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Ashley Benson


What do you do at

I'm the Web Content Specialist, which is just a fancy title for the chick that plays with social media and writes about motorcycles all day. It's a pretty rad job.

What do you ride?

I bought a 1980 Honda CM400E a year ago but haven't been able to ride it much. When I first got it I was determined to turn it into a wicked café racer and now it's sitting in my garage with a few important pieces missing… like the front brakes. But who needs front brakes, right? Yeah…

If a Wood Chuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a Wood Chuck chuck?


Your biggest pet peeve?

Whistling. It drives me up a wall. I blame it on my dad. I'm the complete opposite of a morning person and, growing up, my dad would always whistle all morning long. Making breakfast? Whistling. Driving me to school? Whistling. And it was always the same song. No matter what time of the year it was, it was always Jingle Bells.

Favorite color socks?

Holiday ones. My mom always buys them in bulk and gives them to me for every occasion. Valentine's Day? Heart socks. Christmas? Santa socks. Always makes for some interesting conversation when I'm in a situation forcing me to take my boots off in public, especially when I'm wearing penguin socks in the middle of July.

What do you do when you're not at work and you're not riding?

I've become quite obsessed with brewing my own beer. I actually brew more than I can drink, which my friends are all pretty happy about since they get enlisted to help empty the bottles that I need for new batches.

If you had to live on one type of food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Sushi. Which is a convenient pick if I ever get stranded on a deserted island.

Ashley Benson's Features

2014 BMW R nineT

Most new motorcycle releases come and go with little changed and only a few things to be excited about. Then there are those motorcycle releases that really knock your socks off. This years? The all new 2014 BMW R nineT. Of course, photos have been leaked here and there, but now we've all gotten the official photos and specs for the bike the was built to personify BMW's "90 years of BMW Motarrad... Read More

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

You may not have noticed, but the temperature has started to drop. And while sunny San Diego can't really be said to get "cold" like most of the rest of the U.S., we still notice our teeth chatter when we ride to work in the morning. Of course, you could pack it up and go through the motions of winterizing your bike... but what's the fun in that? We'd much rather stock up on the proper winter cold... Read More

2014 One Industries MX Gear Review

With the weather cooling off in the southwest it is prime time for Motocross and desert season, which also means it's time to freshen up your gear bag. Tons of new gear from off road motorcycle gear brands like One Industries are being released. This year, One Industries has something for every type of rider. From the pros in Motocross to the first time riders, their new 2014 MX Gear Line... Read More

World Rider Interview

Have you ever wanted to just pack up and leave everything behind? Of course, most of us have. We've gotten fed up and frustrated and wished we could just quit it all and travel the world. Few of us ever actually do. Allan Karl is one of those people. After hitting a rut in his day to day life, he packed up his motorcycle and rode for three years. Through 35 countries, countless villages and priceless... Read More

2014 Motorcycle Helmet Designs

Your motorcycle helmet says a lot about you. Whether you buy yours because you like the colors, the design or just the price point that it comes with, helmets are the one piece of gear that really scream, "this is me!" So what does your helmet say about you? With a whole slew of new motorcycle helmets just released for 2014, we're going to take a look at the top picks for new motorcycle helmets and see what... Read More

Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Lever Review

Do you crash a lot? Is there a pile of broken clutch and break levers in you tool box? Have you become a pro at changing them out after a day of riding? Pro Taper may not be able to keep you from doing down in the woops, but they can keep you from cursing every time a new clutch lever has been claimed. Meet the brand new Pro Taper Profile Pro Clutch Perch & Lever Assembly. Made to be practically indestructible... Read More

9/11 Tribute Motorcycles

We all remember where we were twelve years ago when we heard the news. I was at home, getting ready to leave for class. My mom got a call from her brother to turn on the news. We then sat, somber and grievous, as the events that would forever change our nation's history forever unfolded before our very eyes. It's been over a decade now since September 11, 2001 yet it still hangs heavily in our hearts... Read More

2014 EKS Beer Optics Goggles Review

We love beer. We love goggles. But beer goggles? Not something we usually are excited about. Case and point, the definition of the term "beer goggles." Phenomenon in which one's consumption of alcohol makes physically unattractive persons appear beautiful; summed up by the phrase, "there are no ugly women at closing time." When I took her to bed, she looked like Halle Berry. When I woke up, she looked like... Read More

2014 Icon Motorcycle Gear Review

One of our favorite motorcycle gear companies is Icon. With a perfect balance of high end technology and insanely great graphics, Icon motorcycle gear is always at the top of our list, which is another reason to be thankful that most of the gear also comes with a price tag that won't knock your socks off. This fall's Icon motorcycle gear release was no different. We caught up with some of our favorite... Read More

