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Battle Of The Bikes
Battle of the Bikes - Zero S ZF6 Vs. Brammo Empulse

Whether you're running out to buy one or you're still trying to decide whether to burn them or just ignore them, there's no denying that electric motorcycles are, indeed, a fast growing market in the motorcycle industry. And with gas prices toeing the $5 a gallon line and having little promise of going down, many people who never thought about electric motorcycles might start searching for more information in their internet browsers. But, as with any newer technology, there is a fat debate raging... Read more.

Battle of the Bikes - Suzuki DR-Z400S vs. Honda XR650L

It's a duel of the dual sport bikes. Let's debate whether the Suzuki DR-Z400S or the Honda XR650L is a better dual sport ride. And while the two match ups may be in different displacement categories, they seem to be two of the most debated about bikes. But with these dual sports, there's a heck of a lot to consider. How much pavement vs how much dirt are you going to be hitting? Either way, while the DR-Z400S is lacking a few cc, a brand spanking new one will also cost you less than the XR650L... Read more.

Battle of the Bikes - Ninja 650R vs. Suzuki SV

Whether you're a new rider looking for the perfect bike to get you on the road or you're a veteran rider looking for something new to kick the post winter boredom, the debate over what is the best mid-sized sportbike is never-ending. The two main contenders? The Kawasaki Ninja 650R and the Suzuki SV650. Here's how they stack up on paper. While Suzuki seems to have put a hold on the production of new and improved versions of the SV650, it's still a prominent bike in the mid-weight sportbike range... Read more.

Battle of the Bikes - Sportster vs. Bonneville

It's the long time debate of "which of these bikes is better." And no matter how long we argue for, we'll probably run out of hot air before everyone can agree. Still, we can't help but throw two long time debated bikes into the ring and see how they fare. Today, in one corner we have the Harley-Davidson Sportster and the Triumph Bonneville in the other. Here's how they stack up. The 2011 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Sportster weighs in at a whopping 565 lbs wet while the 2011 Triumph Bonneville... Read more.