Destination Guide - The Dakar Series

Friday, October 7, 2011

Destination Guide - The Dakar Series

There are those rides that you dream of going on. Not just in Europe like the Celic Tour through the United Kingdom where the only thing holding you back is money and getting the time off of work. We're talking those intense races and rides around the world that jam through several countries for weeks at time. Sure, these are the races where half-way through when your tire bursts or you get stuck in a sand dune in the ridiculous heat that you probably think about quitting. But afterward, you look back and can think, "I really achieved something." The Dakar Series is one of those rides.

Starting out in Argentina, trekking through Chile and finishing in Peru, the 2012 Dakar hits all three countries in a matter of 15 days. But this isn't just your typical touring ride. Dakar is a race open to motorcycles, quads, cars and trucks with each competing in its own respective category and takes the races through unpaved land. Each team lays out its own unique trails through dunes, rocks and mud to try to reach the end without breaking themselves or their vehicles. Not every racer finishes, but the ones who do will surely never forget the journey.

Hundreds of riders come from all over the world to take on the challenge of Dakar. This year, 407 competitors have registered thus far. This includes 170 motorbikes, 30 quads, 120 cars and 67 trucks. On the unknown track, world champions find themselves riding against average people who have the guts to join the race. And even though it is a race and the goal is to finish first, most riders are just happy to have finished at all.


Of course, being out in the middle of the South American desert doesn't lend itself to many amenities. Riders and spectators better be prepared for some less than plush days and nights. But that's all part of the adventure! If you'd rather just stand back and watch, the Dakar Series offers some great hospitality packages that allow you to see some of the best action.

The race isn't for the faint of heart or the weak of skill. It takes some serious nerves and experience to take on the Dakar Series. But if you do, you'll always remember racing through three of the world's most beautiful countries along side riders just as crazy as yourself. Check out the Dakar Series Website for more info. This next race through South America is set to start on January 1, 2012. Talk about a New Year's resolution.

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