The Ultra-Mega Tool

You work hard, whether it's at work or at home and working on your motorcycle is surely a huge part of that. This Labor Day, let make getting the job done a little easier with the brand new tool that has everything you ever need for every motorcycle job you ever wanted (or needed) to get done! The brand new Ultra-Mega Tool is the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycle hand tools... Read More

Motorcycle Throwback - The 1903 Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is not only one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers; they're also one of the oldest. Starting out in a 10x15 foot wooden shed with nothing but the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" scrawled across the door, the dynasty had the humblest of beginnings. In 1901, William S. Harley drew up the blueprint of an internal combustion engine that could be fitted onto a bicycle. Of... Read More

2014 MSR Gear

With riders such as Kevin Windham and Nick Wey sporting the MSR motorcycle gear, you know its gear that's made to win. We caught up with Randy, MSR's product manager, while we were checking out the new 2014 motorcycle gear lines at the 2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase and got the highlights of what to expect from MSR's newest gear. Check out the video. Our favorite piece of new 2014 MSR gear is the... Read More

How to: Clean Out or Rebuild your Motorcycle's Carburetor

There hasn't been a tire as widely as anticipated as the Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Motorcycle Tire has been. And the excitement didn't stop as it finally started hitting the streets, which left everyone wondering what makes this motorcycle tire truly better. At the 2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase in Texas, we pulled aside Phil, Dunlop Tires' Product Manager, to get the... Read More

Destination Guide - Big Sur, CA

It's almost the weekend and we know that you've been sitting at your desk all week dreaming about your weekend ride. There's no better way to celebrate the finale of another grueling week by hopping on your ride and letting the stress just fall away with every mile that you ride. But where you decide to ride can have a big impact on the amount of motorcycle nirvana that you'll achieve. Cruising... Read More

How to: Clean Out or Rebuild your Motorcycle's Carburetor

Carburetors come in all different sizes and shapes but they all have a very important role in the mechanics of a motorcycle engine. Once gasoline enters your bike, it passes through the carburetor which infuses it with air in order to turn it into a fine mist before it enters the chamber where it is turned into energy. Unfortunately, this means that if anything other than gas or air enters into... Read More

2014 Tucker Rocky Showcase

Motorcycle gear and accessory showcases are, by far, some of my favorite events. With booth after booth of brand new stuff from motorcycle helmets to chrome motorcycle accessories, every motorcycle enthusiast is like a kid in a candy store. Last week, was able to go to the 2014 Tucker Rocky Texas Showcase to check out all of the brand... Read More

Motorcycle Throwback: The Roper Steamer

The year is 1867. The streets are filled with horse drawn carriages that roll clumsily over the uneven cobblestone roads. The smell of manure and horses hangs in the air. Suddenly, from down the road, a strange and loud rumbling comes echoing off the walls of the buildings and with it comes the stink of burning coal. As the sound grows louder, crowds of people and horses scramble to get out of... Read More

Riding in Hot Weather

It's officially hot. A few weeks ago, I'd make a comment about the warm weather and would get told that it "wasn't that bad" or that other parts of the country were still getting snow flurries and rain storms. But finally the weather man and my coworkers alike are joining in on warm weather woes. Of course, complaints about the broken AC aren't the only thing to start populating our sunny state. The freeways... Read More

AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days Event Details

This year, is proud to be the main sponsor of the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Taking place at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, Ohio this weekend starting Friday, July 19, and going until Sunday, July 21, the AMA Vintage Motorcycle days will have everything from vintage motorcycle racing to exhibits and vendors. Check out the full schedule here... Read More

Motorcycle Rider Saves Coffee Cup

It's happened to the best of us. One second you're loading up your car and the next you've got that gut wrenching feeling that you've forgot something... your coffee on the top of your car. Then comes the 30 seconds of panic where you try to decide whether to pull over to save your tasty beverage or just keep going and grin and bear it. Luckily, for this woman and her bumper-stranded cup of coffee, a Good... Read More

Cooking With A MuffPot

There are few things that are more synonymous with the Fourth of July than hot dogs and fireworks. Unfortunately, that usually requires a ton of extra planning around ending up near a BBQ and making sure to bring all of the necessary things to make it work, for example, grilling utensils and coal. Forgetting any of those could lead to severe disappoint that nears the level of a burnt turkey on Thanksgiving... Read More AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

On July 19 through the 21st, is proud to be pairing up with the American Motorcyclist Association to sponsor the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Here are the full details from the American Motorcyclist Association: "The American Motorcyclist Association is pleased to announce that, the country's leading online source for motorcycle parts, gear and accessories, is the title... Read More

