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The Best Winter Motorcycle Projects

>> Ashley Benson

January 29, 2013 - San Diego, CA

winter motorcycle project

You sit next to your motorcycle, garage open with a cup of coffee in your hand while watching the snow fall a few feet away, coating the street in winter wonderland white. While some people may sing songs about the beauty of it, you can't help but curse it and the necessity of packing up your beloved bike for the winter that it brings. With a sigh, you stand up and press the garage door button, closing your bike off from the street one more time before spring finally wears down the ice and snow and allows you to be one again.

But instead of heading back inside, you turn to your bike and grab a wrench. Sure, Mother Nature may keep you from hitting the road for a few months, but that doesn't mean you can't get your hands a little dirty.

Winter is the best time to work on your motorcycle. From regular maintenance to adding new bells and whistles, there's nothing like getting some grease under your fingernails and knowing that when you finally roll out in a few months, your ride will be better than when you put it away.

Motorcycle Maintenance:

Some of the easiest but best winter motorcycle projects are simple motorcycle maintenance. A lot of riders track the miles and time between motorcycle maintenance projects such as changing their engine oil or replacing the motorcycle air filter, but winter is a great time to tackle those projects so that your bike is ready to go in the spring. If you're snowed in, make it an opportunity to change your motorcycle tires, put on new chains and sprockets and replace all of your motorcycle seals.

Motorcycle brakes are also a huge part of motorcycle maintenance. Don't wait until you find yourself in need of some serious stopping power only to find that you have none. Change out your motorcycle brake pads or shoes and replace the brake fluid. Especially since brake fluid breaks down over time and can absorb moisture, particularly while stored during winter.

Renovating or Upgrading Motorcycle Parts:

Whether a part is looking worn down from use and time or you're just looking to upgrade a few things, replacing parts is a great winter motorcycle project. One great project is to replace your motorcycle seat. Not only do they tend to show wear and tear easily, there are tons of great aftermarket motorcycle seats. For a guide on finding a good motorcycle seat, check out Buying The Right Motorcycle Seat.

Want to change something a little more drastic? Putting on a new motorcycle exhaust system will not only change the look of your bike, but the sound too. Check out How to: Install a New Motorcycle Exhaust System for some great tips on how to change your motorcycle exhaust system.

No matter what kind of bike you ride, winter can stop you in your tracks. Instead of crying yourself to sleep, plan a few motorcycle projects. Get the motorcycle maintenance out of the way before the roads thaw out and then hit them with a few new motorcycle accessories and parts.

What motorcycle projects will you be working on this winter?

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