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Sidi Adventure Boots

>> Ashley Benson

sidi adventure boots

February 28, 2013 - San Diego, CA

When it comes to wine, art and leather, Italians know a thing or two. And while wine may not have a whole lot to do with motorcycle boots, leather and art do, especially for Italian motorcycle boot company Sidi. From off-road motorcycle boots to motorcycle touring, the Sidi Adventure Boots lineup is stacked this season.

This year's Sidi Adventure Boots not only bring back the best of the best, but it also feature a few new additions. What's returning and what's new?

Sidi Crossfire Motorcycle Boots

sidi adventure boots

There's a reason why the Sidi Crossfire Off-road Motorcycle Boot has been one of the most popular on the market for years. Made with both the Traditional Stitch and the Sole Replacement System, the Sidi Crossfire SRS Motorcycle Boot features a sole that is replaceable and interchangeable via the seventeen screws. This sole can be changed out in minutes anywhere, including the track, making it the most versatile sole on the market. The Sidi Crossfire TA Motorcycle Boot has a stitched on sole that is great for riders who want a slightly softer sole and can still be replaced if taken to a competent cobbler, giving the boot a longer lifespan.

Both of these Sidi Adventure Boots come with the exclusive cam-lock buckle system that is easy to use, hard to break and practically guaranteed to never come undone mid ride. It's a buckle system that many have tried to replicate but with little luck.

The boot design on both of the Sidi Crossfire Motorcycle Boots also feature highly adjustable calf systems, as well as protection on the toe, ankles and a heal cup that is designed with three extended ribs to make upshifting easier as well as protect.

And, like all of the Sidi Adventure Boots, the Sidi Crossfire Motorcycle Boots leave behind the leather and metal shank sole that will break down over time for their signature composite sole that is far stronger and will last incredibly longer.

Both of these boots are priced and equipped for mid-level riders in motocross, supercross and other off-road riding who are looking for a boot at a manageable price that gives all of the best features of a higher priced motorcycle boot.

Sidi Crossfire 2 Motorcycle Boots

sidi adventure boots

While the Sidi Crossfire Motorcycle Boots definitely aren't lacking in any area, that didn't stop Sidi from trying to continue to improve on their most popular off-road motorcycle boot. Taking years worth of rider feedback from the Sidi Crossfire, Sidi came out with their newest in the Sidi Adventure Boot collection, the Sidi Crossfire 2 Motorcycle Boots.

Like the original Sidi Corssfire, the Sidi Crossfire 2 Motorcycle Boots come with the same SRS and TA sole systems, giving riders the option to choose either the Sidi Crossfire SRS 2 Motorcycle Boots or the Sidi Crossfire TA 2 Motorcycle Boots.

But it's the differences that really separate it out as the premier Sidi Adventure Boots such as the changes to drop it in weight. Were Sidi used to fasten the cam-locks on with two screws, there is now only one screw for each in the Sidi Crossfire 2 Motorcycle Boots. It may seem like such a small, detail, but it really goes to show how much thought Sidi has put into dropping as much weight as possible. The Sidi Crossfire 2 Motorcycle Boots also feature a larger heal cup as well as a stiffer shin plate for both ease of use and protection purposes.

This boot is definitely the best of the best from Sidi, much less in the entire market. And while it has a pretty hefty price tag, almost everything on it is replaceable, including the soles, making it one of the longest lasting motorcycle boots ever made. It truly is for motocross, supercross and any other off-road riders looking for the best boot.

Sidi Charger Motorcycle Boots

sidi adventure boots

But Sidi knows that not every adventure and off-road rider can afford to spend much on motorcycle boots, especially when they're first starting out. The Sidi Charger Motorcycle Boots are made as an entry level boot that cuts down on a bit of the highest tech features to cut down on the price tag without losing the best of the Sidi Adventure Boot lineup.

The Sidi Charger Motorcycle Boots still feature the exclusive cam-lock system, composite inner sole and all of the protection that any rider requires along with a stitched sole that can be replaced easily by a cobbler.

Sidi Discovery Rain Motorcycle Boots

sidi adventure boots

While the other boots in the Sidi Adventure Boot lineup are highly geared toward motocross and supercorss riders, the Sidi Discovery Rain Motorcycle Boots are perfect for serious adventure riders who are planning to hit the trails and really come into contact with the elements. This motorcycle boot is the only one in the Sidi Adventure Boot set that comes with a full water resistant liner ad well as a super soft rubber sole that will keep the elements out while providing the best grip on rocks and in dirt. Plus, this is the only of the adventure boots that can be easily used as a dual sport motorcycle boot.

Still, the Sidi Discovery Rain Motorcycle Boots feature the same exclusive cam-lock buckles, the composite inner sole and tons of protection along with a stitched sole system that can be replaced by a cobbler.

About Sidi Adventure Boots

All Sidi Adventure Boots can be found at and come with Sidi's two year warranty.

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