Motorcycle Helmet with Hud

A couple of months ago, Google Glass was unleashed onto the world with a flurry of excitement, anticipation and the usual dash of cynicism. In the wake of it, people began to wonder in what ways Google Glass could be used other than to record your fall from a plane (because that's something we all do often). Immediately, I began to wonder what opportunities the Google Glass technology could have... Read More

2013 Speed and Strength Helmet Review

There's a reason that Speed and Strength has such a strong following. With great graphics and extreme protection, Speed and Strength pairs street style with exclusive safety features to allow riders to ride confidently. So it has been no surprise that their newest additions to the Speed and Strength motorcycle helmet line have been extremely popular. If you haven't checked them out yet, here... Read More

Kid's Motorcycle Gear

As a parent, there almost always comes a time when your child will ask to go for a ride on your motorcycle. For many parents, the knee jerk reaction is an immediate "never." And that answer isn't too outlandish, as riding a motorcycle is always inherently dangerous and a parent's immediate response is to keep their child out of danger. Yet some parents, with the proper skill, preparation and... Read More

2013 Troy Lee Designs Clothing

Some of our favorite stuff comes from Troy Lee Designs. From their motorcycle jerseys to their iconic motorcycle helmets, everything that Troy Lee Designs puts out is unique and eye catching. And when it comes to their new 2013 Troy Lee Designs Clothing, we're not disappointed. From T-shirts to jeans, all of the new Troy Lee Designs casual wear is a perfect addition to any summer wardrobe... Read More

100% Sunglasses Review

100% is a brand that has been a part of motocross for a while now, but it wasn't until 2012 that they really became a big deal in the market when they released their all new motorcycle goggle line. And, for the past year, the brand has continued to grow both on the motocross track and off of it. Earlier this year at the 2013 Parts Unlimited Showcase in Anaheim, 100% released their brand... Read More

Group Motorcycle Riding

As Jay Leno and his Love Ride not so eloquently demonstrated, group motorcycle riding can go downhill very quickly if it's not properly prepared for. If you're planning on going on a group ride, be prepared and minimize the possibility of ending up on the news for anything other than being an awesome event. Nominate someone as the ride leader. A head honcho who has done group motorcycle riding... Read More

Hot Weather Motorcycle Gear

Every year, the first hot day of the season comes up way sooner than we ever expect and makes us realize that we're sorely underprepared. So whether spring has yet to hit or you just had your first 100 degree day and realized the motorcycle gear you've been wearing won't cut it, make sure you're prepared for the upcoming hot weather riding season with the hot weather motorcycle gear... Read More

2013 Scala Rider Review

Whether on youre on a group ride or figuring out how to ride with a passenger, the Scala Rider Motorcycle Communication Systems are some of the best wireless rider to rider sets. Whether you want to share your music with your passenger or need an easier way to communicate with other riders in your group, Scala Rider has you covered. This year, Scala Rider came out with three new additions to... Read More

How to Ride With a Passenger

Sometimes, you just want to hop on your motorcycle and ride in solitude. It can be nice to just get away on your own to enjoy nothing but the wind on your face and the open road. But, other times, having your companion ride with you can be just as enjoyable. And that doesn't mean you need to get your significant other their own bike to take them out on the road with you. You just need to know... Read More

2013 Motorcycle Jacket Review

A good motorcycle jacket is essential. From protection to comfort to just looking flat out awesome, there's really no alternative. But with so many options, what are the best motorcycle jackets to give you everything you need as well as everything you want out of your riding gear for a price that won't leave you penniless for gas? Here's our 2013 Motorcycle Jacket Review to help you find the... Read More

Icon Hella Jacket Review

I'm an online shopper. There's really no use denying it. But when it comes to buying new motorcycle gear, I'm typically left stumped and frustrated, especially with women's motorcycle jackets. I refuse to wear a men's motorcycle jacket. It's just cut all wrong for ladies. But the chick stuff can be a bit... one dimensional. Most women's motorcycle jackets often overcompensate for the lack... Read More

Mophie Accessories Review

I read an article this morning that said more Americans were willing to ditch alcohol than electronic devices while on vacation. While I was surprised at first, I realized that a good portion of those digitally leashed vacationers are probably power sport enthusiasts. Why? Taking photos and videos of our shenanigans with a camera or a motorcycle phone mount in order to share with our friends... Read More

2013 Abus Motorcycle Locks

You put a lot of time and money into your motorcycle, so having it get stolen can be world shattering. The only real way to keep your motorcycle safe is a simple motorcycle lock. And ranging from $20 to $200, motorcycle security companies such as Abus give you a plethora of options to make sure that you never walk out to find that someone has made off with your pride and joy. But not all... Read More

