even see you lined up in herds out front of every motorcycle dealership. Maybe it's just a West Coast thing, but here in California, if you don't know what a Polaris RZR is, you haven't gotten out riding nearly as much as you should.

It's not like we're unfamiliar with the side x side vehicles. Vehicles like the Rhino have always held a small place in our heart here at BikeBandit.com. So what is it about the RZR that has suddenly made it spring up like rabbits everywhere in the off-road community? We did a little digging to find out what Polaris' RZR is all about and why it has become so hard to miss.

Released by Polaris in 2008, the RZR has quickly made the Rhino look twice at the endangered species list. Not only is the RZR faster, it also happens to be lighter and has a lower center of gravity. Add an extra cylinder and some serious suspension and this UTV is ready to party with the best of them. Plus, Polaris made sure they got their measurements right when laying this thing out. The RZR has a 77-inch wheelbase but is only 50-inches wide, which means that it can hit even the narrowest of trails. You can run, but you can't hide.

Or maybe you can't run. With a 4-stroke twin cylinder engine that throws out 760cc's, the Polaris RZR hits an easy 55 mph before its engine is electronically limited. So it's not that the RZR's power tops out at 55 mph, it's just that it's not allowed to go any faster, much unlike the Rhino, which tops out a full 15 mph below that. Put the RZR's low center of gravity and speed together and you've got one fun machine.

But possibly one of the biggest reasons for its popularity recently is due to the fact that this side x side is all automatic. For years, people have been stranded to the asphalt looking fondly at the dirt without the ability to play in it. Now, the RZR allows new riders to hop right in the RZR and drive like a pro without having to master complicated controls.

It really is no wonder why Polaris' RZR has become a huge part of the off-roading community. Even motorcycle enthusiasts who've condemned ATV's and UTV's for years are taking a second look at this new machine. And we don't blame them. The Polaris RZR really is a whole new beast.

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