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Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Lever Review

>> Ashley Benson

September 18, 2013 - San Diego, CA

Do you crash a lot? Is there a pile of broken clutch and brake levers in you tool box? Have you become a pro at changing them out after a day of riding? Pro Taper may not be able to keep you from doing down in the woops, but they can keep you from cursing every time a new clutch lever has been claimed. Meet the brand new Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Perch & Lever Assembly.

Made to be practically indestructible, the Pro Taper Pro Clutch and Lever Assembly folds up and down as well as in and out to keep it from bending or breaking when it hits the dirt. No angle is too awkward for this clutch lever to handle and, if you happen to find one, Pro Taper will even replace it under its lifetime warranty with no embarrassing questions asked.

Of course, this motorcycle clutch lever is made with all of the quality and adjustability that you've come to expect from Pro Taper. With 50mm of adjustability and lever reach adjustment for fine tuning, this clutch lever can be used for kids all the way to riders with hulk sized hands. We got the scoop a while back straight from Pro Taper at the Tucker Rocky Showcase. Check out the video and be sure to pick yours up at Then put it to the test and let us know if it really is indestructible!

Pro Taper Profile PRO Clutch Perch & Lever Assembly with Hotstart:

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