Speed and Strength SS2500 Motorcycle Helmet Review

Ever sat at work, gazed out the window and day dreamed of hopping on your bike, riding to the nearest trails and going off grid for a while? Of course you have, you're a motorcycle rider. But don't let your motorcycle helmet be the thing that stops you. For instance, we got in a Speed and Strength SS2500 Motorcycle Helmet Review and found it to be a great balance of off-road and street features... Read More

2013 Memphis Shades Fairing Review

There's a reason why Memphis Shades are some of the most popular aftermarket motorcycle windshields and fairings. With a guarantee of great quality along with a broad selection of styles, cruisers and street bikes have been equipped with Memphis Shades without question. This spring, Memphis Shades took it one step further after releasing their brand new styles, the Memphis Shades Gauntlet... Read More

Thor Verge MX Helmet Review

When we head to showcases like the Parts Unlimited West Regional Showcase, there are just some new motorcycle gear and apparel items that steal the show. The new Thor Verge MX Helmet was definitely that item in Anaheim among the new 2013 motorcycle gear a few weeks ago. While checking out the 2013 Thor MX Gear, it was hard to miss and we definitely wanted to get a Thor Verge MX Helmet review... Read More

Roland Sands Design Seats Review

A few weeks ago we stopped in at the Parts Unlimited West Regional Showcase to check out the new 2013 motorcycle gear. But one of my personal favorite booths was the one from Roland Sands Design. Showcasing one of Roland Sand's gorgeous custom motorcycles along with his newest motorcycle gear and aftermarket parts along with Roland Sands himself to give a quick Roland Sands Design Seats Review... Read More

Icon Hooligan Jersey Jacket Review

I went to the Parts Unlimited 2013 West Regional Showcase last week to view the newest motorcycle gear and parts and was not disappointed, especially when it came to what Icon has for their new motorcycle gear. They showed off the new Icon Hooligan Jersey Jacket. Check out the video of it at the showcase when we first got our hands on it as well as our Icon Hooligan Jersey Jacket Review below... Read More

2013 Motorcycle Gear

I'm not going to lie, one of my favorite parts of this job is going to showcases and vender product reveals to check out new motorcycle gear. So I wasn't complaining much when I went to the 2013 Parts Unlimited West Regional Showcase up in Anaheim, CA over the weekend to check out all of the new 2013 motorcycle gear. And leave it to Cristina,'s resident video person, to put... Read More

AMA's Go Ride! Month

As March comes to a close, the snow starts to melt and motorcycles roll out onto the streets once again. At least, that's the plan, especially as the American Motorcycle Association celebrates April as "AMA Go Ride" Month. It's why is continuing to pair up with the AMA to give riders the best possible deals on all spring motorcycle gear. Get your motorcycle gear and parts at... Read More

2013 Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Review

Spring just officially hit. And whether you're enjoying sunny Southern California riding weather already or still buried beneath inches of snow, summer riding season is right around the corner. Your motorcycle might be ready, but is your gear? Check out our review of this year's top picks for a mesh motorcycle jacket and pick yours up now so that you don't find yourself underprepared when warmer... Read More

2013 Sidi Touring Boots Review

Sidi Motorcycle Boots are known as some of the best on the market. Designed for comfort and protection, they have everything you would expect from the top of the line motorcycle boots. We popped by Sidi to check out the 2013 Sidi line up and were not disappointed. Here's the over view of this year's Sidi Touring Boots: By far the most popular of the Sidi Touring Boots line up, the Sidi Adventure... Read More

Google Glass and Motorcycles

The tech community has been all abuzz about release of Google's newest gadget, Google Glass. Available to the public sometime next year, or at least the public who is willing to shell out a grand or so, the Google Glass is a wearable display that does a whole slew of things. From allowing you to search the web, get turn by turn navigation, record video and make social posts all with simple voice... Read More

2013 Sidi Adventure Motorcycle Boots Review

When it comes to wine, art and leather, Italians know a thing or two. And while wine may not have a whole lot to do with motorcycle boots, leather and art do, especially for Italian motorcycle boot company Sidi. From off-road motorcycle boots to motorcycle touring, the Sidi Adventure Boots lineup is stacked this season. This year's Sidi Adventure Boots not only bring back the best of the best, but it also feature... Read More

California Lane Splitting Bill Withdrawn

Motorcycle lane splitting in California has been a hot topic as of recent since the California Highway Patrol publically recognized. If you missed that, here's more info: Motorcycle Lane Splitting in California. Well, it's back in the news as a California lane splitting bill that was in the works to prohibit lane splitting in the golden state comes to a halt. It was confirmed on Tuesday that Senator Jim Beall, the sponsor of S.B. 350... Read More

