The Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Helmet

Motorcycle riders everywhere have struggled with the challenges of making themselves visible to cagers at night without having to look like a clown. And while high-vis helmets are aplenty and are eye catching enough to bump up your visibility factor, they're also an eyesore, especially in the day. Find yourself constantly plagued with this dilemma? Well it's finally about time that someone used all that great technology we've acquired over the centuries to come up with a pretty nifty solution that the inner child in all of us can enjoy: a glow in the dark helmet.

White during the day and a very visible glowing green in the dark, not only will you know exactly where your helmet is even in the dark, the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Motorcycle Helmet gives you great nighttime visibility without forcing you to give up style during the day.

Think it's too good to be true? Check out this video showing it actually working.

In order to get the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Motorcycle Helmet to glow, Vemar put three layers of paint on it that includes a phosphorescent pigment that soaks up UV rays and holds them in for a good deal of time. The longer you keep the helmet in sunlight, the longer and brighter it will glow for. While the effect will be strongest for the first two to three hours, the helmet can glow for up to a total of 8 hours (probably longer than you'll be riding at night). And the glowing capabilities won't fade away over time like that super cool ball you got at the fair when you were five. Not only does Vemar promise that the glow will outlast the lifespan of the helmet, they also back it up with a 5 year warranty.

The glowing shell isn't the only thing that makes the Vemar Eclipse Night Vision Motorcycle Helmet great. Throw in an aerodynamically designed shape that reduces wind resistance and noise as well as washable cheek pads that are molded specifically from an anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking material. And, of course, it is also DOT and EC approved.

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