Destination Guide - State Laws

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Destination Guide - State Laws

We cover a heck of a lot of states in our Destination Guides. We even go as far as riding through overseas countries. And while planning a trip and finally hitting the road for that much needed ride is the feeling we all may live for, there is nothing worse than a trip gone wrong. So we provide Gear Guides to help you pack for anything that may happen and provide all of the best traveling gear that a prepared rider could ask for.

But having the right gear and plan isn't where the preparation ends. We've all heard the horror stories of a ride gone wrong when someone's crossed the state line and broken some bizarre and obscure law that no one would ever care about in your home state. After all, how were we supposed to know that you can't ride while blindfolded in the state if Alabama?

All joking aside, if you're going to be crossing state boundaries, check up on the laws of the areas you'll be riding in before you find yourself being pulled over without a clue why. Check out this article from the ever-prepared American Motorcycle Association for more information:

Every state has different laws. Know them before you go out on a ride, not after you
Every state has different laws. Know them before you go out on a ride, not after you've been pulled over.

Written By AMA | AMA State Laws

Taking a trip? Unsure about the laws in your home state? Search our database of on and off-road motorcycle laws.

Please note that while every effort is made to keep this list up-to-date, it is not updated in real time. Also, you cannot expect reciprocity from state to state. That is, you must follow the laws of the state you are riding in, not the state you are from or in which your motorcycle is registered.

For more information, visit the AMA wesite

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