Oxford English Dictionary Changes the Definition of a Biker

Motorcyclists have always gotten a certain kind of reputation. Chap wearing, beard cultivating, burly men. It's a stereotype that has stuck for decades, but is far from the truth of what it really means to be a biker. Still, even the Oxford English Dictionary, considered the "most comprehensive dictionary of the English language," has stuck with that stereotype by defining a biker as a... Read More

Lyle Lovett Pairs with Ride for Kids as National Spokesman

For years, has paired up with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to raise funds for the Ride for Kids program. Along with fundraising group rides, donates $1 from the purchase of every branded product such as the Leather Motorcycle Jacket, 6" Magnetic Bowl and the Deluxe Motorcycle Helmet Bag... Read More

Disposable VS Mechanic's Motorcycle Work Gloves

Sure, the whole idea of really getting your hands dirty when you're working on your motorcycle is extremely romantic. But it really only takes one or two hours of scrubbing in the garage sink after a quick oil change to clear up any doubts that motorcycle workshop gloves are completely underrated. When it comes to picking up a pair of workshop gloves, a few options are available. The biggest difference... Read More

How To: Fix a Flat Motorcycle Tire

Unfortunately, motorcycle tires are not immune to flats. From nails to screws, a ride can go bad quickly without a whole lot of things to prevent it. So what do you do when you get a flat tire? It's not like you can really pack around a spare... Unless you're this guy: If your motorcycle gets a flat tire, immediately pull off the road when it is safe to do so. Take a moment to check out your surroundings and get off the road where... Read More

Menganno: A Real Life Crime Fighter on a Motorcycle

Hundreds of movies have been made featuring superheroes and vigilantes saving the world from one bad guy at a time on the back of a motorcycle. And that image is far from fading as guys kill zombies from a bobber in The Walking Dead while the Robocop reboot that is coming out next year features a beefed up Kawasaki Z1000. But, despite our apparent obsession with the concept, very few people actually slap... Read More

How to Load a Motorcycle

One of the challenges that motorcycles have over cars is lack of space. Sure, a road trip on a bike is way more fun than being stuck in a car, but it also means trying to find a way to pack all of the things that you would normally throw in the trunk. Still, that hasn't stopped riders from still taking the trip. There are just a few tips and tricks to get everything you need loaded up onto your motorcycle... Read More

How to Load a Motorcycle Onto a Truck

Whether you ride street or dirt, there may always be a moment where your bike needs to take a ride in the bed of a truck. For off-road motorcycle riders, the occurrence is often, as truck beds tend to be the most popular way to get your bike to riding spots. Street bikes, however, tend to spend more time on the road rather than in the back of a truck, unless you happen to be either really unlucky or... Read More

Geocaching On a Motorcycle

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Geocaching. At first, she described it to me as a modern day treasure hunt. Imagining putting on a pirate hat and setting sail, I indulged my friend and let her take me out for a night of geocache hunting. With a Garmin GPS in hand, we ventured out into the world to find some treasure. After three attempts and two successes, I finally figured out what my... Read More

BMW Sells Husqvarna Motorcycles to Pierer Industrie AG

Rumors have been flying about the possible sale of Husqvarna for the past few days. And while skeptics raised questions, BMW squashed them all by officially announcing the sale of Husqvarna Motorcycles to Pierer Industrie AG earlier today. Here's the full press release: Munich. The BMW Group is realigning its BMW Motorrad business. In the context of changing motorcycle markets, demographic trends and... Read More

The Best Winter Motorcycle Projects

You sit next to your motorcycle, garage open with a cup of coffee in your hand while watching the snow fall a few feet away, coating the street in winter wonderland white. While some people may sing songs about the beauty of it, you can't help but curse it and the necessity of packing up your beloved bike for the winter that it brings. With a sigh, you stand up and press the garage door... Read More

Motorcycle Emergency Kit

Ever find yourself cruising on your motorcycle, enjoying the sunlight shining down on you, the open road sprawled out in front of you and nothing holding you back until your tire blows unexpectedly or a deer jumps out in front of you and you're suddenly laying on your back next to your bike dreading the moment when you lift your head up to survey the damage? No? Well it could happen. And the... Read More

New Motorcycle Helmet Law Bills in Nebraska and Virginia

So far, 2013 has been a pretty interesting year when it comes to motorcycle laws. For instance, Illinois banned motorcycle wheelies while not only did California crack down on motorcycle exhaust noise but also finally got a clear response from the California Highway Patrol on the policies of motorcycle lane splitting in California. But no motorcycle laws are as heavily debated as motorcycle helmet laws. I reported on the Michigan's... Read More

Motorcycle Lane Splitting in California

A couple of weeks ago, RideApart, a video series hosted from the guys who bring you Hell For Leather Magazine and hosted on the DRIVE channel of YouTube, featured a video about the perks of lane splitting in RideApart 24: why lane splitting is awesome. In the following days, a sort of riot ensued between the riders of California, where lane splitting isn't illegal (notice that I don't call it legal) and the rest of the 49 states... Read More

