Destination Guide - The Top Motorcycle Campgrounds

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Destination Guide - The Top Motorcycle Campgrounds

2012 is just around the corner and it's one of our new year's resolutions to ride more. Of course, that seems to be a common theme among riders when the ball drops. But we want to try new things to spice up our relationship with riding. After all, even the greatest of relationships needs a little spice every now and then right? So for a few of our touring trips next year, we're planning to take this shindig outdoors. Completely outdoors. Like swapping out the hotels for tents and room service for camp fire cooked hot dogs. Care to join us?

Here's a list of some of the top motorcycle friendly campgrounds in the U.S. Of course, listing all of them would have taken us till 2013 so if you're planning a trip through a destination that we haven't mentioned, don't stress. There are plenty of motorcycle friendly campgrounds all over the world. Sure, you may have to deal with sleeping next to the worms or wild bears eating your lunch, but there's nothing better than spending the night sleeping outside next to your trusty steed.

Sopiago Springs Resort - California:

There are a lot of locations to camp at if you prefer to ride on the dirt. E.g. Glamis, Pismo Beach etc. But Sopiago Springs Resort is unique because it's perfect for the indecisive and easily bored rider. Created to keep even the most fickle of motorcycle enthusiasts entertained, this camp features every style of motorcycle riding including its wide range of MX tracks, an Endurocross track and miles upon miles of trails. You can go to ride the track but then venture out on the trails or even learn a whole new way to ride with their dirt riding lessons for all genres. Can't bring your own bike? The resort has plenty of 80cc to 400cc bikes for guests, which also come with the right gear to keep you from ending up on the show "When Vacations Attack." Amenities are in no shortage as Sopiago Springs has campsites for tents and toy haulers as well as a cabin that sleeps up to eight people and can be rented nightly. For more information, visit

Thompson's Eagle Claw - Alaska:

If you haven't ridden through Alaska yet, you're definitely missing out. Sure, it may seem as far away as the cold country of Russia, despite it being part of our home country, but the trip is well worth it. Now throw in an awesome camping and you're set for an unforgettable trip. With accommodations from traditional tents to teepees, wall tents with cots, bunkhouses and cabins, you can camp any way you're comfortable. They've even added an old ambulance that sleeps two if you can get over the weird factor of sleeping in, well, an ambulance. And if it's your bike that's feeling in need of some emergency care, Thompson's Eagle Claw has a motorcycle work shop. Just don't expect serious power tools. This place is off the grid and doesn't have electricity. What did you expect from a place that offers teepees as a sleeping option? Check out for more info.

Bentley's Saloon - Maine:

Though some of you may have camped out in the back ally of your neighborhood saloon after a particularly rough night during your parting days, that wasn't actually camping. Instead, Bentley's Saloon is always a party but has a great campground for you to crawl back to when you're ready to call it a day. Plus this place happens to not only have electricity but full hook ups for RV as well. If you've been on a long trip and smell like the North end of a South bound cow, the bath house offers hot showers, washers and dryers to freshen you and your clothes up. And be sure to stick around for their all you can eat breakfast buffets on weekends along with the Saturday pig roasts and lobster feed Sundays. For real saloon camping and not that accidental "I don't know how I ended up next to this dumpster" camping, check out

Jenny's Creek - Georgia:

Looking for some great trail riding and a quiet place to stay amidst the Georgia trees? Jenny's Creek Campground has plenty of shady tent spots as well as RV campsites with full hook ups. Explore the trails or spend the day relaxing and fishing in the nearby pond. And enjoy the hot showers after a long day. Can't cut that final cord between you and the rest of the world? The campsite is also set up with free wireless internet to keep you connected but we doubt you'll be using it. Check it all out at

Thunder Gulch Campground - Florida:

For a livelier camping getaway, Thunder Gulch Campground has both tents and full RV hook up sites that are within walking distance of the restaurant and lounge that offer dancing, billiards, drinks and entertainment as well as food. Still want to get closer to Mother Nature during the day? The Hog Pong next to the site is stacked with fish for catch and release fishing. Be sure to check out their events at

Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - Pennsylvania:

This place has some great rides tucked away off of the beaten path with Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground right in the middle of it all. Just roll in with your toothbrush and a change of close and they supply everything from the tents to the air mattress. Then enjoy the curving and scenic roads all aaround the campground or, if you want to take a break from the asphalt for a minute, the state trails are nearby for off road riding. Enjoy a quite and blissful vacation at

Valhalla Campgrounds - Louisiana:

If you're looking for a place that caters specifically to riders, Valhalla is your place. Boasting to be the only campground exclusive to motorcyclists in all of Louisiana, Eastern and Southern Texas as well as Arkansas, Valhalla is perfect for rallies or group rides. With its open air pavilion and full kitchen, fundraising rallies are held there several times a year and you're welcome to join or even arrange one of your own. Get all the info at

Rider'sRoost - North Carolina:

Love the idea of a motorcycles only campground? Check out Rider's Roost, which caters solely to motorcyclists in North Carolina. With your selection of grassy tent sites and cabins, ride in to enjoy the hot showers and game room or take a dip in the cool swimming hole. Just make sure you don't bring a cage since cars, trucks and RV's are all prohibited at this motorcycle haven. Check out for more details.

Cycle-Moore - Michigan:

This campground is great for some wholesome family camping time. But, once again, don't bring the car as they prefer everyone to be on just two wheels. If you have a camper or toy hauler, they'll let it slide and some sites will even have hook ups. Feel free to just roll in whenever as they don't require reservations and never run out of camping room. Plus they're only a half an hour away from tons of lakes and even some sand dunes. When you're done riding, send your bike to their motorcycle service shop right in the campgrounds for a tune up while you hit the hot showers for a warm up. If you're jonesing for a bit of history, check out their museum as well.

Willville Motorcycle Camp - Virginia:

The name may sound like where your parents sent you in the summer to encourage you to be one with nature, but the Willville Motorcycle Camp is a whole lot cooler. With both tent sites and cabins nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this campground is a perfect starting point for exploring all of the mountains and wilderness around it. Of course, leave to cars at home kids, this place isn't a fan of them either, though they do have off-site trailer and car parking if you must. Start your day off with a shower in their massive 770 square foot bathhouse before enjoying a chicken or sausage biscuit delivered fresh from the local farmers market and free coffee in the pavilion then hit the trails and roads. Start the exploration at

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