Destination Guide - The Twisted Sisters, TX

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Destination Guide - The Twisted Sisters, TX

It's an obvious statement to say that Texas is a big state so we'll try to refrain. But it certainly offers a heck of a lot of opportunities for riding. Unfortunately, the common expectations for Texas motorcycle riding is flat, dry desert. It's one of the reasons why we love the Twisted Sisters ride. These three roads will change your mind about Texas riding for good.

The Twisted Sisters are three country roads tucked away in Texas Hill Country that are a gorgeous ride while still being a little twisted. They may not be as seriously curvy as The Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap, but these three roads aren't for amateur riders. Still, the ride through the ranches of Texas is both a great balance of relaxation and thrill.

To ride the Three Sisters, you have to hit all three of the country roads but you can start in any order. If you want to ride the 337 West completely, start in the town of Medina, TX and take it till you pass the town of Leakey and end up at Camp Wood. For a shorter trip, start in Leakey. Either way, once you hit Camp Wood, you'll take the 55 north which will branch off into the 335, the second Ranch Road of The Three Sisters known as "The Rollercoaster." Take that road all the way north until it dead ends into the 41, which you'll take east until you hit the 336. This Ranch Road will take you south, right back to the town of Leakey. Of course, no matter whether you start in Medina or Leakey, once you get to Leakey you can do this loop in any order.


All in all, this loop tops off at around 100 miles and is definitely do-able in a day. But try to take your time on these roads. While the twists and turns may be begging to be torn through, take it easy to enjoy the scenery and stop at the rest stops for pictures and chances to relax. The three roads are, however, pretty lacking on amenities. Once you get out of the town of Leakey there are not a whole lot of stores, restaurants or even gas stations so make sure to fill up your tank and you stomach before heading out.

Though these roads are some of the less traveled in the lone star state, the quality of the blacktop isn't bad. Still, there will be the occasional gravel deposit and even wild animal, so keep an eye out. Plus you'll find that the locals have a tendency to move at a slower pace than we're used to. Just don't get annoyed, it is their turf after all.

So while you might be laying out the map to put some pins in the areas you want to ride through over summer, the Twisted Sisters are a perfect destination for late winter, early spring. Right now the weather looks to be a beautiful 80 degrees with it dropping a little lower over the weekend but it'll only get hotter as the summer rolls in. These three roads are most definitely worth a day or even a weekend trip to the heart of Texas Hill Country.

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