How to Plan a Motorcycle Trip

Your motorcycle may be sadly tucked away in the corner of your garage under a motorcycle cover with a tank full of fuel stabilizer until the spring thaws out the ice on the road, but that doesn't have to stop you from pulling out your road maps and planning your next motorcycle trip. Whether it's your first real motorcycle trip or your 100th trip, there's a few things you need to keep in mind while laying out the plan. Sure... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Bloopers

Over the past couple of months, Cristina has dragged us all into the video room one by one to talk about our latest motorcycle projects and out tips and tricks for the Project Kickstart Video Series. And while the series may be drawing close to its end, we took a look back at the footage and found some pretty hilarious moments that were caught on camera. From slip-ups to me purposely sitting in the corner making our victims... Read More

California Cracks Down on Motorcycle Exhaust

Every new year brings new laws. Most go unnoticed while other spark up a bit on controversy. Ahem we're looking at you Illinois Wheelie Law. And California is no exception. Starting the first of this year, police in California officially have the authority to ticket motorcyclists who ride motorcycles with non-compliant exhaust systems under SB435, the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act. Signed in 2010, this new motorcycle... Read More

Monster Energy Supercross GoPro Videos

Thank goodness for the invention of helmet cams. We've been sitting at our desks reminiscing about this past weekend's Anaheim Supercross opener all day. Luckily, GoPro just put out their GoPro Hero3 footage and now we're trying to clean the drool off of our keyboards. Check out the footage from race one winner Davi Millsaps as well as footage from Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart in the main event. Man, I'm glad Supercross... Read More

The New Illinois Motorcycle Wheelie Law

How much do you love popping wheelies on the freeway as you come home from a long day at work? Do you love it enough to risk a $100 fine? How about loving it enough to risk jail time? If you live in the lovely state of Illinois, January 1st saw a new law go into effect that specifically targets motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles from riding on one wheel, taking both hands off of the handlebars at the same time while... Read More

My Motorcycle Riding New Year's Resolution

While some people are heading to the gym to spend quality time waiting for the stationary bike that some overly hairy and very moist man is currently peddling away on, I've forgone the whole "get in shape" New Year's resolution. Instead, I've decided to do things that may actually carry over into February, like making the effort to pronounce it en-velope instead of on-velope or actually making the bed every morning. Dream big... Read More

James Stewart and Troy Lee Reveal The New Seven MX Motorcycle Gear Line

Last night, Troy Lee and James Stewart unveiled the love child of their new project, Seven MX. Together, at Troy Lee Design's boutique shop in Laguna Beach, California, hundreds of invited guests poured in to eagerly await the revelation of what the anticipated project held. Designed by Troy Lee but tailored to the motorcycle riding needs of icon James Stewart, Seven MX includes motorcycle gear with both style and function... Read More

Sunken Motorcycle Finds Owner After 56 Years

Remember that heart-warming story about the Japanese man who was reunited with his motorcycle that was lost in the terrible Tsunami in March of 2011 (Tsunami Motorcycle and Owner Reunited)? Even after a something as massive as a deadly tsunami, one lucky man was able to get his motorcycle back when it washed up in a storage container onto the beach on Canada almost a year later. But what about a motorcycle that was lost over 50 years ago? Turns out... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Steven Lynch

There's no lack of riders here at, so Project Kickstart continues with Steven Lynch, one of our graphic designers. With a 2008 ZX-6R and a 1996 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail, Steven has spent quite a bit of time working on his bikes. Especially while completely re-vamping the Heritage. Check out what he's been doing to it and the challenges he's come across: Know your motorcycle tools. It's become a common theme throughout the... Read More

Video Feature - Venture 12V Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners

Some people think that riding this time of year is pretty crazy. Some people think that it's crazier to stop riding based on the weather. And then there are people like me who feel like it very much depends on where you ride. For instance, here is Southern California, there are only about three days a year deemed un-ride-able. But we don't have feet of snow and black ice to consider like many other states. Still, especially on rainy days like today, the cold... Read More

12 Days of Motorcycle Tips

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays. The hallways are decked with decorations and the ugly sweater office party is quickly approaching. This year, we want to celebrate with our customers (aka you) by sharing the 12 Days of Motorcycle Tips. Each day, starting December 14, we're going to reveal a new motorcycle tip all the way up until Christmas. We've had a lot of fun putting them together and we hope that you enjoy them... Read More

