Wazuma Quads by Lazareth

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wazuma quads by lazareth

>> Aaron Cortez

December 2, 2013 - San Diego, CA

Insane 500HP V12 Quads! The Wazuma, by Lazareth

wazuma quads by lazareth

If you follow the custom bike building scene, you may have heard of Lazareth, the French design firm that specializes in building sleek, highly customized bikes on primarily Yamaha platforms, like the VMax and FZ8.

What you may not have heard is that the company also builds a line of radically styled and insanely high-powered quads as well, and these vehicles are nothing short of astonishing. The company’s quad line-up goes by the name Wazuma, and they are available in models ranging from a relatively reasonable R1-powered version to an absolutely insane model stuffed with a supercharged BMW V12 powerplant!

The Original Wazuma

The first iteration of the Lazareth Wazuma was this Yamaha R1-based version, which consists of a fully custom-built frame and carbon/fiberglass body built around core elements of the superbike. The R1's roaring crossplane engine, 6-speed transmission, and brakes are directly taken from the Yamaha, and the discerning eye will also recognize the integration of the bike’s factory seat and tail section, exhaust, and foot controls.

The Wazuma R1 is fully road legal in France (although it is detuned to 100HP), but versions available for export to the Middle East crank out nearly 180 ponies! Oh the things oil money will buy…the R1-powered version sells for around $65,000.

The Crossplane R1-engine powered Wazuma; a keen eye will see Yamaha brakes, controls, and exhaust.

A previous generation R1 Wazuma, built on the 07-08 R1 platform (note the exhaust and different tail.)

The Wazuma V8F

The ultra-high-powered quad idea did not stop there; Lazareth soon found a way to stuff a wicked Ferrari V8 powerplant mated to a 6-speed transmission from the BMW M3 into this tiny chassis. The result is the Wazuma V8F, a 250HP screamer with an electronic transmission, 12.8” Brembo brakes, 18” aluminum Momo wheels, and a fully tunable engine management system.

All this performance can be had for around a quarter-million dollars; but before you dial your banker in Nassau to wire the funds over, consider that the same amount will buy a convertible Lamborghini Gallardo, a vehicle sure to attract more willing passengers and won’t ruin your new Bruno Maglis by shifting.

A Ferrari V8, BMW M3 gearbox, and a fully handcrafted carbon/fiberglass body form the Wazuma V8F.

Is your current bike not getting the attention you crave? The Wazuma V8F will fix that.

Wazuma Bio V12

Luckily, Lazareth was ecologically conscious enough to include an alternative-fueled version of the radical Wazuma into the line-up; the Wazuma Bio V12, an environmentally friendly E85-sipping machine powered by a 500HP supercharged BMW V12 engine. Ok, who are we kidding? The reason for E85, as most gearheads are aware, is its high resistance to detonation, which allows for dramatically higher compression ratios and boost to be run in forced induction engines like this one. But you can always make the case that just because you’re filthy rich doesn’t mean you don’t care about the environment.

Count 'em up; that's 6 pipes in each header. This supercharged-V12 powered beast is excessive to the extreme.

Batman, your quad is complete.


The visionary French firm that builds these radical vehicles is the brainchild of founder Ludovic Lazareth, an automotive designer by training that has become known for his sleek yet radical custom motorcycle builds. The firm produces high-powered custom version of the Yamaha VMax and FZ8, and even a supercharged version of the TMax scooter! Lazareth – along with famed American Roland Sands and German Marcus Walz – was invited by Yamaha to build custom versions of their vehicles last year to be featured on the company’s website. With Yamaha in Lazareth’s corner, you can look for the firm to become a bigger name in custom motorcycles and aftermarket parts in the future.

Ludovic Lazareth in front of his customized 2011 Yamaha VMax featured by Yamaha themselves.

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