Red Bull: New Year. No Limits: The Jump

San Diego was a whole different world on New Year's Eve. But it wasn't the decorations, exquisite attire or the beer goggles that many people slapped on for the evening that changed everything. It was the fog. As the sun went down for the last time in 2011, an eerie mist rolled in from the bay covering everything in a silver glow. And while the celebrations rang on, two people sat at the water front waiting for the fog to clear enough to take on breaking some of the biggest world records side by side.

Levi LaVallee, the famous snowmobile rider who was the first person to ever complete a double back-flip on a snowmobile, returned from his 2010 injury to break his own record by jumping an insane 412 ft. 6 in. over 300 feet of water. Robbie Maddison made the jump right alongside LaVallee to break the record with a 378 ft. 9 in. jump. Though they can't really speak for how well their machines made it out of the jump, both riders landed safely and were obviously ecstatic about the jumps. For more information on the event check out this article: Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.

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