White Elephant Motorcycle Gift Guide

Over the next few weeks, holiday parties and get togethers are aplenty. Our favorite part? All of the gift exchanges. There's nothing like getting the whole crew together around the three and a bunch of wrapped presents only to engage in an intense game of plotting and stealing. This year, instead of bringing the usual bottle of Kettle One or that snowman candle that you somehow ended up with last year, bring... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Ashley Benson

Well, I was finally dragged into the video room to take part in the Project Kickstart Video Series that has been doing for the past few weeks. As the Web Content Specialist of, I had to know it was going to happen eventually. Of course, Cristina needed to know what bike I ride and how I've been working on it the last few months. Check it out: So I ride a 1980 Honda CM400E. It's a... Read More's Holiday Shipping Deadlines

It's getting down to the wire; shoppers are flooding the malls and presents are being hastily wrapped. But you haven't gotten all of your shopping done yet, have you? The bad news: neither have the thousands of people who will be swarming the stores. The good news: there's still time to buy everything you need to make the motorcycle riders in your life happy online. Whether it be motorcycle gloves or aftermarket... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Glenn Guerin

As an owner of seven motorcycles from a vintage BSA to a Harley-Davidson bagger to the perfect motocross and desert riding bikes, Glenn Guerin is nothing short of a motorcycle expert. We were stoked when he pulled all of his rides out for us to take a look at his collection. Of course, then we had to ask what fun projects he currently has going on with his rides, check out the video... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Troy Seyferth

Project Kickstart is in full swing here at, which means tons of great deals on motorcycle accessories and OEM parts along with tips and videos all revolving around working on your motorcycle. Here at, we not only want to give you the tools and parts that you need to complete your project, but give you the advice and help to make sure you get it done right and get it riding fast... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Thor

The guys from Thor stopped by earlier to talk to us about the new 2013 Phase, Core and Flux lines that they just released and we managed to sneak in a few questions about their experience with motorcycle projects. Check out their take on working on their rides and the tips that they've learned along the way: Also, be sure to check out all of the give aways that is running for Project kickstart... Read More

Project Recycle Yamaha FZ1 not only sells motorcycle parts, apparel and accessories, we work on our own motorcycles as well. Because of our love of motorcycle projects and getting our hands dirty, we started a program with our friends over at Cycle World Magazine called Project Recycle where we find old and tired motorcycle to rebuild and rejuvenate. One such motorcycle was a Yamaha FZ1. The best part about this project... Read More Launches a Product Review Giveaway for Project Kickstart, the internet's largest powersports parts retailer, including motorcycle OEM parts and aftermarket parts, has launched yet another giveaway in relation to their new promotional event, Project Kickstart. Beginning on November 1, 2012, any product review that customers submit about a product that they have recently purchased from will be entered into the Project... Read More

Video Feature - Project Kickstart Presents Jake Smith

We've officially kicked off Project Kickstart, our new promotional event that revolves around working on your motorcycle. We've promised great motorcycle parts and accessories deals, such as this weekend's 20% off all OEM parts, as well as how to guides to get you going and tips to keep you on the right track. Jake Smith,'s Marketing Supervisor, joined Cristina in the video room to kick off... Read More Launches Project Kickstart FZ1 Giveaway, the internet's largest powersports parts and accessories supplies dealer, including OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts, has launched many giveaways in relation to their new promotional event, Project Kickstart, including a giveaway on Instagram and Pinterest. But none is more exciting than the Project Kickstart FZ1 Giveaway that will start on October 29, 2012 on's Facebook... Read More Launches an Instagram Giveaway for Project Kickstart, the web's premier source for OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts, has announced that they will be running a giveaway via Instagram® as a part of their newest promotional event, Project Kickstart. Beginning on Wednesday, October 24, 2012, customers can begin taking photos of their motorcycle or motorcycle project and upload it to their Instagram account while adding the tags... Read More Launches a Pinterest Giveaway for Project Kickstart, the web's premier source for OEM and aftermarket motorcycle parts, has announced that they will be running a giveaway via Pinterest® as a part of their newest promotional event, Project Kickstart. Beginning on Thursday, October 25, 2012, customers can enter into the giveaway by following all of's Pinterest boards, creating their own "Project Kickstart" Pinterest... Read More Announces Project Kickstart, the world's largest internet retailer for ATV and motorcycle parts and accessories, has announced that they will be featuring a new event, Project Kickstart, starting Monday, October 22, 2012. Project Kickstart focuses on providing customers with everything that they need for their upcoming motorcycle projects, including huge sales on motorcycle tools and aftermarket... Read More

