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Five Insanely Expensive Motorcycles You've Gotta See

Elaborate engineering, exotic materials, spectacular performance, and mind-bending price tags to go with them; these are bikes you would probably never buy if you had the money, but they sure are interesting to read about. See what six figures gets you in the motorcycle world these days! >> Read More

Why Everyone's Talking About Motorcycle Track Days

The track: it's the only place you can hit the redline in 6th gear and drag your knees around every corner, and never have to worry about gravel or cross-traffic or getting pulled over. But it's not all about adrenaline; building skills on the track will make you a faster, more confident, and safer rider all around. Read on to find out why every rider should do at least one track day! >> Read More

Different Motorcycles, Different Braking Techniques

When learning to ride, you hear a lot of braking "rules of thumb." The problem is, once you start riding a certain style of bike, those braking techniques could be all wrong. We look into different motorcycle styles, and give tips on optimal braking for each one. >> Read More

Visual Dictionary: Funny Motorcycle Terms You Should Know

Ever wondered how a "lowside" is different from a "highside?" Know the difference between a "bobber" and a "bar hopper?" Need to learn all your motorcycle animal terms, like "squid," "rat bike," "tar snake" and "monkey butt?" You've come to the right place my friend! >> Read More

"Did You Know...?" Fast Facts About Motorcycle Theft

Is your bike one of the most frequently stolen ones? Do you live in one of the highest theft areas of the country? Do you know the most common ways that motorcycles are stolen today? Check out these Fast Facts about motorcycle theft! >> Read More

The Silent Killer: Wind Noise & Hearing Loss

Because using ear plugs while riding can be a controversial topic, we’ve put together a few myths and facts about using hearing protection while riding. Most importantly, we focus on the often unnoticed, silent killer of hearing while operating a motorcycle, and it’s not your exhaust or traffic; its actually ambient wind noise, which occurs at levels of well over 100dB at highway speeds! >> Read More

When NOT to do the 'Motorcycle Wave'

"The wave" is one of the coolest things about being a rider; a way to show some solidarity with people you don't even know, just because they're riders like you. But there are a handful of times you actually should NOT wave - see if you agree! >> Read More

Ride Like You're Invisible...Or Be Seen At All Costs?

Do you look like a ninja when you ride...or more like a Power Ranger? What we mean is, do you think being stealthy and riding like you're invisible is the best way to stay safe, or do you attract as much attention as possible to make sure you're seen? We present both sides of the debate. >> Read More

The 7 Most Awesome (Modern) TV & Movie Motorcycles

We know you've seen 'em - and when you did, you were left with your heart pounding, seriously thinking about trading in your bike for something like the machines ripping up the screen. We picked out the baddest two-wheeled machines to grace the big or small screen in the last twenty-some years and dug up the info on them for you. Sure, there have been a lot of motorcycles featured in modern movies and TV - but these are the 7 most awesome! >> Read More

Motorcycle Trend Watch: Retro/Vintage Is In!

From cafe racer builds on 1970s Japanese bikes to brand new factory bikes with throwback styling, across the country and even abroad, vintage bike style is everywhere you look. It's not just the bikes, but an entire subculture of riders that try to look as vintage as the bikes themselves. It is the new direction of motorcycle design...or just a passing trend? >> Read More

Military and Tactical ATVs

Last month, we introduced you to some of the unique and diversely capable Special Forces motorcycles used by the US military. But those aren’t the only rugged off-road tactical vehicles used in combat by our boys overseas. The small size, speed, and maneuverability of the ATV actually makes it the main choice of personal mobility platforms for our warfighters, so this month we’re giving you an inside look at Military/Tactical ATVs! >> Read More

The Wind Chill Myth

A cold wind can chill you to the bone, no doubt. But what does “wind chill” really mean, and is it even an accurate concept? The real answer might surprise you.Read More

The 5 Most Awesome Classic Movie Motorcycles

Last month, we brought you the most awesome motorcycles from modern movies and television, featuring the coolest bikes to grace the screen in the last thirty years or so (check it out here.) Well this time we're talking a trip further down memory lane, as we bring you most awesome classic movie bikes ever, with some unforgettable machines from the 50s, 60s and 70s - and even one from way back in the 1920s! >> Read More

How NOT To Be a 'Squid'

Their natural habitat is the streets and highways; typically at spots frequented by large numbers of people, as the squid thrives on attention. The squid tends to travel in packs, but can be seen on its own as well. The squid is a dangerous species, but not to fear; it is generally most dangerous to itself. The good news? The squid generally gains wisdom with age, and can sometimes be trained. >> Read More

The History of Military Motorcycles

When it came to relaying a critical order, getting ammo to a machine gun, or scouting miles ahead of an advancing unit, the quick and agile motorcycle was irreplaceable on the battlefield. Motorcycling is pretty dangerous by itself, and war is no walk in the park either, so this article recognizes those tough men who have ridden hard through shot and shell to secure victory, and the mean machines that got them there! >> Read More

Special Forces Motorcycles

Motorcycles have a long and interesting history filling niche roles in combat, primarily where speed and agility is needed, such as doing reconnaissance, security patrols, and messaging when routine comm is down. To accomplish these objectives, a number of unique two-wheeled designs have been fielded in recent years - some of which may surprise you. Here we showcase the latest and baddest currently in operation! >> Read More

Electric Motorcycles: Brand Overview

The electric motorcycle market is maturing quickly, and just like with combustion-engine bikes, there are several manufacturers operating now that cater to distinctly different types of riders. From sub-$10,000 commuters, to $70,000 GP-level track bikes, the electric market has some offerings that will tempt you...and others that will shock you! >> Read More

"Dear Cager...": An Open Letter from Riders to Car Drivers

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. But rather than writing yet another article on motorcycle safety that only riders would read, we wanted to get the message across to drivers who so often endanger us. We took to Facebook to ask YOU what you wanted drivers to know, and put this letter together with your top responses! >> Read More

Confessions Of Lane Splitters: Why We Do It

Flying in between unpredictable, moving cars, with only a few feet of room in between them to wind your bike through…sounds crazy doesn’t it? BikeBandit riders, the CHP, and YOU weighed in on this controversial topic - see what everyone has to say! >> Read More

Acronyms To Know When Buying Motorcycle Stuff

When you're buying motorcycle gear or parts, you run into a lot of acronyms, and they can get pretty confusing (some people don't even know what OEM stands for, and that's half our site!) To inform your buying choices, we put together this guide to what they all mean. >> Read More