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History of Military Motorcycles

Most of us are familiar with tanks, Hum-vees, APCs, and other common vehicles used in the military. Big, heavily-armored, and slow, the typical vehicle used in combat operations prioritizes protective armor and firepower over speed and agility. It makes sense; when bullets and explosive frag are flying every direction, the sound of rounds bouncing off a few inches of steel is pretty reassuring... Read More

Special Forces Motorcycles

With all the talk about post-apocalypse survival strategies going around (don't lie, you know you do it too), and we've been having some interesting discussions around the office about what kind of bike we'd want to be riding when the world ends. Some important questions have been asked, such as: What kind of terrain should it be suited to? What would it use for fuel? How much should it be able to... Read More

Motorcycle Throwback - The 1903 Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is not only one of the most popular motorcycle manufacturers; they're also one of the oldest. Starting out in a 10x15 foot wooden shed with nothing but the words "Harley-Davidson Motor Company" scrawled across the door, the dynasty had the humblest of beginnings. In 1901, William S. Harley drew up the blueprint of an internal combustion engine that could be fitted onto a bicycle. Of... Read More

Destination Guide - Big Sur, CA

It's almost the weekend and we know that you've been sitting at your desk all week dreaming about your weekend ride. There's no better way to celebrate the finale of another grueling week by hopping on your ride and letting the stress just fall away with every mile that you ride. But where you decide to ride can have a big impact on the amount of motorcycle nirvana that you'll achieve. Cruising... Read More

Motorcycle Throwback: The Roper Steamer

The year is 1867. The streets are filled with horse drawn carriages that roll clumsily over the uneven cobblestone roads. The smell of manure and horses hangs in the air. Suddenly, from down the road, a strange and loud rumbling comes echoing off the walls of the buildings and with it comes the stink of burning coal. As the sound grows louder, crowds of people and horses scramble to get out of... Read More Motorcycle Travel Guide

Riding season is in full force and there are tons of roads in the United States that are begging to be ridden. We came up with a list of our favorites at with's Motorcycle Travel Guide, A Motorcyclist's Guide to the Best American Ride. From Arkansas to Washington and back, including The Dragon in North Carolina, The Snake in Tennessee and The Palomar Mountain Loop... Read More

Cool Motorcycles: Survival Bikes

In the past few years apocalypse theories and predictions have been aplenty. I'll even admit to having attended an "End of the World" party on December 21, 2012, the day that people swore the world was going to end because of the Mayan calendar. But that day came and went and the only difference in December 22 was more hangovers and some really disappointed people sitting in grocery stocked basements... Read More

Destination Guide - Pig Trail, AR

There are a lot of great motorcycle riding roads in Arkansas, especially through the Ozark National Forest. But the 20 mile stretch of highway 23 affectionately known as Pig Trail gets us every time, especially in the spring. A perfect pairing of great scenery and exhilarating curves, Pig Trail is a must ride for those who make it to Arkansas. Named after its use as a shortcut through the Ozarks... Read More

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The Battle of the Bikes Blog

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The Destination Guide Blog

Riding on a motorcycle can be fun anywhere. But you can't deny that the scenery can really make the ride all that much better. Check out these amazing riding spots for your next ride! View All

The Joys of Learning to Ride Blog

Everyone who rides has had to learn at some point. But we all seem to forget how difficult it really is to figure out where to start and it seems like every veteran rider has a different opinion of what the best way really is. Read the journey of one of our blog writers as she learns how to ride. View All

The Many Faces of Motorcycles Blog

Sure, you could walk right into a dealership and buy a stock motorcycle. But for these motorcycle niches, it takes a whole lot more than just a fat pocket book and an itch to get something fast and shiny. View All

Motorcycle Throwback Blog

Motorcycles had to start somewhere. And, looking back on the early designs and models, it can be surprising what people actually rode on to get the rush that we know and love. Check out these vintage bikes and read about the history of motorcycles in's Motorcycle Throwback Blog! View All

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The Recent Rides Blog

It's not surprising that BikeBandit employees love to ride too. And we manage to hit up some awesome riding spots and have some pretty intense adventures. Read all about our latest and greatest rides here at the Recent Rides Blog. View All