Video Feature - GoPro Hero3

I read an article once on how the introduction of action cameras, such as the GoPro and the Contour, has made us a community of over-sharers. Said author claimed that we narcissistically record every second of our lives and then share it via the web incessantly like we expect that everyone else cares to see it, despite the fact that no one does. At the end, the author called for us narcissistic over-sharing... Read More Launches a New Facebook Product Voting Sale, the internet's largest place for power sport parts and accessories including ATV and motorcycle accessories and parts, is excited to announce that they'll be running a new series of internet sales on their Facebook page. Starting on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, will put two products on their Facebook page and allow their fans to vote for their favorite over the following two... Read More Supports the Ride for Kids® Program This Weekend

San Diego, CA - October 17, 2012 -, the world's largest shop for motorcycle accessories, apparel and OEM parts or Aftermarket motorcycle parts is teaming up with the Ride for Kids® program to help fundraise for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Every year, participates in the Southern California Ride for Kids® Fundraiser, which includes a ride with children cure... Read More

Video Feature - Venture Battery Powered Heat Base Layer

Here in Southern California, we just had our first bit of fall rain. Granted, it's not nearly as severe as most other states about to be hit with winter weather. But it was enough to get us pulling out our technical undergarments and other winter motorcycle apparel. Still, it wasn't enough to keep us from riding. Many riders may go out and buy winter motorcycle jackets, but if you happen to... Read More

2012 Fox 360 MXoN Motorcycle Gear

The test of a true fan is one who still roots for their team, even after a loss. If you watched this year's Monster Energy Motocross of Nations, you know that USA is currently in that boat. Despite all the promise of another win, the USA Motocross of Nations team walked away with the bronze. So are you a real fan? If the answer is still yes, check out the Fox 360 Flight MXoN Motorcycle... Read More

Video Feature - 2013 Firstgear Kenya Motorcycle Jacket Review

Still too hot for leather but your current motorcycle jacket isn't up to snuff? Fall is a great time to invest in a textile jacket such as this 2013 Firstgear Kenya Motorcycle Jacket. Fully stacked with a Hypertex™ waterproof shell for the rainy days, a removable insulated liner for those cold days and a breathable shell with zipper adjustable underarm and chest vents, all make for a great jacket when the... Read More

New Shoei Motorcycle Helmet Fall Line

In case you live under a rock, let me inform you that over the weekend fall officially hit. Soon, the leaves will be turning, my addiction to Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be rejuvenated and grocery stores will be displaying grossly large bags of candy. But one of my favorite parts of fall? My email inbox filling up with the 2013 motorcycle gear lines. Sure, items come and goes all year long, but not to the... Read More

Video Feature - Joe Rocket Hemp Motorcycle Jacket Review

Have you met Cristina Perez yet? If not, you definitely should. She's one of the newest additions to and she's definitely one of the prettiest. But aside from her photogenic looks, she's also an extremely large well of knowledge when it comes to motorcycle gear and we've trapped her in our video room until she pours out every ounce of gear details into videos for our customers. Don't believe... Read More

2013 Thor Motocross Riding Gear and Casual Wear

44 Years. 56 Championships. 1 Brand. There's no denying that Thor is a huge player in all things off-road. From professional Motocross to everyday trail riding, Thor provides a wide variety of men's, women's and kid's motorcycle riding gear that is "performance driven, champion proven." And no other tagline could be truer with Thor sponsored rider Blake Bagget now holding the number 1 plate after running... Read More

Lane Splitting and Motorcycle Awareness

"If you continue to ride, it just shows that you don't care how I feel about your safety," and "I don't want you to stop riding just because of me." They're the two loaded statements that are always thrown out onto the table by my significant other the second that motorcycles come up in conversation. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has had to deal with trying to convince my significant other that getting on two... Read More

2013 Supercross Schedule Revealed

Dry your eyes fellow Supercross enthusiasts; it may be the end of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season but the lovely officials have been nice enough to curb our cravings with the official dates of the 2013 season. Check out the dates and start counting down the hours now. Once again, the series will kick of in Anaheim and feature 17 different races in ten different states as well as one race in our northern neighbor's... Read More

The Las Vegas Supercross Finale Preview

Last season may have been touted as one of the best Monster Energy AMA Supercross seasons ever, which left fans on the edges of their seats for the 2012 season. Now, sixteen races later, it's all coming to a close in Las Vegas once again. And while this season my not have overtaken the last in the excitement factor, a whole lot did go down. Crashes galore. 2012 may have been one of the bloodiest and bruised we've seen with... Read More

Tsunami Motorcycle and Owner Reunited

If your motorcycle happens to be stolen anywhere in the United States, there's little chance you will ever see it again. If it happens to be washed away by a disastrous tsunami only to turn up on the shores of Canada a year later, turns out that you'll probably get it back. Ikuo Yokoyama, a 29-year-old resident of Yamamoto, and his long lost Harley-Davidson are proof of that. While the Japanese tsunami disaster struck over... Read More