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What to Keep on Hand When Riding on the Road or Trails

September 18, 2012 - San Diego, CA

So you're about to head out on your new bike, but you need some peace of mind before you head out on the highway? Good thinking! You never know when or where it will happen, but a mechanical failure can make a nice drive go bad in a hurry if you're not prepared. Getting stranded on the road should not be taken lightly, especially if you're far from help and have no cell phone reception. Second to a motorcycle helmet, an emergency bike kit is something everyone should have while riding, just in case. Here are a few items to pack so you're covered in case something goes wrong while out on your motorcycle or ATV.

motorcycle tool kit Toolkit

Most bikes already come with some kind of toolkit, but they usually have the bare minimum. In your motorcycle's toolkit you want to make sure you have wire cutters, pliers, and various wrenches. A small, all-in-one pocket knife or Leatherman type of tool is a great addition to any traditional toolkit, and should be easily accessible for quick repairs or adjustments while on the road.

Tire Repair Kit

motorcycle tire repair kit Blowouts are an all-too-common occurrence with motorcycle tires, making a flat tire kit essential. Your motorcycle flat tire kit should include C02 cartridges for quick tire inflation, tube patches, tire plugs, and the tools and materials necessary to apply the patches/plugs.

Essential Mechanical Spares & Lubes

Determine the essential parts on your bike that you could possibly bring along - and then bring them! Bringing along extra spark plugs, bulbs, fuses, and chain oil can make the difference between traveling securely and calling a tow truck.

flash light Flashlight

This may seem like a no-brainer, but how many times have you caught yourself at your house in a blackout with no flashlight. Sure you could try to use your cell phone for illumination, but wouldn't you rather save the battery for, you know, calling for help? A flashlight will help you exponentially if you break down at night.

Duct Tape

You never know what kind of misfortune you may run into on the road. Expect anything and everything to happen - especially on a long trip. Unexpected mechanical failures or breaks can sometimes be temporarily held together with duct tape until you get to the next service station.

First Aid Kit

motorcycle first aid kit Whether you have a bad sunburn, ankle burn from an exhaust pipe, or poison ivy, a first aid kit is something you never want to be without. Rather than assembling all the supplies you think you might need, a pre-assembled firth aid kit will ensure that key items are not missing (and it's quicker and cheaper to buy too).

Just like a motorcycle helmet, your emergency bike kit is something you hope you'll never need to use, but if you do it will be worth its weight in gold.

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